Publicado el 31 jul 2021
Best Champions to Climb Out of Low Elo With!
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Best Champions Guide Description: In this guide we'll teach you the best champions you can play to climb out of bronze, silver, gold and platinum in league of legends. Enjoy!

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Introduction
0:36 - Best Top Champions
3:35 - Best Jungle Champions
6:18 - Best Mid Champions
8:43 - Best ADC Champions
10:53 - Best Support Champions
13:15 - Skill Capped Outro

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  • Here's our updated list for the best picks to climb low elo :D let us know which ones you think are the best! 👇

    • @John S ryze is decent if you are good at csing, kiting and hitting qs. You can not use ult at all and still win, cuz his basic 3 abilities hit so hard already. It's only difficult to carry if too many towers are taken down/enemy team focuses on you.

    • Hi, I love this videos. I have questions, what do u think of Nocturne? I play him normally in jg and i have 110k points on him, he's my mein and I am silver 4 but I think it's good jg 2 for escape from low elo, if u can look at my profile Ricci 65 - EUNE. I will be happy for any reviews, thanks for this videos 🙏❤️

    • Anything hard to understand will be OP (if YOU know how to play it). Heimer, Yorick, Aphelios, Akali, etc. The big exception are those champs that require synergy, Ryze, Ivern, Etc. They tend to be somewhat useless low elo, as macro is nonexistent

    • kayle mid is underrated

    • Therz nafing

  • I destroy mundo with riven

  • I like lee sin and ww at jg

  • I've been playing Trundle jungle for a few seasons, I agree about the sleeper pick no one ever is afraid of trundle until they lose early duels and he becomes a raid boss by ulting their tank.. lol

  • Im d2 on euw i can help u improve if u want for a skin

  • does wits end and nashor tooth passives stacks?

  • Rammus is asscheeks

  • How can u kayle mid when its so easy to stomp her pre 6 lul

  • U guys should try cassiopeia adc again its actually good for low elo tbh

  • Sometimes i feel like these guides are made from pros and high challenger players only against complete dumb players.. if you get stucked in elo hell you can be 100-0 mundo and u have no chance when u r only fed and your team feed whole enemy team Other thing, 2/4 of the champ list is demanding brain and some experience Ziggs fake adc/supp ruined so many of my games i stopped counting

  • wtf are you talking yi shreds rammus easy and im a diamond yi main

    • @Ot true but dont int yi and win game

    • @WavyTripleA doesnt matter if you got true dmg

    • thats when ur fed but did u ever go against a 1700 rammus armor

  • (From shyvanna part) U say u don't get punished for weak early game on low elo ... U high or what ppl int games before 6 if u don't camp their opponents (Darius ehm ehm). If u want succued on low elo in jungle u pick agresiv early game jungler like xin

    • Meh, I’m a Shyv OT in bronze and I have a 60% wr. Most games don’t end until 30 minutes in so there’s a lotta time to scale.

  • why does this guy sound like ChrisFix haha

  • Is low elo Silver and below?

  • Watching that Jax continuosly engage on Mundo with q hurt my soul.

  • Are these picks recommended for gold too?

  • "Ashe is so strong in the current meta", then proceeds to show her having to hit 12 autos half of them are empowered Q, and W to kill a fucking Yuumi.

    • @Aero you are bias. Low elo adcs do not auto attack like they should. If you are climbing out of low elo on Ashe it just means your skill is probably higher than those you are playing against. A low elo adc is going to do much better on MF if you are going today position doesn't matter

    • @cade wilder ur bad if you think Ashe is a bad low elo pick. No one in low elo knows how to position so Ashe players don’t get punished as much. She so strong early because of poke and perms slow since low elo players don’t respect their laners . Her ult is so good in any team comp and can be impactful even when behind because cc is op. Or maybe I’m bias since I’m currently on a 12 win streak with Ashe. Just won diamond promos.

    • damn its almost as if she was level 3 with nothing but a d blade...

    • Ashe is a terrible low elo pick. She has no mobility at all requires positions and land autos while kiting which is not a low elo skill set. And if you get behind it's gg.

    • Her q is her auto, her strength is her auto, and yummi is fully sustained ...

  • Mundo sucks for climbing. You have to win lane HARD to carry. If you go even and the rest of your team behind it is rly hard to carry. Good thing is you rarely lose lane, but if your team ahead mundo will look rly good, if ur team is behind it wont look like its ur fault.

  • Problem with yorick is when you go 1v5 top, your team in low elo decide its better go base than go drake

  • i used FiddleStick jg to get out of bronze ELO hell, and now climbing faster in silver due to smarter team mates

    • nahh thats not true if you think you got smarter teammates.pfff i know alot of people in diamond and abvoe playing like a silver so dw pall you will hate your life once you meet them

  • Why not put a compiled list of all your picks at the end of the video?

  • Is this Ezreals voice actor??

  • Xerath supp is better then brand or zyra

  • you frauds your system its a fking fraud i intend to pay for a month you charge me a year and i cant even ask for a refund

  • I like your videos very much. Just started playing LoL about month ago and your materials help like a lot! Cheers.

  • at some point u are talking about kayle being good vs yasuo which couldnt be far from true. I guarantee u if u send 2 items lvl 11 kayle vs 1 item lvl 9 yasuo that yasuo just wins bcs his windwall is so powerful if u were to reverse the roles than yasuo would kill kayle just on e q attack, as a kayle main I hate this matchup even more than vs irelia or tahmkench

  • guys just play to have fun

  • dark harvest brand does less damage than arcane comet one :(:(

  • 9:09 pain

  • Rumble mid is extremely good for low elo, the only thing is learning to land the ultimate

  • I'm a jungle main and I love playing both Trundle as well as Rammus.

  • Why my top lane Thresh with tank build didn't get in here?

  • looks like once again i am ahead of the meta

  • Ive gotten 236+ LP with Mundo jungle lmao

  • Not cheesy enough for me :/ but thanks for another video 💛

  • Good in the meta Shows Annie and Malzahar

  • Skill Capped: Why the champs you play don't matter in low elo Also Skill Capped: 3 bEsT cHaMpiOnS tO pLaY tO eScApE LoW eLo

    • Makes perfect sense and you know it if you play in trash elo. 9/10 times you see someone pick high skill champ like riven, fiora or w/e they just end up feeding against the guy playing something like garen or mundo Who pretty much only require you to randomly smash your keyboard. Tbh I some times just straight up dodge if someone in my bronze team picks hard champ.

    • I mean you can play any champ you want and climb, but its easier with these champs coz they are easy and pretty strong in current patch.

  • Thank god my OTP isn’t on the list, don’t need the ban rate going up lol. Good video

  • 1:24 what happened to the tower o.O?

  • Is it viable to build on vayne wits end > shieldbow > rageblade or there's a better build?

    • @Mr. Ash thanks bro

    • Against heavy AP team i guess, bcuz PD is too good on Vayne, even more so in combination with rageblade

  • why would you waste a item slot on hullbreaker for Yorick he doesnt need help taking turrets. gimping yourself is stupid if you need to join up for soul point or baron

  • Lol these are champs I never want to play. Their too booooorrinnnng lol XD

  • 4:19 the Cutoff D: We will never know of Ryze died

  • lol kyle easy champ to escape low elo? HELL no! no one understands kayle is late game champ and htey get all mad you are useless early on which results in people throwing the game on purpose

  • 3:35 yo my main is finally getting some spotlight lol I love this champ so much

    • Same! I adore Shyvana!! I'm so happy for her!

  • Taliyah is so underrated and has low ban rate why isnt he in the list bro😔😔

    • Probably harder to play than other low elo junglers

  • Using old Mundo footage? Scuffed editing?

  • mundo is better but he isnt that strong oh its low elo i guess this picks are fine then

  • glad to see my main shyvana on this list XD

  • Why isnt samira on this list? ik her banrate is so high but she is pretty free

  • I comment on every video asking you to pronounce "coup de grace" correctly. Please reward my helping of the algorithm, O skillcapped, and grant me this favour

    • One day, young one. One day, your time will come.

  • more like "the most braindead picks to play in low to climb" aside from kayle which I think is a bad recommendation due to her high skill ceiling that many players don't understand and shyvana for the same reason besides being hard to manage due to her weak ganks and dueling early game. ashe and MF are mostly good positioning while ziggs is just a spam abilities to win kind of champion. the rest are as I mentioned, braindead and very easy to play. I'd swap kayle for orianna, she needs good laning skills but definitly easier than kayle, and swap shyvana for morgana or ivern and the list would look better for low elo players.

    • Kayle doesn't have any high skill ceilling lol its just up to you if you have the patient

  • Upgrading the Titel quick Most boring champs to escape low elo Id rather be stuck in plat my entire life and having fun playing a high skillcap champ than playing annie or garen and just rolling my head on the KB while falling asleep

  • Yorick to gold

  • I main Annie for years, stuck in Platinum, she sucks. Gets easly beaten by Lux, Syndra, Fizz, Katarina, Oriana. Against those champins you won't even get to farm properly. One mistake, you are gone.

    • bro my firend annie irl made it to challenger 1300lp with annie so idk what ur crying about

    • Lol you are just bad of course its 1 cc and youre gone but you are both mages with no defensive items what were you expecting?

    • The video is named low elo for a reason

  • Notice annie killing an afk kat in a bush. I dont think i have lost lane against annie as kat, just dont let her stun you.

    • Isnt annie a counter to kata ?

    • Shes easy to push out of lane, and you dont need to roam if she stays.

    • And when kata gows for roams annie has good waveclear to punish

    • You cant really solo kill her tho and most katas rely on that or are too greedy so its a good counter pick

  • Any specific bans we should consider when picking up garen??

    • @J W Quinn has almost the lowest IF not the lowest HP in the Game. IF u Can survive till lvl 4 u Can Flash on her with lvl 2 E And ignite for kill since she cant Flash while silenced

    • @GBL y not ban Quinn?

    • Teemo in my opinion is the biggest counter of garen by far

    • Ban teemo!

  • I think I need to lay off league for a bit. Sometimes I watch this channel and start hearing ezreal voice for some reason, too much league I guess

  • nooooo not more ap shyvanas i want more ad builds ;-;

  • me climbing to gold with my gp having no regrets and many promo fails

    • Good gp players are so scary. Having seen some, just bush cheesing when they get 2-3 items with ult engage or clean ups

  • Just a reminder, you still have to learn how to play better than low elo players, to actually stay at the higher elos.

  • Why is not Katarina on this list ?

  • I highly advise you go BT on MF second instead. Not only does the lifesteal help to sustain in long fights and be a bigger bully in side lanes, but the shield also keeps your strut passive active since you’re not taking damage from minions while farming for example. Kraken, BT, LDR/IE is the best DPS build with Conqueror

  • 12:00 doesnt matter as zyras plants will autoattack for them. are you tired of your teammates beeing complete useless? doesnt matter you plants are better teammates in all aspects.

    • The worst part with playing Zyra is toxic ADCs that can’t understand that you cannot control what the plants attack and when all the time, and think they are entitled to every kill in the bot lane. Like we get engaged upon by a Leona when I am level 6, I go full E-W-W-Q-R on her and the incoming enemy ADC to disengage, but our ADC gets a few autos off, and my plants kill both of them off. I’d say that is a good result, but the whole game I got flamed for “stealing his kills”. Pfft.

    • Im convinced my adc is a zyra plants. After all, they always root themselves to the ground and autoattack.

  • sooo elo inflated champs, cool

  • the tv seller vibes are so strong here 12:00 lmaoo

  • So only one out of the best three options to escape low elo as support is an actual support. Good to know

    • @zat1245 not to mention in low ELO as support you’re having to rely on your team reacting to your supporting (I.e. responding to your buffs.) Playing supports with more agency at least means if you need to carry, you still can. It’s why I climb mostly with Senna

    • @Lucy Kitsune so only tank supports are supports now? As in they do no dmg on their own? I would say that if you want to go that route, those that buff and/or heal their ADC are the only TRUE supports. So Lulu I would call a true support. Also, you left out some significant ones like Taric, Sona, Soraka, Nami etc. But, if you consider buffing/healing and hard cc the requirements for “support”, you get more what I think is the support role of today. Lux, Swain, Zyra and a few others come into play then.

    • @Ghost Walker777 Oh, I know they're played as supports, but there's 4 types of supports in this game: 1) "Supports" Like Brand, Xerath, Velkoz and to some degree Lux 2) supports, like Lulu, Karma, Janna, Soraka and to some degree Lux 3) SUPPORTS like Blitzcrank, Leona, Thresh, Nautilus or Alistar 4) Bard

    • @zat1245 Tbh I have found that Blitzcrank can't carry games nearly as much as Leona can, but then again Leona DOES have a high ban rate...

    • @Bryan Glover I know.

  • as a top main i can guarantee that almost no one in low elo knows how to play against mundo

    • @Frank Vaso i just go for a bad trade on purpose (not an extremely bad trade) when i hit level 3 and then play passive under tower and let him greed for tower plating even if i am there cause he thinks he can kill me under tower due to my low health and escape, then all i need to do is EQW (make sure enemy hits you at least once due to your taunt before you QW) and keep auto attacking and ignite, your turret shots will kill them for you. I know this is a risky play, but in low elo, most player don't know or care of enemy laners basic abilities and summoner spells in my opinion and sorry if my english was bad.

    • @Vinaayagam Karunagaran how do you get in the position to be dove while playing ignite shen

    • I’m bronze and it’s called anti heal grievous wounds

    • @Lucy Kitsune All the fucking time lmao

    • When you rush bramble a Mundo main cries

  • Where ahri jg?

  • you can also go PTA shyvana top with divine sunderer, BORK/Wit's end, steraks then situational items. Works as a jungler too.

    • @neko ougi yeah facts its sad that I dont see more abuse her in top

    • @Filip Diurson yeah, even more cancer is u get armor and magic penet, even if u build full ad u can do explosive damage with e, sunderer is just too op with shyvana, sadly no one knows about this, just us shyvana mains

    • @neko ougi i know that I was kinda in a rush when I wrote it but with sheen it fixes the q dmg

    • @Filip Diurson sunderer is ad item u know? and i said ad>ap xD

    • @neko ougi it all actually depends on your team what you shall go but let’s say you got tahm top and syndra mid you can go sunderer because you won’t be so reliable with your ult as the engage tool. You simply ult to get in and e W q their asses, with Q you do massive damage and as you shall know Q as dragon form doesn’t hit one target it his plenty when they are in your face

  • I Spam Malz kayl in Gold now

  • Why in the same video that they talk about low elo games going late do they tell Malzahar to go scortch instead of gathering storm and why no futures market mana crystal tech on malz ?

    • @Wandering the Wastes and his Q and R reset the duration, therefore lastinh for VERY long.

    • It's the same idea with liandrys, you take it because the duration only starts counting down after your E duration is over

    • Gathering is better in terms of scaling i guess, but Yeah Futures market mana crystal is very good.

  • Finally my Kayle is on the list :)

  • 1st