Deep Cleaning the MOLDIEST BIOHAZARD CAR EVER! | Satisfying DISASTER Car Detailing Transformation

Publicado el 19 mar 2021
Deep Cleaning the MOLDIEST BIOHAZARD CAR EVER! | Satisfying DISASTER Car Detailing Transformation. Today, we tackle the interior of the moldiest car EVER. This car's sunroof leaked for 5 months and let tons of mold grow! If you find our videos satisfying or motivating make sure you hit subscribe!
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  • Just a suggestion, put your spray chemicals in weed sprayers for big jobs like this. Saves your forearms!!!

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  • 1 The dashboard is shiny as hell, which is dangerous because of the sun reflecting on it, did you use a cheap dressing or half a bottle? 2 You didn't even remove the carpet from a MOLDY vehicle! wtf is wrong with you? 3 I think you guys used a trim and plastic dressing on leather (mid-console) because it looks way too shiny. 4 If you're to lazy to remove the carpet, at least remove the plastic door trims to get the mold under need that 5 You probably sprayed an odor remover right before the customer picked her car up to camouflage the smell that's still in the car because you didn't remove the carpet... I understand that this video gets a ton of positive feedback because the transformation is ridiculous, but from an actual detailler perspective this is some amateur work.. Hate me as much as you want for this comment, but you guys are the type of "detailers" people go to because it's cheap. You get what you pay for.

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