Daft Punk - Something About Us (Official Video)

Publicado el 25 feb 2009
Official Music Video for “Something About Us”, taken from “Discovery” available on all platforms: daftpunk.lnk.to/Discovery
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Like all songs from the album Discovery, the music video for "Something About Us" is a scene from the film Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, which features no dialogue, but rather songs from Discovery throughout the whole film.
It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one
But there's something about us I want to say
'Cause there's something between us anyway
I might not be the right one
It might not be the right time
But there's something about us I've got to do
Some kind of secret I will share with you
I need you more than anything in my life
I want you more than anything in my life
I'll miss you more than anyone in my life
I love you more than anyone in my life
℗ 2001 Daft Life

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  • This song is the sound of loving someone and knowing they are the one but you know they dont feel the same and all you can do is wait. Honestly one of the most realistic fictional songs ever.

    • Absolutely right but u must understand true love the kind that doesn't exist everywhere the kind that's rare and at treasure to find

    • What about the song is fictional? The music video is animated, sure but the song is as real as any other

    • @Julia White I can relate lol. trouble is fun

    • @Monsalve well, at least you took the chance and saw that she want what you really wanted. That's life. Im well. Just staying out of trouble lol. You?

    • @Julia White it’s okay lol. In retrospect I really wanted a girlfriend because I’d never had one. So when there was a sexual connection after a hook up we built on that and not connecting outside the bed. She did a lot of things I didn’t like and put me off lol. Thanks for caring. How are you?

  • “I’ll miss you more than anything in my life.” Hits a little bit different now, doesn’t it?

    • @lily

    • @lily .

    • aged like wine, a very sour but sweet wine...

    • @Jeremiah Gillis I decided to read into it further and I believe he's referring to ourselves 21 years ago when we first hear this song. And now, 21 years later, 21 years worth of experience, emotion, regret, love and longing. Definitely hits differently.

    • yeah…

  • Can't listen to this song anywhere but at home because it brings tears to my eyes everytime.

    • Especially when you watch the interstella 5555😩

  • It might not be the right time I might not be the right one But there's something about us I want to say 'Cause there's something between us anyway I might not be the right one It might not be the right time But there's something about us I've got to do Some kind of secret I will share with you I need you more than anythin' in my life I want you more than anythin' in my life I'll miss you more than anyone in my life I love you more than anyone in my life

  • Simply, one of the most elegant love ballads ever written....

  • this song combined with this video makes me feel really weird, like a sad weird it's like finding your soul mate, but you're not able to be together. and before you part forever, you both share a brief surreal experience in another reality, where everything matched up perfectly. Compatible souls, wrong bodies, wrong place, wrong time.

    • Wtf are you going on about?

    • @Mago dos Verbos I'll do so; you're the best!

    • @Mago dos Verbos Thank you! XD

    • @Nathan Karas Touch some grass

    • Dude, this literally just happened to me. It hurts so fucking much. But I'm holdin' out for Billie Eilish, so I'm probably psycho as well XD

  • This may be my personal favorite song of all time. When this debuted, life interfered with my relationship with my partner at the time and we had to break up. We both were still clearly in love, but external factor made impossible to continue. The crushing reality that the end was near broke me at the time. Now, I have a bittersweet sensation that this song exemplify in its finest. Love have a way to be beautiful and painful at the same time. To me, this is a fine love song because it touch on the reality of yarning for love even as a memory.

    • My late wife is still with me,7 years after her passing.She is like my constant companion even though she is not physically here with me.I don’t even bother to date others,it would be just trying to replace her,and that’s not fair to another woman wanting her own one and only.

    • We'll always have Paris.

    • ❤❤❤❤

  • This song never fails to make me emotional. The video, the meaningful lyrics, the beat. It's like I'm getting hugs and kisses from someone who will disappear soon, or someone who is dying and will cease to exist. I won't deny that I'm about to cry right now. I really love this song.

  • A sido es año más difícil , desde ese día que recibí esa noticia donde me decían que nunca más abrías los ojos , me costó mucho poder superar ese dolor que dejaste en mi corazón . Hoy día pongo esta canción y te recuerdo y es inevitable llorar ,mi mente se llena de recuerdos al escuchar esta canción , cómo quisiera darte un abrazo más . Gracias por los aprendizajes y enseñanzas y en especial a decirme que debo de vivir feliz pese a todo y aquí esyamos tratando de llevar ese consejo en práctica desde que e perdí.

  • Can't listen to this song anywhere but at home because it brings tears to my eyes everytime.

    • Same .✊🏿😢💯

    • @IndigoBeatz go cry in public and people think there's something wrong with you. Do it at work and get asked a thousand times what's wrong.

    • What’s wrong with crying around human beings?

  • This hits different knowing that they're not gonna make any music anymore...

    • this song hits me everytime i listen to it... this is just of that songs... its AMANZINGLY SAD

    • @Nguyen Hanh They do? What's some of their music?

    • i can't believe it's already been more than 5 months since they announced this tf time flies man

    • *Something inevitable happens *Types inane, generic comment *Pays bots to spam likerinos Aaand POST!

    • One more time hurts because if that

  • The moment the beat returns as he sings "But there's something about us" is the single greatest moment in music history to me. In that moment, while the change is subtle, all the prior doubt inspired by the song's themes were extinguished lyrically, melodically, and rhythmically, after which point he completely comes to terms with how he feels.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. I've been loving this song for ages but with that observation now I can enjoy that part in a deeper more meaningful way ❤

    • deep 'n realistic, your words sounds good

    • i feel you

  • Me la dedicó una chica a la que entregué literalmente "mi vida". Pasaba hambre con tal que ella estuviera contenta, me esforzaba y daba todo de mí para poder ofrecerle el futuro que se merecía. Le fuí fiel y jamás pasó un pensamiento de engañarla, ni siquiera me llamaba la atención otra persona( ya sea en lo físico o intelectual) realmente anhelaba estar con ella y terminó siendo infiel jajajaja En cierto modo intento comprenderla, tal vez no le ofrecí tooodo mi tiempo, ya que la universidad me consumía, pero lo que podía ofrecer en ese momento se lo daba. Me quedo con los buenos recuerdos de los momentos inolvidables y maravillosos que pasamos juntos. Solo quiero decir que me destrozo el corazón y me llevó aproximadamente 4 años superarlo ( debo resaltar que mi inmadurez prolongó bastante el proceso) Para concluir: no me arrepiento en lo absoluto ni la satanizo, al contrario, me ayudó ,en cierta forma, a crecer como persona. Les deseo a tod@s un amor correspondido que queme con la intensidad de mil soles. Felíz año!!!

    • @Ghenier Humberto Arenas Ruiz No es que las mujeres se hayan "vuelto peor que los hombres" o que los hombres sean peor, es que la gente está perdiendo el gusto lo bueno y de lo sano, por ese conforman con cualquiera, peor aún son personas que no tienen compromiso, esto para ambos sexos.

    • Hola,me identifico mucho con tu respuesta. Y la pregunta que siempre ronda en mi cabeza es: porque las personas que amamos de esa manera generalmente somos mal correspondidas?

    • no era la indicada bro le diste lo mejor de ti a alguien que no te valoro, las mujeres en su mayoría se han vuelto peores que los hombres pero siempre ahí una persona que de verdad hace la diferencia

    • Estaba cagando y me hiciste llorar :(

    • Amigo saludos papá

  • I couldn’t stop listening to this song for a period in my life and I still love it . I met this girl and she was amazing in every way somebody to make my young teenage heart believe in love . We shared an awesome night by a bonfire, we only kissed but that kiss under the stars impacted me forever . I later found out she had cancer. She died when we were around 18. Im 27 now with 2 amazing daughters but I’ll never forget that girl that made me understand this song.

  • This song, at this time, is undeniably "Perfect" right now in the here and now.

  • Honestly cried during this part in the movie. It's weird how a movie with no actual dialogue and only music can still have a story and be such a good movie.

  • 12 años de esta maravilla y aún sigue doliendo esta parte :(

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    • En realidad la canción se lanzó hace 20 años 😔 pero aún así duele 🌊

    • True

  • Discovery is not just one of the best Daft Punk albums, but maybe one of the best albums of all time, i got obsessed with it and interstellar 5555 , it was amazing!

  • Quizas la cancion es corta, pero la letra es legendaria

  • No se ustedes pero cuando suena el coro de la canción, yo cierro los ojos e imagino un mundo surrealista donde hay un paisaje de un atardecer con colores fríos, un río, un árbol en el que estoy echado y en mis brazos la persona que electrifica mi corazón y saca lo mejor de mi Te amo mi cuchumirrin

  • A llorar con esta canción, adiós a daft punk, siempre los recordaré como la leyenda que son.

    • como la leyenda q fueron y q seran

    • Nunca sentí que podía llorar por algo tan simple pero estaba equivocado esto no es nada simple. Por que daft punk 😭😭

    • Wey no se murieron no mamen jajaja

    • @HITZU "Acstral 999" XDDD

    • @gery vargas serrano JAJAJAJA, se ve que buscaste "Daft Punk" solo porque fue noticia mundial. fuchi

  • With the right music you remember everything or want to forget everything: It's been a while I came back to this song and it's made my mind come back to fond memories with such times that past by me...god knows best for such things to happen.

  • Una cancion que solo se puede dedicar una vez, a una sola persona. Ese primer amor que senti por ti, jamas volvera a haber otro igual.

  • 5 years later, I still believe in the power of this song, having loved hard and been blessed with so many types of love throughout my life. Not for one second have I forgotten the joy that life's ups and downs have brought me, and I am so grateful for this life each and everyday. I am a father now these days to a beautiful little gril and am so happy to be able to experience yet another kind of love. Paternal love is one of the brightest of them all. Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. Cao

  • This song has always hit right in the feels. I was so happy to be able to share such amazing music with my children.

  • My husband and I danced to this at our wedding with our custom made Daft Punk helmets on. Daft Punk lives forever in our hearts. 🥺❤️

  • I fell in love with my best friend and this song perfectly describes my feelings. She and I were inseparable, we always talked both in person and by text messages, we went out together, we took the bus together. I told her what I felt for her and obviously it was not reciprocated, that hurt but not as much as what was to come... She and I thought that the best thing for me was that we take a break from our friendship so that I could forget the love I feel for her, after forgetting that we could continue our friendship. Being honest, not talking to her is hurting me a lot, she is the love of my life but more than that she is my best friend. It hurts me to see her every day at the university and only be able to greet her from afar, even if I can get over my love for her (if I can), I think things will never be the same... I love you J and I miss talking with you...

    • Let go dude. Let go of that balloon. You will find your soulmate that will reciprocate your love. I'm sure of that. Because it happened to me also. And don't forget to pray for it. 🙏🏻

    • I am sorry man. Made me tear up

    • I think its time you learn from coach Corey wayne. check him out and you can pick from his videos based on their specific titles. whichever one has the most similar context to your current situation. best of luck getting over your heartache, remember to be able to have fun with yourself and value your current relationships. love ya bro stay strong were all gonna make it.

    • i wish you the best mate !

    • Bro, I'm here just to say that things take time but get better. Enjoy your life, do things you want to do, you will meet someone you love and loves you back. I wish you the best.

  • I miss them so much ... They forged my entire childhood, teenage, adulthood and then vanished. Going back to this one specific song is filling me with pure Nostalgia. A golden era that is forever gone. A simple memory to cherish until this is all over.

  • 1. "One More Time" 2. "Aerodynamic" 3. "Digital Love" 4. "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" 5. "Crescendolls" 6. "Nightvision" 7. "Superheroes" 8. "High Life" 9. "Something About Us" 10. "Voyager" 11. "Veridis Quo" 12. "Short Circuit" 13. "Face to Face" 14. "Too Long"

  • It feels nice to be loved. Such a great song.

  • Played this in the car with my brothers the day of my grandfather's funeral. A couple years before was my grandmother's funeral, and those two were lovebirds until the very end. Even when my grandmother passed, my grandfather said that she was his doll and there would be no other woman that he would need or miss more in his life. Safe to say that when this song just played randomly first just after the funeral, my older brother and I cried in the car at the thought of how much we miss our grandparents but also the fact that they were finally together again. My younger brother hadn't heard the song before, but he too also cried. This song pretty much could sum up their entire life together. It was a sweet sad feeling. Granny and Fopa, I miss you both so much. I hope that you two are happy together once again wherever you could be.

    • Rest in peace

    • @Yeshi Kenaf ratio bozo

    • Granny and Fopa in heaven together and happy🙏

    • My grandfather passed to I feel like you I miss him soon much😭

    • Don’t care

  • 17 years ago, I met somebody with whom I felt such a strong connection. L'invisible fil rouge. I fell in love with him so helplessly. He let me listen to this song. Our story lasted only a moment, but I had missed him for all my marital life.. which was a disaster. It does not hurt me anymore listening this song, but if ever you happen to read this comment, please know that I had loved you more than I ever could. Hope to meet you someday, somewhere in this world as a friend.. wish you the best, Nick.

  • The mots romantic song of all the time . Give me chills ans tears everytime

  • "Something About Us" It might not be the right time I might not be the right one But there's something about us I want to say Cause there's something between us anyway I might not be the right one It might not be the right time But there's something about us I've got to do Some kind of secret I will share with you I need you more than anything in my life I want you more than anything in my life I'll miss you more than anyone in my life I love you more than anyone in my life...

  • Looking back I commented how much this song filled my heart with joy. My partner recently left and loved this song. My first time jamming it again and even though I have a heavy heart I still love this. I still love

  • This song sounds like a long hug from someone you’ll never see again

    • Beautiful words/description!

    • Damnnn that's quite right

    • Love this comment. I just left Sydney Australia and moved back to New Zealand after spending 12 years, my whole adult life there. I'm 32 in June

    • Dude, that hit hard

    • you almost make me cry :')

  • This song is an instant classic. I'll come back here forever just to vibe to all the different emotions it invokes.

  • It's so sad how this song can mean so much during a relationship, and yet be so distant when youre no longer together. This could be said with other songs but this one is a 1000% love ballad

  • Essa música nunca falha em mexer com o seu lado emocional

  • This song makes me get lost in a deep think session. The vibes, lyrics & beat. It’s amazing.

  • This song never hurted so bad

  • This song still gets me every single time. Such amazing music. Thank you daft punk. This song is something I'll cherish for the rest of my life. Goodbye👋🏽

  • Siempre me eh sentido muy solitario o que no soy relevante en la vida de los demás, canciones como esta, que me encanta, me hace soltar unas cuantas lagrimas por como soy y el solo desahogarme por todo lo que me hace sentir mal, espero algún día poder alcanzar esa felicidad que tanto anhelo....

    • Estoy segura... Que estas canciones son mágicas... No te desanimes vive vive! ... No te conozco no se si te conoceré ... Pero te pido que vivas como te de la gana

  • Me dedicaron esta canción, y siempre guardaré ese momento en mi corazón, así como también a ustedes Daft punk los guardaré en mi corazón.. hasta siempre!!!

  • One of the Greatest Songs of All Times

  • Me trae recuerdos

  • Beautiful song, reminds me on someone really special for me 🔥🎶🥰

  • Played this song while I was in the backseat of my friends car with the girl of my dreams because we both knew our time together was coming to an end. I'll never forget kissing her in the backseat to this song while the sun shined on us, miss you Kay I hope you're happier than ever being with me.

  • To be honest I highly doubt anyone who knows me will stumble onto this but here we go. Any time I hear this song all I can do is think about me dancing next to my crush (same goes for digital love), or just sending her this song. I don't really have the courage to ask her out or tell her how I feel about her, I'd like to keep it this way. Daft punk's songs (digital love, something about us, lose yourself to dance, etc.) are the way I imagine myself with my crush. Thanks Daft Punk for making music in general.

    • indeed, same feeling to me

    • Take this advice from someone who's been there before: Tell her, and ask her out. If she says no, then you have your answer. If you don't do anything, you'll spend a lifetime wondering about what could have been. For your sake, you need to take that chance.

  • This isn't about chasing someone you love, it is about letting them go. This is really deep.

    • SeñorBurtango you’re the only one who had the point

    • @bad juju 6 good point

    • I wouldn't really call it "deep" but it's a very painful thing to experience and I think they portray it perfectly in this song

    • My 14-year-old side of me is crying

    • Butters Scotch when did you change your last name from stotch to scotch?

  • O início é tão gostoso de se ouvir.

  • javi si alguna ves lees los comentarios de este video te quiero decir que siempre vas a estar en mi corazón

  • this song unlocks unlived memories, memories from a different lifetime.

  • Se lo cantaba cada vez que quería decirle que era el amor de mi vida, a veces cantabamos los dos bailando y con Bob al lado, hubiera querido que esos días sean eternos 😞

    • Yo la adapte en guitarra i se la cante a mi novia lastima que me dejó ase 2 semanas 😢😢😭😭

    • X2 aún que veo el nombre o escucho la canción me atrae aquellos recuerdos cuando estaba feliz con ella y solo me importaba ella y cuando escucho la canción me pone feliz y triste al mismo tiempo :")

  • This song is a classic. Daft Punk are music geniuses who were way ahead of the times. They will always be missed, but I still hope they return one day.

    • @yekker 22 maybe they’re still going to do music just one robot die not the other

    • @Jonathan Walker Plastic Love was 84, it's a very popular cover song and had a boom a few years back. Granted I don't think this is a rip off.

    • @Grant Goble bro the song is thirteen years ago. Plastic love was three years ago so that’s the rip off

    • This is a rip off of this song. "Plastic love" by Mariya Takeuchi.

    • Their facebook updated pics and my heart skip a beat

  • The melancholy of falling in love certainly concluding with a broken heart. I'll miss you more than anyone in my life.

  • Esta canción, me transmite mucha tranquilidad.

  • time travelers. Their music has been ahead of its time for......Absolutely amazing track.

  • I remember discovering that all the videos went together to create an awesome story. This one always made me sad.

  • I think this song is not about love, it's about to say goodbye.

    • @Angelica Vargas Lopez no it says ı have to do something about us

    • True

    • Zuriel Netzahuatl the song is about letting go......detachment

    • Zuriel Netzahuatl That's also a part of love sometimes. Loving yourself enough to say goodbye or the other person perhaps.

    • Happy 1k likes, my dude

  • Its crazy how many people come back to this everyday... this song is masterpiece!

  • Iconic sound. I miss this sound and yet I'm listening to it at the same time.

  • So beautiful ✨

  • Essa música é atemporal

  • If you are looking for "full story" here is the order: 1. "One More Time" 2. "Aerodynamic" 3. "Digital Love" 4. "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" 5. "Crescendolls" 6. "Nightvision" 7. "Superheroes" 8. "High Life" 9. "Something About Us" 10. "Voyager" 11. "Veridis Quo" 12. "Short Circuit" 13. "Face to Face" 14. "Too Long" credit to ein stein

  • hermosa música siempre serán los mejores

  • This song is so beautiful it’s gonna be my wedding song

  • Só vim ouvir pq o Matue colocou o link no Twitter kkkkkkkkk brinqs. Já escutei essa música, foda d+

  • "I Love you more than my life" This line hits you differently! Forever classics by daft punk 💎

  • I think this really just resonates with alot of people because it's very vague, it gives you a feeling of...something...and it gives the freedom, with very limited lyrics, to attach whatever feeling the listener wants to it. It can be about nostalgia, love, freedom, family, friends, an end, a beginning, literally anything. Beautiful.

    • Yea, that's what art is. It moves you.

    • The best stories always leave the audience enough leeway to flesh out the details themselves, in a way that resonates with them.

    • For me , it's my loss of childhood as I grow into adulthood. When I first heard this , I was 12, and now I'm in my mid 20s. It provides me a glimpse into my past.

    • @Tren Babone Yes.

    • Queen Salmon can it be about my abusive relationship with my transgendered chihuahua's?

  • Después de 5 años decidí volver a escuchar mi canción favorita

  • We all have someone we think of when we hear this song.

  • Masterpiece ❤️🔥

  • incredible! This sounds make great symphony ! Every single sound is the right one ! :)

  • This song is the perfect blend of bliss, sorrow, and nostalgia I’ve ever heard

  • Amo tanto esta canción desde el primer día que la escuche

  • Está Siempre Será Nuestra Rola🥀

  • La canción que jamás le dediqué pero que cada que la escucho pienso en lo mucho que lo quise.

  • Rest In Peace daft punk, you will always be remembered 😣🤟

  • The reason this song touches so many people is because the song has a little amount of lyrics letting you perceive and relate to the song in your own unique and individual way

    • @TheDagger55 nice haha

    • @dreaming blue I think of playing Roblox.

    • not really its just a good song its not that deep

    • Personally, I think of either a best friend I lost contact with eight years ago or a nonexistent soulmate. I'm curious- what does it make you think of?

    • Ok boomer