Buying "Cheap" PS5 Accessories From Amazon: Are They Worth It?

Publicado el 21 dic 2020
[Giveaway Closed: Thank you to all who entered!]
With PS5 now (sort of) available, companies are starting to make their own accessories to go alongside your new next-gen purchase. We've already reviewed Sony's accessories, but it's time to look at the 'cheaper' alternatives on Amazon. A place where Amazon FBA dominates, and is charging you a little extra for these accessories. So we're gonna unbox em', review em', and give them away. If for whatever reason you wanted to check these out yourself, I've linked them below. But based on the video playing/paused above this text: I can't say I endorse many of them.
*All products featured:
Charging Stand:
PS5 Skin:
PS5 Skin (Didn't Arrive In Time):
Cooling Stand With Storage:
Vertical Vent Stand:
Controller Grip:
Controller Carrying Case:
Phone Mount:
Clear Controller Case:
Console Carrying Case:
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Comentarios: 992

  • The PS5's official dual charging station is fantastic. I know it's hard to find right now and people are probably tempted by knock-offs, but I highly recommend people just wait to get the official one.

  • I dont recomend the cheap charging station that Ryan showed because I have one and over time I noticed that the sharp plastic on the top that wraps around the TouchPad, was sratching the TouchPad, te TouchPad on my ps4 controllers still work fine, but its probably better than too risk it.

  • I love how Ryan threw in the amazon fba lesson too. Adds a certain richness to the video that you just don't get elsewhere :)

  • I got a silicone cover for the controller because I wanted to help keep the controller from yellowing. I also noticed that for some reason my hands were sweating more with the dual sense than the DS4. I also used plasti dip on my system and it worked perfectly and I love it. $6 at Walmart for a can took care of it

  • Once custom plates start being readily available might wanna make another one of these

  • Almost feel like the reasoning why they put the PlayStation 5 Traveling Case inside another Box that was bigger is so it won't get Stolen seeing as the size of the Box looks very familiar to the size of the actual PS5 Boxes that are being stolen right now by Amazon employee's.

  • Thanks, it was interesting to see the options out there. I'm only a few-months-old on the channel but i really enjoy your content, always relevant, informative, without the sensationalism and drama-crap we see a lot on other gaming channels.

  • I use the thumb grips to protect the sticks from wear and tear.

  • Now I want to setup a business that sell weird console accessories that only youtubers will buy to review them...

  • Good guy Ryan drops a load of cash to save us from wasting our money. Thank you, Ryan!!

  • Great video Mystic.It's nice to see what NOT to get too. All four of my Dualshock 4 controllers have a Sony rubberized grip cover on them. I definitely prefer them over a bareback controller any day, but you're right, the aftermarket DualSense grip cover you showed here sucks. Sony will make a much better one for sure.

  • I have one of those silicon controller covers and mine fits really well except I dislike the way it raises the level around the buttons so it feels strange. But it's perfectly cut in the correct places so I think it depends on the brand. I find I can't grip the dualsense as well as the ds4 so I needed to cover it. I find the dualsense texture seems to have the opposite effect and makes the grip worse

  • Here’s a tip for the controller grips: always cut off the silicon that goes around the analog sticks and buttons. Those get in the way and make even harder.

  • I bought that case about a week ago before they went oos and I absolutely love it. There is one that is specifically for the ps5 that has comes precut to fit the console,7 games,2 controllers, and all the cables

  • I have a PS5 stand/cooling fan similar to the one showed. I don't use the fan, but i like how it charges the controller, has extra USB ports and organizes my game discs. The included stand for my headphones is perfect at solving the "where do i keep or hang my headphones when not in use?" Dilemna

  • The little playstation Icons on the controller are very cool but is almost impossible that after 3 or more months the controller is not gonna look that clean anymore,so I think that the protective casings is a must if you want a clean controller

  • Really surprised how good that wrap looks... to bad I dont trust myself to do it right 🤣👍

  • I don’t think the stand with the cooling station looks that bad and isn’t too impractical. The fan maybe but the charging stations and the multiple USBs is nice.

  • I'm a seller on Amazon FBA. I can agree You're correct with everything you said here.

  • I wish you tried one of the chargers that charge from the bottom of the dualsense. I have the one that shows the controller charge levels and its actually decent for the $12 i got it for. Not the most snug/stable fit but easy enough to set charging. Honestly bought as a stop gap until the genuine ones come in stock but totally cool with riding it out now till it stops working or the genuine goes on sale.