Chris Arreola's open workout ahead of his heavyweight showdown against Andy Ruiz Jr. | PBC ON FOX

Publicado el 21 abr 2021
Chris Arreola has an open to the public workout from his trainer Joe Goossen's gym in Los Angeles. Arreola is making final preparations for his heavyweight showdown with fellow Mexican Opponent Andy Ruiz Jr. on May 1. Don't forget you can buy the fight right here:

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Chris Arreola's open workout ahead of his heavyweight showdown against Andy Ruiz Jr. | PBC ON FOX



  • Will Chris Arreola defeat Andy Ruiz Jr.?

    • I got Ruiz by decision

    • If he doesn't punch that brick wall on speed bag & bust yo fingas on some stupidity

    • I don't believe so. Andy ruiz jr has obviously improved a lot since he KO'd Anthony Joshua. I look up to ruiz a lot and have 100% confidence Andy will knock him out.

    • Yeah, with Ruiz joining team PED’s!

  • Since that Triller night, I can't stand this TV host. What a disgrace that was.

  • Does the reporter talk like that all the time? 🤨

  • Andy Ruiz about to spank this man

  • Andy by KO 1st round KO Andy is Elite

  • Dam he looks off rythm

  • Andy is way more powerful 💯💯💯

  • that dudr has a crazy radio voice i couldnt watch no more!

  • He looks in great shape. I have Ruiz winning, but I’m definitely anticipating some heat from the 40 year old vet. Good luck, Chris.

  • Chris about to get retired

  • Imagine if he knocks Ruiz out lol

    • I really doubt it, In my personal opinion Ruiz has the best chin in the HW division. Chris is his prime did have a great chin as well but age will play a big factor. This is still gonna be a great fight though.

  • My pokemon go trainer code is 5717 0895 7656.

  • This is meant to be a PPV event and this looks like it’s being recorded by a dwarf using an iPhone 5. What a joke from Fox, I’d expect nothing more.

    • The fact that this fight is on PPV in the first the biggest joke of them all.

  • Somehow they both look alike lol.. But it's gonna be a good fight

  • 👍👍

  • Real Mexicans don't even give a damn about Cinco de Mayo/May 5th.

  • Anyone here watching this to see if he can beat Andy?! 🤨🤔

    • @Levi Anthony Nope it all starts in the gym ends in the ring ....

    • He won’t but he’ll put up a good fight

  • Why PBC trying to fleece the Mexican people like this? If I was Mexican I'd be offended.

  • Ruiz is going to batter him badly and wrap him up like a cocoon

  • Please retire. Thanks..

  • He gonna lose, but it could be really one of the best and most entertaining fights of this year.

    • Agreed.

    • Andy could go to sleep his weight loss could effect his chin and durability and Chris is a legitimate big man

  • I’ve never not wanted to watch a fight so much as I do this one. I think I’ll watch some paint dry that day.

  • Literally 99℅ won't see this but God bless you and be safe during these times I'm struggling to hit 10k💕

  • 40 year old who lost his last fight and is way past his prime, yeah lame fight.