49ers vs. Packers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2021

Publicado el 21 ene 2022
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Comentarios: 16 712

  • I cannot believe the Packers lost this game. Packers had the #1 seed locked up and basically rested their starters for 3 weeks. The crippled 49ers come in and somehow win. This was incredibly embarrassing.

  • The last quarter, all I could say repeatedly was "Wow".

  • Honestly, I’m very proud of the 49ers despite coming up short in the NFC Championship.

  • One of the best cold weather old school playoff games we’ve seen in a long time.

  • “This crowd and that Packers team is STUNNED!”

  • Never, never, never underestimate the importance of special teams play.

  • The fact that the 9ers won this game without scoring an offensive TD against the best offense in the league is mind blowing

  • The packers defense gave up 3 points in 59 minutes and 57 seconds and lost the game.

  • First time i got to see my niners play live. It was a BLAST!!

  • This season has been absolutely crazy.

  • Loved that special teams won the game

  • An excellent display of defense by both teams, especially the Niners' special teams unit.

  • That blocked punt was unreal. The ball was knocked so high into the air that nobody knew where the hell it was for an eternity.

  • From 3-5 to the NFC Championship game. Wow!!! What a season hopefully we keep it going next week in L.A. Go Niners!!!

  • The 49ers did a rope-a-dope on GB by avoiding the haymaker, and then finished em off with a game winning FG.

  • Aaron Rogers deserves every bit of trolling he's now receiving. He told the Bears 3 months ago "I own you." Well now the 49ers can say to Rogers "I own you in the playoffs." This is the 4th time Rogers has lost to them in the playoffs. He is 0-4 against the 49ers post season.

  • Fred Warner was the best player on the field. Either side. Saved the entire season with that FF and brought the energy when no one else would

  • "The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway"

  • 49ers D is legit. 10 sacks in 2 playoff games and held Dak and Aaron to just 27 combined points. How the 49ers won the last 2 games with Jimmy G is a miracle.

  • 10:15