20 awesome PlayStation 5 secrets!

Publicado el 15 ago 2021
Check out these 20 little known secrets, tips and curiosities of this amazing console!

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  • Hello! Thanks for watching, we've just launched this channel and it's awesome from day one!

  • This was a good and informative video. You didn’t need the click-bait thumbnail. Only reason why it took me 3 weeks to finally click on it lol.

  • Boy, it sure would be cool if there was a display on the PS5 hardware for time, temp, etc.

  • The dual sense is an amazing comtroller. The only stumble imo is the integrated mic. It really isn't practical id you actually want to talk to people during a match. It honestly ends up more annoying than anything as It is on by default and I often forget to mute it. So everyone can hear me listening to podcasts or yelling at the screen until I notice.

  • Okay the "No Spoiler" feature for watching friends game clips is pretty amazing! As a Xbox Series X owner I gotta give props to Sony for making that feature, that is impressive and

  • Just note that at

  • You can definitely see the performance penalty is there when multitasking, the ps5 os must not be very well optimized for it. I say that because the hardware is definitely capable

  • Today, after over a years wait I now have my own PS5. Your tips are mind blowing for me. I had no idea of all that this console can do. Have been a PS player since the first one (PS1). And still have all of them. Thanks again and keep the news coming.👍

  • “I like to play with my aim inverted”

  • This is really helpful, thank you for making our life easier.

  • Really hoping the rumors of the new Sony PlayStation handheld are true even more so that it's the Playstation phone that I personally have been speculating and spreading rumors about myself on the Internet lol honestly think the last handheld you guys did the battery life was so amazing that I honestly wouldn't change anything on it with the exception of adding the left and right trigger wish people known as L2 and R2 and making the analog sticks clickable where you can push the analog sticks in as a button press for games like Call of Duty that require this to Sprint forward during gameplay which is very useful but honestly those are the only things that I didn't notice that should be added to it other than that perfect 10/10 even without it perfect 10/10 I still think it's the best handheld that's ever been made and fax you could voice chat on the system itself remember while playing Killzone I was talking with all the players on their over Wi-Fi which is hilarious some of them were making fun of me but it's cool I'm not really that good at that game LOL I still had fun though that's the most important thing you guys are an amazing company when it comes to game development and Hardware development best computers in the world I think best sound equipment as well the best headphones in the world come from you guys as well

  • Note: the resolution change for the video capture doesnt appear anymore after the last update

  • Will any of these secrets, be detrimental to the console itself or maybe downgrade frame rate or resolution, internet download/upload speed, etc?

  • watching youtube while playing is massive, I do this all the time but usually have my ipad to the side, but i’ve always wanted it as a small window alongside my gameplay because it’s easier to watch that way 😂

  • I didn't know all these features for the PS5. Thank you for this video.

  • Nice tips thanks! Wonder will they ever release the browser without it being hidden.

  • Wow. I haven't used inverted "camera movement" since PS2 games like Jak & Daxter, Star Wars BF 2, Ratchet and Clank, etc

  • I have to imagine on a system a year old, these things will be trivial to even ever try and unplug and gamers will get used to wired controllers again.

  • It should be noted that for the time played on the stats page, it's also recording time you may have the game running in the background or while it's suspended. So it's not exactly accurate...I usually have WAY more time played in something than the actual amount of time I put into it. Like recently it says I played Far Cry 6 for about 126 hours...it was probably half of that, but there was a lot of me pausing the game, it idling or even being suspended in rest mode and that ticker keeps going up.

  • Nice tips, learned a lot, tho I figured out some of them myself, still worth sharing with others