2020 MacBook Air M1 - Unboxing, Setup and First Look

Publicado el 18 nov 2020
The new 2020 MacBook Air M1 is here with the new Apple Silicon, the scissor keyboard, better battery life and more. In this video I unbox, setup, benchmark and take a first look at the M1 MacBook Air update that improves on the last major update we had with amazing speed. #MacBookAir #MacBook #Apple #macOS

2020 MacBook Air on Amazon - amzn.to/32Wa30t
Watch Band I use on Amazon - amzn.to/2Kpb7zX
Screen Protectors on Amazon: geni.us/7rcHc
Apple Case I use on Amazon: geni.us/BNXPOn
***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:08 - Price
00:26 - Specs
00:34 - Unboxing
02:29 - Design overview
03:47 - Display
04:12 - Setup
07:54 - WiFi and Bluetooth
08:21 - Keyboard backlight
08:46 - FaceTime Camera
09:30 - Speakers
11:49 - Benchmarks
14:55 - Battery
15:17 - Supported apps
15:37 - Heat
16:36 - Wallpaper
16:51 - Outro
17:11 - End
Gear I use:
📷 CAMERA: bhpho.to/3idRl9u
🎤 Microphone - amzn.to/2JYatZl
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  • How your MacBook read your web camera that usb ?

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  • hey long term review please!

  • I cant wait to get this for summer

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  • Hi. I just bought my MacBook Air M1 and started to download from Appstore and it was very slow. It works fine when I download apps from the web and other sites. How can I download faster in Appstore? Hoping to find an answer. Thank you!

  • Please can you check if BlueJ works on Apple Silicon

  • Should I buy the m1 MacBook now or wait for the new model?

  • Im getting one ✰

  • 3:37 the moon is do not disturb i dont think apple would just put a moon on there keyboards for no reason lol!

  • I have so much respect for you for muting the "hey siri" part. I was reaching for my controller to turn down the volume because I'm used to people not muting it.

  • Great video 👍 New Subscriber.

  • Hi Wonder if anyone can help I was looking into buying this model but ive heard some horror stories about being locked out on the create account page and not being able to continue..is this still a problem? As its kinda put me off..

  • I just got my first MacBook Air I’m coming from a PC

  • How many days should should I leave the M1 until I update it because it showing updates Aaron Nathan

  • Just upgraded from an early 2016 12 inch MacBook Air dual core intel processor to a new 2020 16 gig, 1 TB MacBook Air in Gold! Excited to pick up this beauty tomorrow at the Apple Store! So psyched! Much needed upgrade for grad school! 😀👍🏾👏🏾💃🏾👩🏾‍💻💻🛍🎁💯

  • Should I buy air with m1 chip with 7 gpu or 8 gpu? Also, the reason I ask is that the memory jumps from 256 to 512 gb respectively. especially considering that memory is cheap and can purchase 2TB very cheaply. I’m making my purchase at Costco to save on the bottom line. Thanks for your help.

  • Can you use this for editing videos and music production?

  • hay is good if i get the 8gb and 512gb ssd since im only going to be doing light video editing

  • What’s Best A MacBook Or IPad

  • Good review, keep up the good work 🙌

  • I’m very interested in getting a Mac but I’ve no idea where to start. I don’t: play games, podcast, video/music production/editing. I like to: watch tv/films, video chat with friends & family, surf the web, read, write. I’ve no idea which model to go for. Could anyone make a suggestion to which model could be a good fit.

  • Do you recommend apple care for the mba m1?

  • Did you get 512 ssd to slow deterioration of chip or is 256 ssd ok?

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  • Contact *dinytoolzz* on Instagram he unlocked my iwatch within minutes he's a genus

  • Mac vs pc for games?

  • Hello are you in I’ve got the same model I bought it brought it in lockdown it is brilliant but I’m still getting used to it

    • No issues whatsoever dealing with @jorgensen_tools001 on telegram his ultimate if the world has more people like him it would definitely be a better place you surely make a difference man you are the best

  • my MBP M1 disconnects with wifi out of the blue at times. I already tried all the troubleshooting methods, it would connect again, but it keeps on recurring day after day. How to fix it permanently?

  • Ahhhh I am so excited I just ordered my air M1 today I upgraded to 8 gpu with 16 gb memory and 512 ssd in gold. Can’t wait until it finally arrives. Did tons of days/hours of research. This will be my first ever MacBook! It will match my iPhone 12 max pro in gold.

  • Who else is watching this on the Space Gray MacBook Air with the Apple M1 Chip? Got mine a week ago today and can't stop watching videos on it lmao

  • The M1 is a beast guys.. swifts through all my heavy machine learning projects.

  • And now it's asking...

    • No issues whatsoever dealing with @jorgensen_tools001 on telegram his ultimate if the world has more people like him it would definitely be a better place you surely make a difference man you are the best

  • Watching you unboxing the new Mac Air Casey Neistat vlogger comes up to my mind and the way he unboxes products. :)))))) He unboxes items with his pocket knife in 3 seconds.:)

  • What colour is this MacBook air?

  • Base model is all youuuuuu realllyyy neeeeeed

  • Watching this on the powerful Macbook Pro 17" 2008 model!

    • No issues whatsoever dealing with @jorgensen_tools001 on telegram his ultimate if the world has more people like him it would definitely be a better place you surely make a difference man you are the best

  • Really appreciate saying hey and Siri separately and then muting all the "hey Siri" during the setup! great video

  • Is there a backlight keyboard?

  • bruh while unboxing he set the macbook aside to look at other stuff, I would just yeet it out of the wrapper and turn it on

    • No issues whatsoever dealing with @jorgensen_tools001 on telegram his ultimate if the world has more people like him it would definitely be a better place you surely make a difference man you are the best

  • is the standard m1 mac air good for editing and uploading to youtube cuz im looking to get it it but dont have enough to buy the 16gb 512ssd

    • No issues whatsoever dealing with @jorgensen_tools001 on telegram his ultimate if the world has more people like him it would definitely be a better place you surely make a difference man you are the best

  • For the keyboard brightness: there is a keyboard brightness controller in the control center at the top of the screen

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    • No issues whatsoever dealing with @jorgensen_tools001 on telegram his ultimate if the world has more people like him it would definitely be a better place you surely make a difference man you are the best

  • Can u open the lid without hold the body? Because at first I can for some times but then it's hard to.lift the lid.

  • This channel always my go to

  • is it 16gb air?

  • He could have bought 16gb RAM and 256gb internal same price better performance

  • We got a “moon”

  • No reviewer has mentioned whether this mac can be flipped open with one hand without holding the base with other hand.

  • Here is a hint, when migrating from one mac to another you need to shut off the firewalls on both computers, and if you have a security program like Norton you need to shut off that firewall as well.

  • Me watching all m1 videos because my m1 mbp is delayed :(

  • enough with the key board light already.

  • Buy it for @costco it gives a bargain : from £1000 to £915😄😄😄

  • This is the latest MacBook as of now !!! LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

  • You give a truly professional presentation. Spoken well. Very clear and concise . Thanks!

  • Anyone watching in 2021?

  • How can I tell if my MacBook Air has the M1 chip! I recently ordered one and it doesn’t say it anywhere on the packaging!

    • No issues whatsoever dealing with @jorgensen_tools001 on telegram his ultimate if the world has more people like him it would definitely be a better place you surely make a difference man you are the best

    • @Ian Palma Gil ok thanks! I will try that!

    • If you have it already you can check on "about this mac" at the top left of the screen.

  • Great video! Thanks

  • Still can’t believe no touchscreen

    • Youre so picky

  • I think I’ll go with the pro I like the touch bar

    • @Emz yes I got the pro yesterday so glad I did love the Touch Bar

    • Youre so picky

  • Just got mine about a week ago. Space Gray, 16GB & 512GB. Loving it. Fast. Great battery life. Major boost to productivity especially with photo editing. Some minor software glitches with legacy Intel apps over Rosetta 2 but generally running way better than on my old 2014 MBA. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • I’m going to buy it this week for school, will the 256 GB be enough

  • All we need now is a startup video

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    • So it doesn’t activate everyone’s phones who are watching.

  • Guys it supported a godly game peppa pig DUN DUN DUNNNNN

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    • Exactly!!!!

    • Same I do it on my phone lol. Just hold the lock button if I wanna use it.

  • i think i should buy it now cuz next year they might not include the charger.lmao

  • Does the keyboard light up in the dark?

  • I didn't get this macbook air I got the earlier model which I watched recently I love you amazing tech skills I bought the silver type instead of space gray and I also upgraded to mac os big sur.

  • I made a video on macbook air m1 chip unboxing and setup as well Plz visit my channel as well for watching fabulous travel videos and suggestions

  • I am upgrading ( trade in my 2020 Intel Air for M1) received $870 from Apple. Can’t wait for fanless design and amazing processor speed!

  • does anyone notice a difference between "space gray" and silver? Because I really can't see that big a difference. Or maybe I'm just color blind

    • In person there is a big difference

  • Hi Aaron, great video! I’ve been enjoying your iOS and watchOS content for a while, and I’m looking at making the jump from Windows to macOS soon with this MacBook Air. During the setup process you mention not activating FileVault on certain Macs, that got me thinking - why? And, on a broader stroke, what other things would a Mac newcomer want to know when migrating. A transitioner’s guide would be a great watch in your clear, concise delivery

  • I can’t wait for mine to arrive :D

  • USB C*

  • We can download chrome right

  • Mine keeps getting stuck on the "Create A Computer Account" portion. I'm thinking Apple sold me a broken machine.

  • 2:26 pause and tilt back to read it!

  • Does the no fan affect the lifetime of the computer? And which one of the Pro and Air do you recommend?

  • Could you do a video on the performance of Final cut pro and Adobe photoshop on the M1 Macbook Air?

  • Mine's arriving on new year

  • Attention for mba buyers! Touchpad will have handprints signs in time which does not look good. Also keyboard will looks different compared to the first day you bought. My advice is to clean the keyboard as possible regularly. Otherwise, you will be regret.

  • I got the mba 2020 i3 model in April . After updating, its overheating problem has ben remedied! It completely gone! If the issue still continued, i would buy a brande new macbook air m1 as you pointed out in the video. Regardless, i must say new macbook air looks gorgeous even both models are the same.

  • Is 256 Gb big enough or would you recommend 512

    • 256 gb nice but if u want 512gb is really great as it has got the 8 core GPU too

  • The setup process looks faster than Windows 10.

  • Interesting how the MacBook Air went from quite literally the slowest performing laptop for $1000 to the fastest.

  • Hola Sr. Aaron, thanks for the info I'm transitioning 1st time ever i have invested in this item. Don't know nothing about Apple products Yes I'm adventuring into this new IOS !!!! ever ....(not tech savy) but at 65 yrs it will keep my mind active and then i can show up with your help sssshhh. So again thanks for your schooling and Hello from Maryland.

  • For the love of Jesus, please stop saying "lets go ahead" ... :-(

  • Sometimes I see those ports referred to as USB-3.1 gen2, and sometimes I see them referred to as USB 4, even on the Apple spec sheet on the Apple site. So it's confusing.

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  • Thanks Aaron! Ill go with the Air simply because I don't like the Touch Bar on the Pro.

  • Thank you so much for showing the setup process, I really wanted to see that ❤️

  • @zollotech Do you know if it charges faster with a 61W adapter? Great video btw!

  • Is it better to log in same as your apple Cp too? or better to create a new one? Any suggestion?

  • My only hope that RISC-V will be available not sooner that a year. Otherwise we will need to trash our M1 machines too soon.