Casey & Izzie : their story | Atypical [+2x02-4x10]

Publicado el 11 jul 2021
anyone else binged the whole of season 4 in less than a day? 👉👈

aaa so thankful to the writers for the many Cazzie scenes this season and also for making them endgame 💗

real sad that this is the final season but i guess at least there was a satisfying ending

here’s a video tribute to this amazing duo
let’s hope i don’t get copyrighted 🙂

Show : Atypical
Ship : Cazzie
Characters : Casey & Izzie 💞
Songs : lovely by Billie Eilish & Khalid -
Where’s my love by SYML -
Two of Us by Louis Tomlinson -
Buzzcut Season by Lorde -
Yellow by Coldplay -
Skinny Love by Birdy -
Open Season by High Highs -
idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish -

Timestamp :
Season 2 - 0:07
Season 3 - 8:15
Season 4 - 16:52

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  • hello lgbtq community

  • Casey 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • If u are a lesbian go watch and listen Red Velvet Irene and Seulgi Monster Mv on youtube.Thanks me later.I hope you will like it.

  • Stay stay ..... she’s worth it

  • Aw princess.... I know what she’s doing to you .... I have a relationship..... research .... I know the signs..... stay with her

  • doug became an ass in the 4th season

  • The last part “is that a tattoo” “ya I’m a bad boy”😂😂😂

  • اسم این فیلم رو میگید

  • Sooo beautiful , my couple favorite 😍

  • I love them

  • Just beautiful

  • I skip the whole Atypical until it reaches them lol

  • That was even better then a wattpad story

  • Muero de amor 💖

  • 😭

  • Bad boy reminds me bad boy from Red Velvet havsjaba

  • Hi

  • Tô falando

  • Still sad there’s no fifth season

  • And I still need a spin off!!!!

  • Omg this is amazing, I love this couple, it's so realistic

  • hello if u are a straight man that fetishized lesbians u are disgusting get outta here pls :)

  • What's the name of that show

    • @shepskies thanks

    • Atypical, it’s available on Netflix

  • I just finished watching everything, and I still couldn't get over it. Also I think I developed a little crush on Izzie 😅. Watching her made me realize how beautiful she is. I really hope that there would be another season or maybe a spinoff for Casey and Izzie. That would be incredible.

    • @shepskies I mean... who wouldn't? She's gorgeous and all. I really hope Netflix would give it to us.

    • well, i developed a huge crush on izzie haha A Cazzie spinoff would be a dream come true! 😍

  • Soooo perfect ❤️❤️❤️ !

  • Ronisia, and have had

  • Highly recommended Motherland Fort Salem series on hulu

    • Hi

    • @shepskies i watched the shows because it was gay but i love the show so much. Feminism,Witches Army and the story outline of the show.

    • ooo yes! agreed! I started watching for Raylla lol

  • oh my god

  • love them

  • i’ve seen this video so many times it’s literally my comfort video

  • На стрелецкую похожа девченка темноволосая😅

  • the fact that i just watched a 42 minute compilation of a show ive never watched...

  • i like this content

  • The scintillating viola apparently wink because brain evolutionarily rejoice with a four frail cherries. wanting, wide robert

  • Izzie making a move just with her pinky... legen..dairy 🥛😁

  • Entrei pra ver os comentários tô aqui boiando

  • Which episode is this?

    • @shepskies thanks 👍

    • they first met in season 2 episode 2 & no worries 😉

    • @shepskies no sorry I meant the starting when casey and lzzie met sorry

    • this is an edit from seasons 2 to 4 not an episode

  • I really loved watching the evolution of their relationship of enemies to best friends to lovers. I also really appreciated how the show shows their journey to figuring out their sexuality so people could really relate to the characters. I love them so much and am beyond happy they got a happy ending together ❤️

  • Is that a tattoo? yes I'm a bad boy

  • doug pissed me off so bad this season 😕

  • Sweet

  • I completely forgot about Izzie's boyfriend in the beginning of the show and I'm so glad

  • No puedes ponerlo en español no se Ingles we

  • Lol

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  • ❤️💖💖

  • i can’t support them after she cheated

  • the best series that I have in my fucking life

  • Ik they cute together but its still not right how she treated Evan or hower u spell his name she basically cheated on him.

  • musica de cortometraje

  • This is so beautiful, thank you!!!

    • thanks for watching! ☺️

  • No offense at all when I say this but at the beginning when I started watching atypical straight up I thought Casey was lesbian just because how she dressed enacted plot twist she’s bisexual and she’s with a girl :-)

    • SAME i told my friend "bro shes gotta be gay" my gaydars just too good lol

  • awww...they give me butterflies.


  • Title of the movie anyone ???

    • this is from a show called ‘Atypical’

  • Love it the couple's 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Gent doda

  • Is the game fighting boy boy

  • Where is my sister

  • Where is my family

  • Ok the beat in the second half pissed me off cuz i was waiting for the "LOOK AT THE STARS, LOOK HOW THEY SHINE FOOORR YOUUUUUUU" for so long.

  • They are so cute!

  • can we just appreciate how awesome Casey is for somehow being so generous in her kindness after Izzie put her through so much crap? It’s entertaining to watch them together but almost all Izzie did was apologise

    • I thought Izzie apologized another in season 3, and Casey apologized another in season 4

    • @Jade Paradis that’s fair, how come you think that?

    • i mean Casey messed up to… in my opinion Izzie been a better girlfriend in season 4 than Casey.

  • Yh im a bad boy - ohhh i loved that part

  • Casey look like dua lipa

  • i wish there will b a spin off of cazzie 😢 i miss them so much! 😭🌈

  • Can someone please put all the kissing timelines

  • ✍🏽forehead✍🏽promise✍🏽if✍🏽I✍🏽like✍🏽a✍🏽girl

  • 9:14 In this part he chose a girl or a boy

  • Knowing that there won't be a season 5 is seriously killing me inside.☹️

  • the first 16 minutes is just izzy being an incessant asshole. tell me if i'm wrong

  • Awww I love them so much. I. Want. What. They. Have. 😭

  • Cassie's voice sounded like Kendall Jenner

  • 9:17 where exactly did Casey look at when Izzie ran up to her?

    • i think she mostly looked at her lips idk😭😭

  • I absolutely looovvedd this show and im so sad theres no more seasons coming out- 😢😢😢😢

  • Where can I watch this, another series i can binggeee

    • it’s available on Netflix

  • Nss elas são perfeita💙

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    • @M منقصدك ؟

    • يا مقرف كلهم بنات شتسوي هنا🤢

    • حيو

  • Ok so I've never seen this show and I'm already a massive Cassie/Izzie shipper, but THAT SHEEP WAS ADORABLE WHAT THE FUCK GUYS

    • You need to go and watch it I finished 4 seasons I. 2 days and that almost never happens

    • I highly reccomend the show

  • Wow... I loved this video... Only Cassey and lzzie... l love their 💕💕💕💕

  • This comment section. . . Is just making me lose hope on humanity

    • ughh tell me abt it, i don’t get why the haters are even here 🙄

  • Evan was a way better partner than izzie

    • He is a good boy, he care for casey so he let her go bcs he knows she love izzie. He is a good partner, but not for casey. Bcs casey couldn't love him back and it takes two to tango.

    • @99tohan nothing to do with sexuality Izzy was a drain on Casey

    • Shhh no one asked for a man's opinion on lesbians!

  • now this is the kind of rerlationship i want, i literally want a gf 😫

  • Can you do a full Cazzie season 2 to season 4 scenepack but with no music and in order please?

    • @That One no problem! 😉

    • @shepskies thankyou

    • Oh sorry, I didn’t know 😅 but i found another playlist here -> There’s also another playlist forS2 scenes, you can search through this channel to find it. The link above is for S3 scenes. Hope this works for you 💞

    • @shepskies I know the playlist your talking about it’s just half of the videos were deleted

    • actually if you search ‘Casey & Izzie scenes’ on youtube you can find a playlist on the top, with their scenes from S2-S3, You can find S4 scenes the same way as well, it’s just not included in the playlist yet. Hope this helped!

  • It's funny that the show is supposed to be about Sam but Cassie and Izzy were kinda the main character bc everyone watched it for them.

  • 🥺🥺❤️❤️

  • They and CHONI are my favourite couples

    • @tenefia dowridge exactly

    • Mine too, just hope they get together the remaining half of season 5 to come

    • oooohhh choni is one of my fav too ! 💖

  • I liked Casey with Evan better no hate tho

    • @anthonykasim 49yeah, it’ called a drama show you know AND WE STAN CAZZIE

    • I don’t get why haters are even here, the vid title CLEARLY says it’s a vid about Cazzie, if you hate them why bother clicking on the vid? Have you got nothing better to do? Smh

    • dude atypical is literally a drama, casey and evan being together was boring 🙄

    • Evan was a WAYYY better partner , less drama

  • I’m on season two but I keep watching these and spoiling it for myself 😭 I wanna wait to find out what happens but I’m too excited!,

    • this is so me whenever i start watching a new show 😂

  • Amazing vid ♥️

  • Elas teve altos e baixos no relacionamento, mas nunca deixaram de confiar uma na outra

  • Head over heals in love with Izzie. Ahhh I cant get enough of her

  • lovely

  • Yall pigeons are doves lol😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • What is the title of this movie?

  • can't believe their total screen time is only 40 minutes, we need more!!!!!!

  • I watched the show because it was heartwarming and I ended up getting my favorite gay couple too 😭

  • I watched all the season just for cassey and izzie

    • yo

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    • relatableeee I started watching the show for them 💞

  • amazing edit ❤️

  • Glad theyre endgame! But would be much better to have a spin-off..

    • let’s hope the petition works!