Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas - Instant Crush (Official Video)

Publicado el 6 dic 2013
Daft Punk's official music video for 'Instant Crush' ft. Julian Casablancas. Click to listen to Daft Punk on Spotify: smarturl.it/DaftPunkSpotify?IQ ...

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I didn't want to be the one to forget
I thought of everything I'd never regret
A little time with you is all that I get
That's all we need because it's all we can take

One thing I never see the same when your 'round
I don't believe in him-his lips on the ground
I wanna take you to that place in the ""Roche""
But no one gives us any time anymore

He ask me once if I'd look in on his dog
You made an offer for it, then you ran off
I got this picture of us kids in my head
And all I hear is the last thing that you said"


  • Magica cancion like si la escuchas esta rola o la mejor cancion en 2021 o 2022 👍👍

  • Julian bhai tum ligend ho bro...

  • my friend from my old city I knew for years sorry I couldn’t meet you at the park that day when we were younger I hope your doing good and we meet again

  • 💓felt still as the first time listening to this after years

  • Last christmas i gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away vibes by George Michael

  • Todos sabemos que Daft Punk, puede descansar tranquilo, por su música durará por siempre y siempre llenará de pasión los corazones de quienes los escuchan

  • I'm addicted to this song

  • I was crying for half an hour with the video HAHAH

  • This song came out the year I graduated high school and left my hometown. It reminds me of that bittersweet time whenever I hear it.

  • yo los escucho por mi papa los escuchaba y le gustaba esta

  • Interesting...I like it

  • que buenardo tema

  • Man, I feel old!

  • Recordé cuando era niña y mis vecinos ponían esto todo el tiempo ,no sabía que era de Daft Punk ,valla, el internet es un pañuelo no sé xd

  • Somebody make a Playlist of melancony masterpieces like this I need them to survive

  • You can't stop listening to this masterpiece

  • Better than Twilight.

  • 🖤esta canción tiene mucho sentido para mí ya q cuando estaba pequeña y acababa de salir esta canción tan increíble mi papá la ponía todas las tardes y la cantabamos y es lo único q me recuerda a el🖤😔

  • It’s *SEPTEMBER* 2021, Let’s so how many people listen to this masterpiece . . . . . . .

  • A message to the future generations. Don't let this song die.

  • It's crazy how many people come back to this everyday. This song is legendary.

  • Don't worry, you are not the only one listening to this masterpiece in September 2021! ♡

  • tqm julian

  • Selamat anda telah membaca komentar berbahasa Indonesia👍🏽

  • Thank you.


  • one thing i regretted is being a fan of daft punk the moment they are gone...

  • I love that jacket too, I have one from my childhood that is similar.

  • Listen to this every night 🌙 👌

  • Espero que saquen mas colaboraciones con casablancas hacen muy buenas canciones 👌

  • :")

  • Si les gusta esto, puede que les guste esto... esmain.info/goal/v-deo/f6ejbZtmcMmRb9U

  • Here I am once more.

  • the autotone is used perfectly it really makes you feel many things :)

  • Love the song. I don't know why the video hit me so hard but it did.

  • 3:27 after 8 years I realized that the helmets are there...

  • 0:29 granadero Casablancas

  • hey France, today i drink coffee and like it, you knwo! for the french is love hahahaha, for me just a small interaction, france are the french right from the head? to lead the world with love?, what is love french people? i guess they dont know it, thats why they love all, me well lets say only when you love you know what love is, in the Portugal case is love, for the french is, looking for love, thats why i say today i eated a good apple we made love, riht france!!! what a tasty apple hahahahha.

  • this song sound a little like circle from Post Malone, I am the only one?

  • Todos : que temaso Yo: pobrecitos los muñecos F por ellos Jajajaj creo q soy la única q esta viendo esto en pleno 2021

  • Papu Kevin

  • Day 183 of me listening to "Instant Crush" until the reunion

    • You still going dude/chicka i support the shit you is doin been here since day one and stayin here till the reunion

    • Let's keep this going 👍

    • hey I am early to replying to you're comment

  • Neta que el de abajo tiene mas likes y mas de 7 años que esta ese comentario y todavia tiene mas likes eso no se les hace eso curioso 👀😎👍.

  • me dan ganas de llorar por ellos vuelan los estraño mucho agalon por un niño de 9 años plis

  • This song was a whole feeling but gosh he sucks singing this live!! Smh

  • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/ammJcNtlfauWd9U This is a copycat song from a well known Israeli artist. have fun

    • Ohh im sorry for my English 😅 i meant the Israeli dude copied the Daft Punk song

    • this song is 3 years earlier

  • Jesus it took me months to find this song again after hearing it out in the streets Wort wort wort

  • El RAM hizo del 2013 el mejor año de mi vida, aún lo recuerdo con tanta alegría 🖤

  • Puta canción la pusieron hasta en la sopa que hasta la fecha la odio xD Pero coño hasta ESmain me la recomienda no me queda nadamás que ceder y escucharla.

  • This was my brother’s wedding song! He got divorced after 5 months XD

  • la melancolia que tiene este tema es increible. cada sonido es puesto ahi ala perfeccion para generar un sensacion de tristesa. ojo no me mal entiendan el tema me encanta, pero me hace sentir muchas cosas!

    • I think I met her but its too late

    • @beeb_o concuerdo

    • @Limoᴎ concuerdo

    • @Evelyn Carlos concuerdo

    • @Angel saul Tavares Morales concuerdo

  • C mejor tema de RAM

  • alguien de habla hispana escuchando esta rola?. no, nadie chale F ;-; bueno entonces alguien menor o igual de 15 años ah si cierto, nadie de mi generación escucha esto ;-;

  • I hate how time exist

  • A perfect example how I want to meet my Soulmate.

  • 1:30 I've heard thoes sounds in a sega genesis game, bit i don't now what is the game.

  • love

  • que jodida obra maestra

  • Llevo ya 6 años escuchando esta hermosura de canción joderrr

  • Way over rated song. Thumbs down

  • Apocalipsis 1:8 :9 Yo soy el Alfa y la Omega, principio y fin, dice el Señor, el que es y que era y que ha de venir, el Todopoderoso. el que es y era y ha de venir. el Señor dios Nicolás Maduro Moro Vi un cielo nuevo y una tierra nueva; una Venezuela nueva Jerusalén porque el primer cielo y la primera tierra pasaron, y el mar ya no existía más Y oí una gran voz del cielo que decía: He aquí el tabernáculo de Nicolás Maduro Moro omnipotente dios con los hombres, y él morará con ellos; y ellos serán su pueblo, y Dios mismo estará con ellos como su dios Nicolás Maduro Moro aleluya Hermanos Amén¡¡¡¡

  • escuchando un poco de The Strokes y The weeknd me encontré con este vídeo. Ta bueno.

  • temaso de os 80 xdxdxd

  • As the song, as the video..... its best, over all i mean this is exactly what I'm paying my bills for 😌😌😌

  • kkck

  • A beautiful day, we went to the beach, and on the way back, in the car i heard this song . I remembered a part of my life .. and today this is my favorite song because when i listen it im sad but i love it.

  • Don’t Worry. You’re not the only one listening this masterpiece today.

  • Can anyone psycho analyze this song and let me know why it does what it does to our mind ears , there is something with the craft of this work , can anyone work their way to put these tunes on a algorithm and find it out.

    • His songs are like that. Julian knows how to attact people! The way he sings some of his lines ~i listened to your problems now listen...~ ~and we will never be alone again....~ If you listen to other song from him like BOOMBOX he sings a line like ~whoooaaooo people started wearing fingerless gloves~😅 ~boombox is not a toy~ I know its sounds weird but people are absolutely hooked to it. His other songs like Take it or leave it You only live ones Taken for a fool All has same essence. He just knows somehow. He knows how to create a hook which attracts his fans.

  • We all were wax statues once, for someone…

  • ~day 51 listening this song untill the reunion

  • i love this song still listening like the first time

  • 2021?

    • Aquí estoy mi estimado 🧐🍷

  • Julian's style is so good.his posture and clothes and song and obviously can't deny daft punk's music!

  • Don't worry, you are not the only one who listens to her beautiful song

  • Girls: titanic was so sad. Best love story Daft Punk:

  • vaya mierda de song

  • Activate intense vague nostalgia

  • The cure - Faith...

  • I'm 40 and I just discovered daft punk. My hero is Leonard Cohen 😂 madness

  • Beautiful

  • 🎵🎵😎

  • Day 182 of me listening to "Instant Crush" until the reunion

    • @Eduardo Pedro • dude im seriously concerned for guy

    • @Eduardo Pedro • re-union

    • @AAA Neutron gotta vent???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 SUS 😳😳😳😳😳

    • phew I am happy that u started commenting like I said if u gotta vent or talk to someone im here and im quite a good listener and im down to give some down to earth advice

    • Wtf is "reunion"?

  • nunca es tarde para escuchar esto :)

  • Extraño el 2014

  • Loved the album from the day it came out but only just saw this video all these years later. Seriously a work of art in it's own right, absolutely beautiful.

  • Wow

  • ✨☘️

  • Muy buena canción

  • hola (:

  • a single word nostalgia

  • This is a love song that ...


  • But*

  • Bit thank

  • No song sorry

  • მე მინიონი ვარ შენ კიდე გოჭიი

  • Sisi, muy linda la canción y es todo un clásico y bla bla bla. Pero puede alguien decirme que no soy el unico que ve tremendo parecido entre RodSquare y Julian?

  • Man time really flies

  • Me encanta😍😍

  • Playing at 1.25 makes it sound incredible

  • number of times I have listened to this masterpiece = 136 (so far)