Exploring Europe KTM SUPERMOTO | Italy Tour 2019 [NTK EDIT]

Publicado el 20 sep 2019
To be able to ride your OWN supermoto in other countries. Meet wonderful people and have an awesome experience. Life's all about living in the moment. Finding happiness through adrenaline kicking experiences with your friends.

Our trip started out with a stop in Poland at the Supreme meet where we met up with @Naughtyriders. They welcomed us with their opened arms and showed us around. A lot of riding, laughing, partying and almost crying to leave each other. The tour then continued to Italy where we met up with @VTM_yt. He showed us around and really maximized our experience of Italy. Feels amazing to be able to travel the world and yet have people supporting you wherever you go. Just wish I could have recorded it all. Most of the great moments are when the camera is turned off. Had A LOT of problems with my camera during this trip. Mainly with SD-cards and the GoPro...

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  • Can you travel long using that kind of bikes without putting it in a truck?

  • Me da gusto verle feliz y unidos, los envidio:") E tratado de encontrar mi lugar en esto de las motos tratar de conseguir y rodearme de la gente que le guste lo mismo pero no a ido bien. Supongo que tengo que seguir intentando Seguire intentando🤧👌🏼 se le quiere Psdt..un chico de Latinoamérica que trata de ser feliz y hacer lo que le apasiona

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