DEVI & PAXTON | their full story

Publicado el 15 jul 2021
►TV series: Never Have I Ever (seasons 1&2)
►Songs: Nathan Wagner - Sometimes Hearts Break
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Song Written/Produced/Performed by Nathan Wagner

Nathan Wagner - Grace
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Song Written by Nathan Wagner
Recorded/Produced and Performed by Nathan Wagner
Backup Vocals by Nathan Wagner, Judah Michael and Tiffany Bodine

Nathan Wagner - You
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Song Written/Produced/Performed by Nathan Wagner
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►Сериал: Я Никогда Не (1 & 2 сезоны)
►Использованная музыка: Nathan Wagner - Sometimes Hearts Break
Nathan Wagner - Grace
Nathan Wagner - You
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► Paxton Hall-Yoshida & Devi Vishwakumar | THEIR FULL LOVE STORY | SEASONS 1 & 2 | NETFLIX
► Пакстон Холл-Яшида & Деви Вишвакумар | ПОЛНАЯ ИСТОРИЯ ЛЮБВИ | СЕЗОНЫ 1 & 2 | НЕТФЛИКС


  • You can also watch full story of Devi & Ben now :) ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • SHIP NAMES: Devi+Ben=Bevi❤️ Devi+Paxton=Daxton


  • Ok but Paxton is really cute

  • 0:25 The nails

  • Omg xxxx so cute I love them so much and there is a season 3 coming

  • Those lie that's why im not friends with soo many people

  • And when I look at you I feel like a teenager again {Pov devi *perverted version**}

  • Vou ser honesta Esses dois formão um lindo casal 😍😍

  • What’s this movie or show?!?

  • Did Paxton and Devi’s actually smash?(like did he take her virginity)

  • Ughhhh this movie is so boring bruhhh 😓🙄🙄😒😒😒

  • So toxic

  • nah idc im still team ben

  • It's so weird to watch this without McEnroe's commentary.

  • i cried

  • thank you

  • I watched this while on the first season And I know the whole story now😶😂

  • What's the name of the series 😭😭😭

  • i love them so muchhh AHHH,even tho their whole relationship was a rollercoaster and a lot of shit happened they still ended up together

  • She is looking so beautiful in saree.. love from indy🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️💕💕💕

  • film name??

  • Eagerly waiting for season 3❤️ #Teampaxton

  • 2:19 any episode pls

  • how did u do the hd effect pls tel

  • In season 3, she might ditch both Ben and Paxton and go for Trent. #teamtrent #drent

  • I'm so excited for the 3rd season❤❤❤

  • He is 40

  • Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike Ben but I do not think her and Ben should be together Paxton and Devi are he best like even after she cheated on him yelled at him etc he still wanted to be together even tho he reject her he still came to the dance and it’s all to REBECCA and Ben got with anessa the minute he could he only really cared about Devi when he saw her with Paxton in my option that’s kinda selfish

  • it is very cute when it is put together like awwww

  • I love them together ❤️

  • I’m not okay I just cried at this edit because I love them so much 😂

  • Please someone help me with the title please 😩😩

  • I felt like Paxton was embarrassed of his “sister” because why didn’t he want her to talk to her ? .

  • What's the movie?

  • #pevi

  • sry lol but i’m still team ben

  • I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!!I HOPE THEY MAKE ANOTHER SEASON! I hope they get married lol😂😮‍💨

  • story was good. breakup was funny tho

  • Can someone please tell me the title of the song?

  • I swear if i ever pulled this i would die

  • I saw Devi's wearing saree 😍

  • Yup this never have I ever I watched this

  • I swear if they make Ben and devi get together instead of keeping Devi and Paxton together I'm going to cry. I ship Devi and Paxton together for life!!!

  • Name film?

  • 3:41 this look of Ben says a lot of things that words can't express

  • At the end of the Paxton Devi are OFFICIALLY a couple

  • If Rebecca wasn’t in this I feel like Paxton wouldn’t have came back for her

  • Bro Paxton literally supported her on culture, and kept it so real with her. He became a better person because of her too and things seem so great in the end, I just hope they stay true to eachother because that’s how it ended and there will be season 2

  • Paxton and Devi

  • I love you to being together

  • I KNOW it's complicated, but I actually like Paxton with Devi. She screws up alot but she brings the best in Paxton, and he is always there for her, he accepted her and was willing to give her a second chance, he was always helping her out, Ben most of the times (expect helping her spreding her dad's ashes) he is always starring! Not actually caring or helping her like Paxton does. He only wanted Devi because he didn't want to feel like "He was the 2nd choice" and after he watch Paxton and Devi together.. which yeah It's selfish of him. I hope they end up together bth. IF SHE CHEATS ON PAXTON! Like for real! Staph! He has been her crush since she was little, he is actually being loyal to her when they are together! They care about each other! DON'T RUIN IT.

  • The movie is never have I ever

  • can we talk about how he said it would be weird for them to just have sex now bc he started to have feelings for her 🥺

  • Disgusting

  • So cutee 🥺❤️

  • i wants this but strict parents .

  • OH MY GOSH THIS IS LITERALLY MY FAV SHOW!!! Team Paxton all the way baby!

  • They both have their dumb shares but what matter is the character development which i hope we'll be able to see in s3

  • nice

  • Repent and be baptize follow the ten commandments God bless you

  • Season3 better be Ben

  • team paxton

  • this gives me a different kind of butterflies in my stomach

  • Pls movie name

  • Everyone talking about Paxton being fit yet no one talks about Ben he’s kinda cute and kind the fact Ben waited for her and drove her to malibu

  • They keep wanting to be friends and not yes no yes no yes no yes no JUST PICK A SIDE WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t like them together !! He’s ashamed to be seen with her !! That won’t change


  • they’re so cute tho

  • what’s the song called in the back ground ?

  • Which movie? How can I find

  • i prefer Devi and Ben more bc they are so cute together

  • i like paxton and devi, but i choose ben and devi. Ben always if cared with devi.

  • iam definitely team paxton. why? because he always be there when devi sad, he always help devi like two times. first bcs koyote and the second bcs she fall into the pool. paxton never date any girl anymore after he getting close with devi. the problem is he just a little bit shy maybe bcs devi is a nerd while he is a coolest guy in high school. from paxton side too, there is so many stories can be develop while from ben side is just boring life cause he is smart and very rich. hopefully daxton will be the endgame!

  • But I am saying in real life

  • I love them but he is 30 years old and devi is 20 I can’t

  • They are extremely cute but I'm kinda Team Devi on this one

  • Their love is so iconic I like it

  • I’d like to point out this came on my screen after Asian discrimination, get it the main character is Asian, and her crush is Asian….. any thoughts

  • this. is the video that made me watch the serie.

  • Why tf i can relate to paxton and devi story so f much except the ending is not same thou

  • I love how movies are now breaking stereotype 😌😌 i love seeing normal girls... Skinny, thick, dark skin, fair etc i love it

  • Int

  • What show is this

  • Rebecca is my favourite character ❤️

  • Tamil Nadu,India. How can find acting opportunities in Netflix.

  • What is this song called

  • what video editor do you use to make your videos

  • I have always liked Devi and Paxton together, although Paxton was toxic at s1 but s2 Devi really changed him! And that's great cause that actually proves that they love each other, Devi was there for Paxton when he needed to get his grades better for college and Paxton was there for Devi when she was embarrass or needed help. Like that time when Paxton quickly ran to her because she got bit by a coyote and the time when she fell in the pool, Paxton was the only one who ran up to her to save her. And think about it, Ben did nothing than stared at the whole situation when Devi fell in the pool and got bit by a coyote. This shows that Ben doesn't actually cared for her, he just needed someone because he was lonely. And after they broke up, Ben got over it quickly and got with Devi's indian friend Aneesa, this also shows that he doesn't really care about how Devi felt. While Devi on the other hand tried to fix things with him, but he didn't care. All he cared was Aneesa when she was planning to switch schools and stuff. He also told Devi he wouldn't forgive her if she didn't get Aneesa to stay. Ben only got jealous and noticed her feelings when she was at prom with Paxton. Obviously no one knows if there's gonna be a huge twist or anything in s3, but I will always be rooting for Devi and Paxton, no one can change my mind. #TEAMPAXTON

  • Paxton will have to deal with his friends if there is a s3. They don't like devi. Hopefully they can stay together.

  • I hope for them to be endgame, but I have a bad feeling....dunno why.

  • I was team Ben last season but now I’m team Paxton. I love them together

  • For those of you who are wondering if there is a season 3, there most likely will be. I was looking at Netflix' most watched shows and there were 10 shows listed as the most watched and 'Never Have I Ever' was one of them. Netflix will most likely renew the show for a 3rd season in a few months.


  • 2:37 IM SO HAPPY THAT THEY METIONED ALADDIN- (I'm sorry i just rlly am a big fan of the movie and this series lol, and i rlly look up to jasmine (the princess) so yeah :) )

  • I loved the show but it was so messy

  • The story is cute but i cant with Devi, its too embarrassing..

  • ben always

  • Sad When David asked you to do something for no