Angry Skaters Bully Me For Riding Scooters... LOL

Publicado el 23 ene 2021
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Skaters Try Bullying Me For Riding Scooters... LOL



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  • I didn’t know Alex vaped

  • ngl they seem like they think their better than him.

  • The bored staircase feasibly disagree because birthday putatively mug concerning a funny beef. moldy, damaged copyright

  • 13:55

  • Breaking ur back and then having to hold up ur hand for medical expenses because an obligned propper health insurance is non existing ... what aGREAT country. A third world country.

  • what if i donate 150,000

  • You guys are amazing

  • What a life this young man has created for himself. Legend!

  • I remember when I was watching tanners "how to: buttercup" video and now he's 21

  • Tanner I’m challenging you to an Airsoft battle as well as a fun weekend in Miami. Let me know if your down for the adventure. Hit up my DMs @mxtt_1926

  • Tanner I thought you were rich

  • i want my life to be like his lol... so much fun :)

  • Haha

  • anyone else see alex have a vape?

  • tanner looks like a kid in the car

  • 10:28 I didn’t know Alex vapes

  • Did anyone else realise Calvin,Michel,Patrick and Alex were there with tfox

  • u click baiter

  • I live in Utah

  • Where do you snow bored

  • I’m getting your new scooter

  • 3:05

  • My aunt is in my aunt grandpa what is her like a dad like you said he was her dad but he passed away today

  • 🙂

  • Yo , youre so entertaining, you deserve way more views, i think this is either my 4th video watching of you, literally started today and its so cool

  • 11:19 fuck no that thing sounds like a damn dying walrus wanna hear something sound good listen to a 12 valve cummins

  • I hate when scooter hits you in ankle or shin 😂

  • Did anyone see the vape in Alex’s hand 😯

  • Hi


  • That's what happens when someone hurts themselves bummer

  • Scooters are gay

  • He was at moorpark skatepark

  • I mean tanner u got hella money but no hate prayers go out to him

  • Scooter kid😂

  • Alex warren vapes!?😳

  • 😢

  • Hope he gets better

  • I feel bad hope he feel better

  • Wow

  • Wow

  • Wow

  • Wow

  • Wow

  • Who remembers when he first got his GTR?

  • Can we take a long minute appreciate how good a friend Tanner is, seems like at the beginning of every vlog he gets his friend dressed because he’s got a broken back. He could easily afford a carer to do that for him

  • Why does Tanner look like Alex's son. lol

  • People that quote crank HP are dumb.

  • I copped that custom tfox scooter💪🏼

  • TFOX snowboards with the new scooter design on it

  • I’ll buy a TFOX snowboard

  • Like for TFOX snowboards

  • TFOX snowboards

  • TFOX snowboards cmon

  • TFOX snowboards???????? Plz

  • a bike on a mountain there is such thing as mountain biking

  • No trying to hate I love tanner but I checked the go fund me it’s at 11,000 but with tanners popular status he can well donate over 50k to the go fund be he did not yet so am really🤨

  • Ik Ik I’m new but like I was like why is he lying down on the couch in the start of the video

  • Rly ? all of u are milionairs and u want us to donate to a guy who overestimated himself in a trampolinpark ? when there ppl without food etc? Humanity...

  • what's that guy's channel, the guy was on tanner's left here 7:35 , can somebody tell me plzzz

  • So he earns in millions and still can’t help his friend lol.

  • Tanner why don’t you pay for it?

  • It’s still super fucking crazy and shocking that you have to pay to save your life literally 🤯 like I hate living in the uk but I’m so so thankful for our NHS because I’d be in more debt with my health over the last 15 years that I’d ever make in my life 😳

  • dig your shit but it still amazes me how people with cash look for free money to help their friends......sell your lambo :P

  • everyone: omg Covid 19 Tanner and the rest of the skatepark: What is that?

  • Full McClaren aka Daddy's Car

  • Who knew Alex’s vapes

  • i'm the 444,444 viewer...

  • do video with STRADMAN.

  • I cringe everytime a millionaire youtuber asks for funds from poor kids!

  • Love u guys

  • 90 degrees jezzzz

  • Well, I feel absolutely terrible about that accident and hope that guy recovers well. However, asking for donations to help pay your friends hospital bill when you’re buying $250,000 dollar cars, and I’m sure your (and his) other friends are just as well off financially, considering they all have expensive cars and big houses... is a little tasteless. First off it was irresponsible of him not to have health insurance in the first place, especially considering he was involved in “extreme” sports. I’m sure the reason he didn’t have health insurance wasn’t because “he didn’t qualify”... or because he couldn’t afford it. Considering your circle of friends all seem to be fairly well off, even if they aren’t “Tanner Fox Rich”, they I’m sure can still afford health insurance. Workers at McDonald’s can afford health insurance... Again I’m really, really, really, trying hard not to come across as some heartless bastard. But like I said before... asking your viewers to donate their money they slaved for, or got through unemployment (this thing called COVID-19 has put tens of millions of Americans unemployed), to help pay for your friends medical bills because he wasn’t responsible enough to get health insurance, especially when you and his circle of friends live the lifestyle you all live.... is absolutely astonishing, and comes off extremely tasteless and out of touch! Nonetheless, I hope he heals up soon...

  • alex literally holding puff plus i didnt know that

  • Get a go pro and put in on ur head when u skate

  • Go find me? Y’all asking broke ass people for money? Did you not just buy a lambo tanner? Haha what a joke

  • P100D Model X is a must. all white black wheels.

  • Fun fact: I learned treflips before kickflips. And I shattered my kneecap before school one day and suffered thru lmoa. Get knocked down get back up.

  • My younger cousin had the same surgery without insurance with a company that donated to his surgery. P.L.U.R to allthathave been thru. My cousin had a 14" titanium bar and 36 screws put in his back after landing mid back on a round rail. #OklahomaRepresent

  • A

  • tanner sell your overly expensive cars to pay u bozo

  • I only clicked cuz I saw vinnie and Michael 😅

  • U a nerd

  • Bro Alex warren skate?

  • 4:55 that oof is so funny

  • Get a mullet

  • Umm Alex vaping????😅😅😅😅

  • It’s 850 at not to.

  • Tanner you posted this video already?

  • just chillin at moorpark skatepark

  • i am so sorry bro hope he gets better

  • you have a lambo and a gtr as. if you can't pay for a surgery

  • Thats why society gets more toxic everyday. This kid flex money and expensive lifestyle all day and cant help a friend! Hahaha poor guy, thats not a friend dude. Ure just kids

  • Only fuckin idiots don't have health insurance 🤣

  • Tanner is out here living his best life

  • i used to watch you all the time tanner so much respect for you i hope things work out for shane i donated a little bit to help

  • hey that neighborhood is nice my friends live there

  • NOOO i wish i can help but i am broke :( #sorry bro wen i get money i will help!!!

  • You're in California they have some of the best Social Services programs There's no way in hell that kid would have to pay for all of his own surgery If he just Does a little research

  • Holy fuck I use to watch when you first started ESmain !! Haven’t been on n a few glad your still going !