Deep Blue | Down the Rabbit Hole

Publicado el 30 oct 2020
After an electrical engineer enters the field of computer chess, his creation captures the attention of the world as he attempts to defeat the world chess champion.

Twitter: FredInTheKnud
Music by Ryan Probert: ProbeComposer
Graphic Design by Christopher "Arcaxon" Malouin-Monjaraz: Arcaxon
Saxophone by Naomi Sullivan: naomisullivan9
Vocals by Rachel Nicholas: _rachnicholas
"Chess Personality" Paintings by Anton Oxenuk: antonoxenuk
"Gambit" Chess Robot by DerEineSchwarzeRabe: D_E_S_R


  • Errors: At 1:43:26, the wrong board position is shown; the proper board position should have been one move later, after each side had moved their rooks. Also, on 1:54:37, the knight moves from f6 to f4 when it should have moved to g4. To my knowledge, these are the only animation errors The song "Deep Blue" during the credits is available to listen on Ryan's ESmain channel here:

  • Does any 1 know any similar channels to this?

  • it took me far too long to figure out where the knocking sound was coming from..

  • So, Kasparov couldn't tell whether a move was a bug or a feature. Clearly, Deep Blue ran on Bethesda's Creation game engine. And it did, in fact, just work.

  • ...

  • Francis E Dec would be an interesting topic to cover.

  • Well done

  • When are you making a new video???? Please! you can't do this to me its been 5 months!!

  • That grand grand grand master player must be a super genius to bully to what i can compare to the google hard mode tic tac toe ai

  • everyone knows they just put bobby fischer's brain into a life support system inside the computer and had him play

  • I wasn't a deep blue anime now. I can see some real dramatic scenes with it

  • AMAZING DOCUMENTARY!! Can't imagine how good it would be if there is a chorus of team, and big funds for research

  • ... wait am I stupid? I thought both side's queen and king's position are supposed to be mirrored

  • the power and genius of this documentary comes from the fact i really miss deep blue after watching it, despite not even being alive when it was battling Kasparov

  • nah the last 6 game matches were shit. All I heard was "deep blue is dogshit but karspov was pissing himself so hard he did nothing ab it" like man I thought the computer was insane disgusting good but capitalist psychological warfare won the match ?XD

    • Isn't thay also Karspov's method of winning? Showing himself as an intimidating opponent that could flatten your pieces just to scare them into submission?

  • I don't know why I watch this in it's entirety but I regret nothing

  • corona just killin all these youtubers

  • I didn't expect to finish this...great job!

  • Can you just do a Down The Rabbit Hole on AniMat?

  • When we gonna see a new video

  • That was a great video as always, one thing I've noticed is that throughout the years this channels videos have become longer and longer, which isn't exactly a bad thing in fact they're quite enjoyable, I often finish then in more than one setting, or listen to the audio as I'm working on something else irl, etc.. My first video by this channel was the Mouse Utopia Experiment, which I thought was "too long" at just 40 minutes and here i am now wishing these 2 hours + videos would last longer 💖

  • Please make more videos! 🙏🏽

  • Nice video

  • I feel like human intelligence is directly proportional to how far their hairline has retreated

  • yet more proof that in capitalism the end justifies the means if that end is more profit for greed-driven, hybrus-drunk men masked as corporations

  • I don't know why I watched this in 3am even though I remember what was the final result but I don't regret spending two hours on watching this

  • Nothing like a 12 pack of Surfer Cooler Capri Sun, a few gogurts, and some pizza bites while I watch this on a Friday night

  • honestly, i can't see this as a win, it seems to me that IBM cheated and then dismantled deep blue to hide it

  • Not only that IBM pulling apart the dream, and talent of two men, they also pulling apart the machine that brings them tremendous fortune in half. That is how IBM CEO repay Hsu, and Deep Blue. Discard them once their usefulness ran out with no empathy. Deep Blue will never be whole again, and never will able to do the purpose it ultimately designed to; playing chess.

  • I want to play chess against Deep Blue bring it back online

  • its sad how most technological innovations like deep blue end up being distrusted because of the fucked up corporations that acquire them and use them for pure profit without regard for actual innovation or human benefit

  • IBM chickened out. Kasporov would've won a rematch, deep blue needed too much human intervention to be a true chess champion.

  • I know next to nothing about chess or computers but damn this was an interesting video

  • Why am I watching this? I know literally nothing abt chess and I don’t think I ever will.

  • Bruh

  • could you do a video covering skulls and bones?

  • When I try to watch this video, it just jumps to the 51:33 timestamp and stays there (I am unable to skip to any other part of the video) playing a weird static sound.

  • Wow this documentary totally blew me away.

  • Can't wait for you to release your next video

  • The rematch for Deep Blue was literally just "You're not doing it wrong if nobody knows what you're doing"

  • Cool story but dude it’s Kasparov not Kaspahrov

  • Can we get an anime and Otaku part 3?

  • what a story

  • What's the song at the end?

  • The art at 49 minutes in looks sick

  • Absolutely fascinating video, thank you so much for this amazing effort!

  • how does one become a grandmaster.. is there a great grandmaster? so many unanswered questions

  • This was such a beautiful story. About a man standing in for mankind against the inevitable wave of the sea.

  • That quote from Kasparov mom about his son fighting an opponent + an entire political system in relation to Karpov and deep blue is brilliant.

  • "He Went For Glory!" Farken Legends!!!!

  • Seriously ... people mixing thought and throat .. smh

  • I thought this would bore me ... it was long and I didn't understand the topic .. for some time .. I tried to watch this but I'd get bored and turn it off ... I gave this another chance because Fredrik never disappointed me prior .... Lets just say now .. I rate this video a 20/10 ... its that good ... I felt the bitterness to a T ... its weird .. this video here .. I don't know who's side I am on ... it sucks being gifted at something you've been practicing since for ever ... you're passionate ... then some machine kills your love for whatever you do .. smh .. great video 💯💯💯

  • Why tf did I watch a 2 hour video about computer chess

  • It’s 4:30 AM, I should have gone to bed eight hours ago. But, I am flat-out hooked on this at this point. My house could light on fire, and I’m watching this sucker until the end!!

  • I came here from the official podcast. I like your stuff Frederick shame Kaya talked over you so many times xD.

  • I knew near nothing about chess going in, but was working and got too invested to stop watching. So sad how IBM exploited the men on both sides so harshly against each other with no regards to their feelings. Companies then and now truly only work for their bottom line of making more.

  • Did not realise this was 2 hours long, realized half an hour in lmao

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  • rofl resput

  • I analyzed the second deep blue match for a paper years ago and it is extremely suspicious. The computer makes moves that completely go against its program. Extremely sus.

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  • Most programmers code knowing what they want the computer to do. This is programming to make the computer do something the programmer can't do. Really amazing they coded to make the computer teach itself how to play.

  • I'm honestly suprised chess wasn't the first thing we got computers to do. Its all about memorising moves and thinking ahead. Which seems the perfect task for a computer. Teach it the rules and let it process every move as its made and it will be u stopable

    • I'm pretty sure the video explicitly stated that making a machine calculate all the possible moves of chess is like metaphorically fitting a tanker truck into a mug. The number of moves are too numerous for a machine of any decade to calculate through at a fast real-time speed.

  • Who god damn gives a fuck! This is SUPER boring. Listen to Demi Lovato and hold a pair of scissors. And remember to go up/down not side to side.

  • My friends name is Knud Frederickson. Lol.

  • The sheer amount of effort it took to compile this video is insane. Can't believe this kind of content can be accessed free of charge. Thank you

  • Very rich company and bunch of very smart people and chess players took to beat G.K. Not even on fair terms and not even because of the love for chess. What a Champion you are mister Garry Kasparov!

  • I heard about this in The Official Podcast. I thought I'd check it out and man, I was so hooked after the first game commentary started. Damn. Very good work, I'm super impressed and I watched this with all my mind and heart. That ending made me so sad, however. The fact that such a treasure was made which was born from a college guy's dream to make the greatest chess computer, and yet, by defeating the world's champion, it became its very own death. I blame IBM.

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  • 💤 boring

  • This feels like an odd sports anime

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  • Dude, I wanna make this into a movie

  • 48:39 The ultimate chad of chess is Mikhail Tal, he makes chess sound fucking TERRIFYING "You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one."

  • "Deep Thought wasn't recognizing en passant moves" print("Holy hell")

  • By far the most fascinating chess videos I've seen. Good work!

  • Is it me or is the song at the end incredibly depressing?

  • 33:22 "finding a girlfriend"

  • Google en passant

  • Where's my anime of this!?

  • The audio design in this is beautiful tbh

  • 2200 smurf account

  • Holy crap it's 2 hours!

  • Gary had the disadvantage of having emotions. That's a serious disadvantage in the game of chess..

  • IBM did cheat.. it's a fact

  • Chess is a game designed to be played between 2 humans.. it's still a fantastic game.. computer chess leaves out the best parts of the game.. like talking trash and bluffing the other guy.. that's the most fun part of the fame I think..

  • why'd u give deep blue a fantasy-sona

  • Great

  • Every black and white photo of someone in this video looks like it was taken from the set of a Bela Lugosi Dracula movie.

  • High praise should go to the narration of the games themselves - tense and dramatic, yet also clear so that even though I've hardly ever played the game I still felt I knew what was going on.

  • Am I missing something? Wasn’t there a video about a pair of brothers, that hoarding incident?

  • Since standard chess has no time restrictions then Type A is superior to B.

  • Funny to include the nonsense equating the situation IBM put Kasparov in with the situation IBM put its own team in

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  • Found you through the official podcast. I absolutely love the content so far and can't wait to see what's next

  • I legit cheered outloud when chiptest won against a person on it's 1st try

  • 1:13:35 nobody told Deep Blue's team that overconfidence is a slow, and insidious killer

  • "The Deep Blue team had engineered its own obsolescence by defeating me." - Garry Kasparov

  • This is so weird, I'm going down a rabbit hole of videos about people going down rabbit holes

  • Deep throat!! HAHAHA