aespa 에스파 'Next Level' MV

Publicado el 17 may 2021
aespa's new single "Next Level" is out!
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aespa 에스파 'Next Level' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • Love the ALITA vibes

  • Aespa ketjeh

  • 짝퉁 블핑 ㅋㅋ 일부러 얼굴도 비슷하게 뽑은거봐라 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • japanese style

  • 102.874.720

  • Fighting

  • Wow lol

  • 100M Congratulations 🏆

  • Congratulations 100 Mn👏👏

  • the more you listen to this song, the more it makes you addicted to it

  • Just came back from watching Small kids in Korea, dance, exercise, sing to NEXT LEVEL. I know our girls are doing excellent!

    • Can I have the link please ?

  • Why do i feel like in korea kids are streaming this like they may thought they are on next level.. they can do whatever they want..

  • nah cos i can’t be the only one who rlly loved this song on my first listen

  • 103 here we go

  • Faster faster

  • 개인적으로는 노래 좋은데 뮤비가.. 돈 많이 쓴건 알겠지만 난해한 느낌이 든다.

  • Keep str3aming MYs


  • at first i was like mmm next level as a joke but bro i don't think it's a joke anymore

  • 370k comm3nts

  • karina giselle ningning winter

  • 한 곡 들었는데 두세곡 들은듯한 느낌 어떻게 노래를 이렇게 만들까 천재인가

  • 102.866.925

  • best girls of kwangya hehe

  • æspa

  • 🧚❄️æspa❄️🧚

  • aespa

  • aaa gasabar aespa di tokopedia ❣️

  • Unique song

  • 노래 너무 조아요 미친거같음 아주아조 조금 hot 그때 그 시절 느낌도 나는 거 같은데 기분탓인가

  • So bad oh

  • Winter's accent when she sings "I'm on the Next Level"

  • let's push harder, MY.. let's make our work easier if we do our best everyday in streaming

  • 102 8

  • 103M go!!!!

  • semangat str3amin9 nya MYs jgn lupa str3amin9 mamba hitam sama forever ya aesfighting!!!!


  • Queen of Gen 4th

  • nævis calling ae

  • aespa best girl karina best girl giselle best girl winter best girl ningning best girl


  • semangat str3amin9 nya MYs!!!!

  • Initially, I didn't like the song. Then, when I listened to it the third time, I began to like it. I've watched it several times since then.

  • 103m soon

  • 102M♡♡♡

  • Let's get 103M before the day ends in SK. Fighting !

  • this is not a song - it's an event!

  • Daebak

  • 103 is coming let's go

  • Aespa are the new chart queen's alright


  • next level best song


  • sayang aespa sama MYs banyak2

  • keep str3amin9 MYs!!!!

  • I'm addicted to this Song (T_T)

  • They're pretty

  • Fighting fellow mys ... Heart heart ..

  • 0:34


    • Your profile is hilarious LOLLLAHAHAH


  • 내가 이상한건지 뮤비가 왜케 중국스럽지? 붉은빛이 많고 GG랑 가수랑 좀 따로노는느낌에 좀조악한거같구.. 헤어스타일도 서유기 천리기연에나오는 중국여배우 느낌이고..

  • this song is like a combination of 4 different songs

  • æspa

  • Yuhuu 10K dlam 12 menit

  • Aespa are really2 next level

  • Just a tt video some fandom mad over aespa new title

  • 103M before the day ends!

  • If your saying this song sucks cause they stole it and remaked it Some songs are just even rearrange by the artist but it turned into a hit like. Marvin gaye - charlie puth Perfect - ed sheeran Prisoner - dualipa

  • 오글거리고 촌스럽다;;

    • 쉰세대?

    • 노래 개좋은데 왜그러세요ㅠㅠ

    • 나만 느낀거 아니였구나ㅋㅋ

  • Aespa is monster rookie . Fact no cap .

  • อยากไปควังย่า

  • Let's maintain 800k dv my's

  • EEE

  • 200K more!!!

  • 32nd day: 99,600,726 (+885,821) 33rd day: 100,529,925 (+929,199) 34th day: 101,294,839 (+764,914) 35th day: 102,039,539 (+744,700) 36th day: 102,843,008 (+803,469)

  • 21/6 102,039 M 22/7 102,843 M +804K

  • 102.838

  • 370k comments soon

  • ♡~

  • ❤️ "Fast and furious Hobbs and Shaw"

  • Keep on str34ming mys

  • Now watch me stream until 200M views so i can get that Animal Farm concept

  • Hampir dapet 800K dv

  • 102,838,583

  • Fighting fighting

  • Too hot, too hot

  • Ningning is so dangerous

  • Ayo streaming buat point first win :)

  • Can you smile a little bit more


  • Yass aespa did that #1 on melon ♡

  • Hit like if u feel aespa will lead 4th gen, itzy too

  • aespa is best

  • It's taking damn long to reach 103M

  • Huh!

  • NU EVO

  • Мне нравятся их образы на 1:38

  • Они очень красивые и талантливые, главное, чтобы см не подвел

  • Fighting my's stre@m