Erislandy Lara KO's Lamanna to win the WBA "Regular" Middleweight Title | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

Publicado el 1 may 2021
Erislandy Lara becomes a two-division champion over Thomas Lamanna in a devastating first-round knockout. The 38-year-old Lara becomes the WBA "Regular" Middleweight World Champion. Buy the PPV here:

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Erislandy Lara KO's Lamanna to win the WBA "Regular" Middleweight Title | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX



  • What do you think about Erislandy Lara's victory?

    • Let him fight no restrictions he will be a beast

    • @Rene Chang Canelo was the biggest draw in my opinion. I dont know for sure. Im a bigger Lara fan tho... If you saw that fight, you can clearly see the Lara beat Canelo.

    • @MAR2264419 Too easy almost.

    • @THE WISE FOOL I'm wondering the fan count on Lara versus Canelo.Who has the most paperview 💰draws and fanbase etc to fill up arenas.Why he lost versus him.Its a business after all.

    • Evidently clear victory.

  • We 🇨🇺 are proud of laras

  • Why they play that song thooooo

  • 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • The ref got the full mount

  • Never fight a fighter from Fight Night

  • Es un navato por amor de Dios hecharle uno de calidad y veras como corre

  • Lara needs his rematch with canelo

    • Lol for what? More running? Canelo too busy unifying the division

  • This ended quickly.Lara was looking to land but imo not to get a knock out so quick.I mean they all throw to hurt the opponents and break them down but it looked more like a to hurt punch and score than to go ruthlessly for a brutal knock obviously any one on the delivery side will take the knockout durr.Also like the commentators said Lenox Lewis and others.That defense guard was a terrible mistake against it.

  • Cannot believe he underestimated the one guy who clearly outclassed Canelo (Besides Mayweather )

  • Beautiful swepting punch .

  • Happy to see Lara healthy, i wanna see him beat Canelo again, since they cheated him

  • Cojone El Oro de Guantánamo

  • Suspect

  • Lara Vs Andrade

  • That cornflake just had some milk to it lol

  • Schooled that youngin....🤦🏾‍♂️✌🏾💯🐐

  • Buen nocaut 🥊🥊

  • Lara jab straight two punch combo is next level. In my opinion if he would throw a quick check hook to the body to make it a throw three punch combo would make it even better, it's open every time

  • Faked to the body and the dude fell for it. Great shot.

  • Beautiful set up that was poetry by Lara

  • Lara ganhou canelo !!!


  • Best cuban boxers come from my city Guantanamo

  • Le gano a un don nadie jajajajaj

  • Cornflake need some MLK

  • Lara vs canelo part 2

    • He's too old now and Canelo is in his prime. Canelo would win. Lara got robbed the first time, though.

  • Beating up on a lil kid. Damn. Jk

  • 🇺🇸⭐🇺🇸⭐🇺🇸⭐🇺🇸⭐🇺🇸⭐

  • They just had to put "Regular" 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Nokeando puro repartidor de pizza hut bien lara bravo😀

  • Lara is way too much for this kid.

  • Doe's that belt qualify you as a champion? or its not important because its just regular🏌️‍♂️

  • Did he get knocked out by a shoulder punch?

    • Landed on the ear first & in less than a second, Lara's glove slid down towards his neck.

  • Rematch vs canelo needed. He got robbed

  • Fact this was a title fight is a crime

  • 2:54

  • Vamos erislandy Lara vuelve vs canelo demuestra lo mismo que demostraste en esa pelea los que sabemos de box sabemos que tu le ganaste 💪👊

  • Paquetito para Lara

  • Cornflake forgot the MILK .

  • Remember when Lara beat Canelo ..

  • Lara is one of the best 💯

  • Lara gonna hunt down canelo for that rematch

    • Lol keep “hunting” Canelo too busy unifying the division

  • Did nobody notice he hit him with that right as the sun was positioned in his eyes

  • Esta listo para que le gane a canelo

  • Me pregunto qué hace Lara peleando con esa categoría si el es un Boxeador profesional no entiendo esto tanto Boxeadores bueno

  • This dude still boxing tomatoe cans smh

  • Sweet left hand

  • Lara still about..

  • That punch came from Cuba with love.

  • I wish Lara go away!!! HE can't beat any1 at 160 that's elite

  • The intro was damn near longer than the fight

  • How did this kid get a Title Shot?

  • I've met Erislandy Lara and his team. He's a super nice guy and I'm glad to see his continued success.


  • Agarrando oponentes sin experiencia

  • lammana is a amteur ... you can see from first 5 sec...

  • Frosted Flakes 😩

  • Protect the bottom of the right side of your neck at all times. That was a perfect neck out.

  • Buen boxeador pero que pena que le guste correr con los grandes

  • Felicidades a Lara pero este muchacho es un bultazo esquiva los golpes cerrando los ojos y bajando la guardia como ganó 30 peleas

  • Ni su madre fue a verlo

  • Lara still is top contender good performance from him

  • LARA STILL lightning fast

  • One punch can change anything 🥊

  • tbh i think Lara beat Canelo in their bout

  • Feech lamanna????

  • Cornflake need some milk

  • Lara V Murata

  • Fulminante 🇨🇺

  • There was more people at the hole in the wall bar I performed at last week.

  • Serious mismatch in both size and skill level.

  • Its Saul CHARMELO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz NEXT?

  • Ever since Sergio Martinez/Paul Williams 2, people been catching on to the power of the overhand from that blind/sucker punch like angle

  • Yea

  • The guy that Beat Canelo

  • I saw that hook a mile away. Cornflake moved his closer to parry the straight. Come on bro you in there with a cuban master.

  • Lennox Lewis knows boxing. He always say the right things. This guy is an okay boxer but he needs to work on his defence. Lara is a good boxer

  • Lara actually ko'ed someone?

  • Lol goodnight

  • Goodnight snowflake

  • Están robando a la cara .Ese infeliz primera vez q se pone unos guantes .Abusadores

  • Canelo Álvarez fans are here writing silly, hateful, comments.

  • Hoy por hoy este es él único que le puede ganar al canelo

  • The sunlight was fighting Lara's eyes harder than the cornflake did.

  • Lara is a hall of gamer: first ballot!

  • Cornflake got crumbled

  • what would you expect from someone called "cornflake"...

  • 😴

  • Man that looked easy

  • Lara was coming for that belt damn he gonna be hard to beat this go round

  • Trainers mistaked!no head movement or body when counterpunch coming!trainers should told it to him!

  • And he said then Canelo fights only bums please jjjja

  • Lara has no fans lol

  • Lara tried that shot 5 times and Lamanna just watched.

  • Cornflake used the wrong milk. You gotta throw feints @ southpaws and step over to your left. Left hooks...overhand rights and never fight in a straight line against lefties. Beautiful deadarm by Lara though. Homeboy went 2 💤 w/o a pillow.

  • Cornflake needs some milk!

  • He read him a book and put him to sleep like a baby 👶

  • damn!

  • Lmao fighting for BS belts. Lara never fight anyone big and if he does he fails