Andy Ruiz Jr. names his Mt. Rushmore of Mexican boxers | PBC ON FOX

Publicado el 27 abr 2021
See which Mexican boxers Andy Ruiz Jr. has on his Mt. Rushmore of fighters from his home country. You can purchase Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Chris Arreola on May 1 PPV here: .

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Andy Ruiz Jr. names his Mt. Rushmore of Mexican boxers | PBC ON FOX



  • Do you agree with Andy Ruiz Jr.'s list?

    • Pathetic list. For starters, Vargas doesn’t belong, dude was born and raised in the States, period. And even if he was Mexican, he wouldn’t even make the top 10, let along top 4. Ruiz been hit in the head too much.

    • Good list

    • Holy Sh*t you guys are either too young or dumb. The #1 Mexican fighter of ALL time is Salvador Sanchez. He turned PRO at 16. By 23 he had more than 45 fights and had defended his title over ten times til he died in a car crash at 23. Even Chavez said, he was the greatest. I guess you guys aren't 54 years of age

    • 100% yes. At least Del La Hoya didn’t make the list

    • Chavez, La Chiquita, Barrera, Israel Vazquez, Morales, Marquez Bros!!!!

  • Julio Cesar Chavez, Ruben Olivares, Salvador Sanchez, Vicente Saldivar

  • What a horrible list. Chavez is the only one who belongs.

  • Excellent list! Salvador Sanchez, Chavez Sr, Juan Marquez, Ricardo Lopez and Carlos Zarate.

  • 1. Salvador Sanchez 2. Julio Cesar Chavez 3. Ricardo Lopez 4. Chiquita Gonzalez

  • He had morales over barrera damn thats a slap in the face 🤣

  • JC Chavez Salvador Sanchez Ricardo Lopez Canelo Alvarez

  • 1. Chavez 2. Sanchez 3. Finito lopez 3. Erik morales 4. Marquez

  • Dela Hoya>Vargas

  • I know it's his list zero problem with that but Canelo definitely deserves to be up there even now. Hes already achieved more than everyone up there except Chavez ofcourse.

    • @MarkoTiano ok but he's still not as skilled as finite lopez marquez and morales

    • @o1h8 Homie you can be a green alien and you still wouldnt achieve it 😉

    • @MarkoTiano if I was a redhead from Mexico and got protected by golden boy fighting oldass dudes and fixing fights I sure can 🤣

    • @o1h8 Canelo will be fighting in front of 70 000 people may 6, you think regular people like you achieve that? Doubt it.

    • He only achieved it becaue of the way he looks and the television networks fed him bums lol

  • 1)JCC Sr. 2)S. Sanchez 3)S. Alvarez 4)M. Barrera

  • Fernando Vargas is my personal favorite fighter but he is probably not on a mount rusmore of Mexican fighters

  • Vargas is american

  • Why are Mexican fighters the only fighters that boxing tries to connect them all together?

    • @Jay Justice they do in a sense, but it's more of a country thing. For instance, in Mexico or England, especially pubs in England, "who are the top 5 fighters from the states." Same concept, more a country thing then a race thing, hence Arreola's caveat with Oscar de la hoya being american.

    • @Fernando Lopez Cool I never hear white,black,asian fighters asked about fighters of there race as much as Mexican fighters.. for ex..nobody would ask Terrence Crawford about black fighters from the past as if hes connected to them..

    • I don’t understand your question. Ask me that question a little more detailed.

  • Vargas?!? Andy wtf

  • Would have chosen Marquez over Barrera and morales but each to it’s own

  • really Vargas!

  • Julio Salvador Marquez Morales Barrera

  • Salvador Sanchez should go on the top of any list of Mexican fighters

  • Salvador Sanchez deserves to be on that list before three of those fighters, especially Vargas. Wachu smoking Andy? You know they drug test before a fight 😆

  • Juan Manuel Marquez.

  • Andy no te da vergüenza Anúnciate como formar unify .chsmpion?

  • Juan Manuel Marquez!!!

  • Isn’t Vargas from Oxnard?

    • @Fernando Lopez Ask Marquez and the other dudes on espn deportes if Vargas is considered a Mexican fighter? If that's the case, so is Victor Ortiz, Brandon Rios, Mike Alvarado, Etc...

    • He’s still Mexican. And plus California is still Mexico along with Texas.

  • Mt Rushmore of Mexican Fighters EASY 1.Salvador Sanchez 2.Julio Cesar Chavez sr 3.Ricardo Finito Lopez 4.Erik Morales

  • Missing marquez and salvador sanchez. Canelo has to be there too even tho he not done yet with all hes done already

  • I’m surprised he didn’t mention Salvador Sanchez.

  • Chavez, Marquez, Morales & Barrera

  • My list would be 1. Canelo 2. Chavez sr 3. Marquez 4. Ricardo lopez 5. Barrera or morales

  • No marquez? Need a editor for this now

  • Vargas really ??😂😂

  • No Canelo? 🤔 Vargas was solid but really not worthy of ⛰️ Rushmore...

  • I like Ruiz but I say this bc i speak from the heart. Ruiz U R NOT A MEXICAN!!! You were born and raised in America thus American. Please stop claiming your Mexican bc u r not l.

    • @R U ? If u wanna wave ur flag so bad go back to whatever country that flag is from bc we in America

    • @leonardo navarrete this is the United States of America. You are allowed to wave whatever flag you want.

    • @R U no hate it just keep it 100. We are all mixed. For example, imagine if my great great great great grandfather was from China would that make me Chinese ? Is it right for me 2 hold the Chinese flag given that I was born in America? You tell me.

    • Damn Leo, why so much h8?

  • Salvador Sanchez Julio Cesar Chavez Ricardo Lopez Canelo Alvarez Morales/Barrera/Marquez haha

  • Good list, although I agree with everyone else that JMM should be up there, switch out for Vargas. That guy was a technician, great combination counter puncher.

    • Your entitle to your opinion,,but I agree with Andy on his list..ferocious Fernando Vargas,haha..True champion

  • Great list can we have a honorable mention for Juan Manuel Marquez ?

    • He left out Salvador Sanchez & Ricardo Lopez lol Andy may be a boxer but you can tell he wasn't a boxing fan at all growing up,He knows boxers yeah but he isnt a '' fan '' if that makes sense.

    • @wynn10 it’s his own Mount Rushmore if he feels that way can’t hate lol don’t agree with him on that one also lol

    • This fact he has Vargas over Marquez is crazy to me lol

    • Right

  • Not even mad at that list. I’d dare to say it’s pretty accurate. Take out Vargas for Marquez maybe. Other than that it was a list

    • @Chris Brown vargas was a real warrior took on bigger challenges while canelo waits for fighters to get old, makes them go up weight classes, or puts a rehydration clause so no canelo will never be at the highest levels of mexican boxing no matter how much the networks try to force him on us

    • Yes. Marquez is better than all of them in my opinion.

    • @Chris Brown yeah forsure

    • Agreed and of course add Canelo once his career is over.

  • #1 Salvador Sanchez #2 Ruben Olivares #3 JC Chavez #4 Finito Lopez #5 Marquez-Morales- Alvarez👑🇲🇽

  • I like this list ,I would add Oscar Delahoya

  • Surprised he didn’t say canelo

  • He really left out his own teamate 😭

    • @o1h8 lol floyd is TBE thoe, undefeated and would school all those mexican greats including chavez sr imo. Mayweather was 36 when he schoold the young bull which is still insane but canelo has improved and got better every fight since he suffered his one & only defeat to money may no shame in that but💯

    • @Tee Makaveli lol I would have really liked to see that but in their primes. Canelo just has the weight advantage mayweather easily outboxed him at 38 years old lol csnelo is overrated af

    • @o1h8 thats funny considering canelo would whoop all those mexican greats lmaoo

    • Canelo will never be at the legendary level as the goats of mexican boxing c'mon compa

    • I think he was picking retired legends

  • Where's Juan Manuel Marquez? smh

    • @Carlito Sur he’ll knock you out tho, so must be doing something right

    • Marquez huh... BOORING!!!!

    • Face it Marquez a Mexican bumm ....

    • @Anhelito Diez Marquez has a better fight record than Vargas.

    • I would switch Marquez with Vargas

  • Mine is :Canelo, Chaves, Marquez, Emanuel Navertte.

    • @The Truth I'm sure he duck you right😂🤣

    • Canelo a Ducker....🦆🦆🦆

    • Too early to add Emanuel Navarette. He's got very raw talent. Need some improvement on his fighting style.

    • Navarrete? Seriously?

  • Where’s Oscar De La Hoya?

    • He’s American his achievements in boxing went to the history books of USA not Mexico.

  • This is actually a damn good list. I fully agree with it.

    • @Chris Brown racists

    • @Chris Brown why you so defensive

    • @Erik Mendez It says clear as day "HIS" list... It's called an opinion for a reason. Dont like it? Oh well, deal with it and move on.

    • I would have swapped Vargas for eitger Sanchez or Olivares

  • Okay first one here😁