Beats Fit Pro Review - Better than AirPods Pro!

Publicado el 31 oct 2021
Review of the Beats Fit Pro and comparison to the AirPods Pro, Beats Studio Buds and PowerBeats Pro! Beats nailed it with the Beats Fit Pro and they are cheaper then Apple's AirPods Pro! Watch for the full review and unboxing.
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  • Used the PowerBeats Pro since day one and Lord that case was so frustrating, but necessary evil for “workout” headphones. Love the AirPods Pro w/ Comply foam tips for work, but these has been a game changer for my morning runs. Spatial audio, noise cancellation, and no more starting a run only to find out one (or both) earbuds are dead…

  • In-ear headphone are really a personal subject when it comes to the perfect fit. I could never get used to the regular AirPods, without the silicone tip. They kept falling from my ears whenever I exercised. But the Pro model fixed that, and I can't complain about it anymore. However, even though I do listen to a lot of podcasts, I'm inching towards giving the Beats Fit Pro a try since I'll take rich bass over crystal-clear treble any day

  • Great Review overall and definitely making me consider upgrading my Powerbeats pro to the fit pro especially with masks tangling in the ear hook of my powerbeats, however in late 2021 I think you have to take into consideration that with Powerbeats pro being years old you can get them new on amazon from anywhere between $140-200 depending on the color making much more competitive being similar in price with the studio buds if your willing to buy them off amazon or another seller as opposed to apples or beats website.

  • These are surprisingly good earbuds, I have used many pairs and these are probably my all-time favorite. Great sound, great fit, light weight and very good ANC. They work really well with Android as well, the updated Beats app is actually pretty good. I'd recommend enabling absolute volume though (in developer settings) as you can get much higher volume this way (they are not very loud otherwise). I think these are the best all-around earbuds available right now, great for fitness/running, but also general music listening, or just working. They area also one of the better looking earbuds IMO. With wireless charging these would have been pretty much perfect.

  • I have been using Bose qc 20 for over 5 years now, so I'm used to the wing tip and noise cancellation for a while now. And was very resistant to getting ear buds mainly due to lack of battery life, noise cancellation, looking too weird and odd, or missing the wing tip because it fits my ears the best. The new Beats Fit seems to have everything that I'm looking for, and can't wait to try them on and hopefully make the switch!

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  • Great stuff Matt. I got some thoughts, I’m currently using the Powerbeats pro for when I do some light exercise or when I’m on a small trip somewhere. The ear hook and battery life are perfect, but I also love that It is lightning compatible as this allows me to move with a single charger for all my devices “Powerbeats pro, iPhone 12 and iPad mini 5”. I mainly listen to podcasts with the earbuds or maybe use them when watching some occasional Netflix or Disney +, I don’t think spatial audio will necessarily enhance my content consumption tbh. I may hold off from upgrading till i absolutely need to, but when I do upgrade it will be something that uses the same charger as my phone, whether MagSafe or whatever (a MagSafe iPad would totally get my money).

  • I’ve been using the Powerbeats Pro for two years now for running and had the charging issue you described. I ended up cleaning the contacts in the case as I believe there was a little corrosion from putting them up while they still had some moisture from sweat on them. They charge just fine now and I don’t have any problems anymore. I let them dry on the counter for 20-30 minutes before I put them in the case now after a run.

  • I got my Powerbeats pro for Christmas almost 2 years ago and I love them. Battery lasts forever and stay in place. Great gym headphones

  • I absolutely love my Powerbeats pro. I use them a lot for mountain biking and at the gym. Occasionally at work too. I do agree with the charging issue and that at times you are gambling if one of them, if not two are dead. I am considering the Powerbeats pro but with mountain biking I’m not sure if it’ll fully set in my ear and not fall out. Decision decisions!

  • I really enjoyed this video, great breakdown, I’m leaning towards the Beats Fit Pro over the AirPods Pro and here in Canada there’s an $80 difference through Apple, you might be able to find the AirPods Pro cheaper now, essentially they are 3-years old after all.

  • Great video, super helpful. I am a runner and I have been using the power beats pro for around two and a half years now and been facing the same issue with it not charging all the time which was super frustrating. The case size was probably my least favorite thing about them, it was such a weird shape to pocket, at least in my view. despite these downsides, once in the ear and running, the power beats were great. It is nice to see an obvious upgrade ahead, I'll probably pounce on these when the price drops in a month or two

  • Any thoughts on how each case fits in the pocket? I noticed the case for the beats fit pros is smaller but I’m wondering if it’s small enough to carry in your pocket

  • Two things I hated about my Beats Studio Buds were 1. every time I needed to adjust the fit and push one of them in further in my ear my music would stop, and 2. even with transparency mode on I couldn't stand to hear myself talking with them in. Hopefully it's better with the Fit Pros.

  • Been looking for some good workout/running buds for a month now trying to replace my Galaxy buds Pro. Only real option out there for me was the jaybirds vista 2s because of the wing and the physical button (can't stand touch controls) but hesitated based on connection issues I read that it has on the reviews. Was about to just settle for them but now these suddenly come out with a wing and a physical button so these beats are PERFECT for me. Instant buy when they come out 👌

  • For the Beats Fit Pro you can change it in settings so that the left bud functions volume down, and the right does volume up.

  • I had the powerbeats pro since the beginning and about a month ago i purchased the airpod pros at a discount.

  • Great review. I've owned the Powerbeats Pro since they came out and I HATE the charging case. Probably 50% of the time, one of the buds don't charge. Complete deal breaker in mind.

  • My only gripe with upgrading from my Powerbeats Pro is the lack of volume controls. Ig it cancels out tho with less of a gamble to charge the earbuds, ANC, a more pocketable case and a USB C charging port…

  • Hey Matt.. thanks for the video. Can you please confirm if these have any cabin pressure in normal or ANC mode? In comparison to airpods pro?