Finding & Destroying The Monolith!

Publicado el 10 dic 2020
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  • Tanner I’m challenging you to an Airsoft battle as well as a fun weekend in Miami. Let me know if your down for the adventure. Hit up my DMs @mxtt_1926

  • Still can't understand one word that Mumble Rapper said tanner please use some Rapper's Rapper's that you can actually understand there words bro go back in time if you have to damn it

  • “I took a picture with you 5 years ago, I deleted it though” sounds like cap 😂

  • Fun fact go away fun fact kid lol. Tanner love your vids

  • see it’s weird to see all this drama happen where I live. I know all the stores there and my stepsister knows the guy who claimed to the top of the monolith

  • song by kevin powers

  • Tanner Fox is 🔥

  • I find it funny that people get all wet over trends like this

  • Stop

  • Can you inline skate as well? Love to see that

  • Fun fact you shouldn't do things like this bad things can happen. Don't be surprised if SCARY things start happening because the SCARY things will follow you

  • San Diego

  • FAKE !!!!!!!!

  • He looks like danny duncun

  • Fun fact: I made a thing made those

  • The end do be cringe doe

  • tanner this is a guy from the future don’t jump on a pogo stick in utah u will split ur left ball open lmao

  • u are the best tanner ilysm

  • Sick driving skills jokes that steering wheel control 😁😁on a Tesla

  • you fuckers didnt destroy shit

  • I have one of those OLD scooters its blue it was my moms back in the 60s

  • good vlog tennar

  • There’s no way those shops don’t have cameras! It looks to me like the council/town commissioned it, because it brings tourists and tourists spend money. I’m surprised they didn’t open a gift shop along with it.

  • I found the guy on top of it on TikTok so that’s why I’m watching this rn

  • Can I just say that was one of the most entertaining merch ad’s I’ve even seen?😂

  • Fun fact: the comment under me is right😶

  • You needed to wear a balls helmet ⛑

  • People are putting them their they literally show videos of them doing it

  • You should go to a takeover for one of your vids

  • Fun fact if you say fun facts people would read your tire comments

  • I don’t like masks

  • I Did A Thing

  • It's a person on tiktok doing it I saw his video putting it there

  • Im in Romania

  • WHY

  • It’s from fortnite

  • You should make Tfox helmets

  • I started scootering from tanner and Raymond lol

  • Why is the GTR not wrapped anymo?

  • Hey I live in Las Vegas and there is one of those its dope

  • who them girls they cutey

  • Yo he would challenge his friends to a game o S-C-O-O-T-E-R

  • The ESmain channel I did a thing makes those

  • when you getting the lambo

  • Some chubby ass girl broke it since it made her look sunny in the reflection

  • Bro I’ve been a fan for 2 years now I’ve been skating for 1 and just recently got super intrigued with scootering, your scooters are sick bro!!

  • Agents of shield

  • Jesus is king

  • Who saw it on ali-a vid

  • Your manhood good

  • The Monolith is for a Netflix show that the ESmainr "I did a thing" helped out putting one together

  • If color grading ki maa chodna had a face

  • Just fuck your Tiktoks and fuck your videos man

  • Does mom is a for a Netflix TV show what happened and they got fined over like $10,000 or something like that

  • hey man if you’re feeling generous I’ll take the GTR off you 😭

  • 🔥😍❤

  • Stevo got hops (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  • Is he sure he’s not in Minecraft at the end of the video😂😂

  • [I did a thing] YourTuber did it

  • Love watching scooter vids I need to get a scooter. 👍

  • I got inspired to scooter because of you

  • Where is that scooter store?

  • Intro song

  • He fuckin clapped that merch reveal

  • Need more gtr content

  • TANNER looks like DANNY DUNCAN

  • Were is the lambo mate

  • Tanner if u see this comment sell ur gtr and get an Ferrari f12 and put a lb kit on it please

  • Where is the lambooo????

  • i like the GTR the most

  • Can I have the gtr

  • Mannnn keep your mask on in public 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • im sorry tanner but them models arent pretty

  • Is that pxpi @3:27


  • Rioting is wrong I am unsubscribing


  • 6:07 lol she just ran into it with her face

  • Yo tanner, if u dont want ur gtr I'll give u $1,000 cash for it

  • Why don’t you ride with Raymond one day like you never ride it sucks tbh

  • The end was funny hop hop

  • Stupid spoiled rich kid

  • Yo Tanner Fox, that's right, I upgraded my Lamborghini aventador horse power to 1200hp, think you can beat that, let's have a race if you dare😤

  • Where is maverick it’s so while didn’t see him in your video

  • DUMB

  • Yo did anyone see that 370z

  • bro have you seen the video of the people that did it they have a youtube channel

  • !notice me I'm your fan from Philippines 🥺 wish Christmas 🎄 girft your hoodie ❤️

  • Tanner i love your channel

  • When are you getting your lambo

  • Get the short hair back T

  • Your GTR is not built probably that why your GTR is always dieing on you cuz you didn't make it probably

  • Tanner Trying to be like Justin Bieber

  • The funk Bros tfox and Raymond were the ones who got me into scootering I’m getting a new scoot for Christmas

  • Hey bro I saw you on omegle today i subed just saying your awsome

    • Hey👋😀 my name is Jay & im Also a Big fan of tanner fox he inspired Me to be A ESmainr I make gaming videos tho i would love if you can check My channel out i would really appreciate it.

  • Like if Chick-fil-A is better than McDonald’s

  • The exotic ice strikingly transport because insect demographically confess above a descriptive hose. stiff, holistic attention

  • U need to scooter with the kid in the yellow more he is actually really good

    • Hey👋😀 my name is Jay & im Also a Big fan of tanner fox he inspired Me to be A ESmainr I make gaming videos tho i would love if you can check My channel out i would really appreciate it.

  • It to sotp wildfires

  • I miss the nrml vlogs doh🥺