Frank Martin gets impressive seventh-round KO vs Jerry Perez | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

Publicado el 20 abr 2021
Frank Martin had an impressive fight against former unbeaten fighter Jerry Perez, earning a knockout in the seventh round. Martin improved his record to 13-0-0 while Perez earned his first loss and fell to 13-1-0.

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Frank Martin gets impressive seventh-round KO vs Jerry Perez | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX



  • What are your though on Frank Martin's impressive win?

    • @Yazmo 🤣😂 the hate is real within you!!


    • Oh yea that stoppage. ??? 5 seconds left in the round. ????

    • @Dicktator Aladeen gd stop if u ask me. Perez was outclassed. N took enough damage

    • Excellent job. He gained a new fan in me!!

  • a scholar and a fighter

  • thats an italian job

  • He will be extremely useful in sparring for spence getting ready for pac this summer

  • His the 💪🏿🔥

  • Black homie was winning the fight no doubt but that was an early stoppage though for sure

  • Looks big for 135

  • The fake crowd audio is totally pointless. We want to hear the clean crisp punching. You don’t even need the fake crowd wallpaper. Keep it pure, just like the art of Boxing.

  • Fort Wayne, Indiana stand up!

  • He beat the stuffin outta that guy lol

  • My dude has skills and good power. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on when he fights next.

  • I like frank first time watching him. Mr Martin just got a new fan!!

  • 🗣🎤💥 New it was gonna be over when he martin came out with the litty trunks. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👊🛌💤🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✊🏾💨💨💨💨💨

  • Martin got some gunz 💪

  • The sad thing is he won’t last long with the Mexican Elite later on. He got a taxi driver part time.

  • They both put their zeros on the line...Martin is clean with his shots. 🔥🥊🔥

  • Boxing Entertains but Damages Brains Jesus Christ loves you all. Amen.

  • That is clinical boxing, double jab, long range left hook

  • Bro that ref is great, he was like I am not going to watch this for another round.

  • Most fighters think they are boxing when they moving but this guy doin it right

  • I think frank the tank sounds better for this guy

  • This guy is going to be ducked by all of the top fighters. The new normal in boxing.

  • And then the ref took his mask off and it was Richard Steele underneath pulling a last second stoppage

  • He's a Problem !

  • Whaoo!!... he is the real deal. Beautiful boxing 🥊💪👏👏

  • Get him off him lol 😂

  • Better have a chin fighting him...💯

  • Young guns,please got to the body after hurting your opponent. Stop the head hunting

  • Looking forward to watch more Frank Martin fights this man has great foot work and boxing IQ.

  • That s Pacquiao Moves.. Punching while moving forward!

  • Frank Martin is the real deal and gonna be a problem at 135. Hopefully he gets a big name sooner than later. I'm not a fan of the fake crowd noise but besides that it was a good fight card.

  • Who’s controlling the crowd noise 😂

  • It’s pretty it’s sooooo pretty 🤜🏾🤛🏾

  • Early stoppage

  • Beautiful boxing by martin

  • The round was over, come on ref!

  • Never heard of Frank Martin but I know now

  • If he gets any sharper and a little more coordinated he will be pretty good

  • I'm a new fan, this man is a beast!

  • Don’t know how dude survived that knock down.

  • Damn I didn’t know Martin was a Lightweight,, he beat some top guys as an Amateur

  • Frank Martin looked superb! Great performance 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Thanks for the video, PBC ON FOX

  • Jerry Perez: when the joke was on me

  • Ghost ain't no joke

  • Good performance! Proper setting of range, solid IQ and placement/variety of shots and the power is there too! Great division to be campaigning in so I look forward to future match ups! A division where you can mix n match em each and every way that make for some really solid as well as entertaining fights! 135 is one of the most exciting and packed divisions Atm Imho!

  • Frank is going to be one of the faces of boxing

  • The ref almost got this man killed

  • Too much footwork got other dude lost in this fight. I love it!

  • Impressive. But why let him get up and continue in the first place if you’re gonna stop it as the round stops?

  • Martin is already a threat for the top guys at 135 right now

  • Que boxeador tan malo Jhonny perez

  • Very impressive reminiscent of Henry "HOT PEPPER" Brent with his style and technical skills.

  • Pbc highlights be so trash

  • The more i watch PBC the more i realize they have the best talent out of all the platforms. A lot of the dudes may not be known but they have great solid boxing skills and fundamentals. Great fight by Frank Martin.

    • @Ispeakthetruthify yeah exactly, most of their great matchups could be found on Shotime

    • Well for the most part, REPEAT...for the most part: PBC does some good, even matchmaking on many of their smaller cards. Now they need to do some better matchmaking on their bigger cards.

  • Good stoppage by the referee. The fighter was game but getting hit too much without answering back.

  • Weak👎

  • Bad stopage, but hes good

    • He was not that hurt he knew he was getting whooped on though he ain’t wanna fight no more

    • Well it should have been stopped when he was laid out under the turnbuckle, with X's on his eyes.

  • Dereck James have all killers in his stable

  • Shout out to to my lil cousin Lil Frankie so proud of you man keep grinding. That left is deadly boy !

    • At isn’t he jaylen smith from the cowboys cousin

  • He looks good- I just hate that the ref stopped the fight at the bell? But this guy looks like he’s fighting with Errol Spence’s Coach, which means he might be outta Texas? If so, they got something special over there for sure

  • Great fighter! And, he has Derrick James in his corner. Title bound!

  • Wow. Angles. Pop. Broken rhythms. Various jabs. Working levels. Never seen him before. Got mad skills.

  • Entra recibe y sal

  • He was way to much for him.

  • Am mexican and honestly that look an easy challenge for Frank

  • As a Fan of any "Ghost" .....This makes me 😁 Let's Go Ghost

  • Nice southpaw fighter with a barage of punches particularly with the left hand. Parked the joker with a sweeping left but he has a nice left uppercut as well👍🏾🛑

  • na that stoppage is just bad, it is so clear that he can still fight and defend. This is why the sports of boxing are dirty, where there is a prospect they tend to favor it.

    • @vince11baller harris never said anything bad about Japan boxing but if that’s what you like watch that but don’t come over here complaining about our boxers. I wouldn’t go to Japan Boxing & complain about how they fight.

    • @Bigger n Better aye Japan got some good boxers while you tryna be funny. You ever heard of Naoya Inoue, look him up

    • @Chill Pill the guy’s head bounce off the mat when he got knocked down. Yeah just back to watch Japanese boxing or whatever.

    • @Bigger n Better stop capping man, he was not really that hurt I was watching the whole fight and he could take the best shots he had taken, why you are acting like he was buttered. He is getting outclassed but I didn't seem got hurt that bad

    • @Chill Pill I’ve been watching boxing just as long as you since 90’s Roy Jones, Tyson, Lennox. Pretty boy Floyd era, Oscar. You just want to see a blood bath your that type of fan. I just want to see 2 guys compete. How was he going to come back hmm? He’d been dominated since the opening bell. We don’t need to see more of course the fighter wants to keep going he has heart & pride. But it’s the corner & refs job to do what the boxer won’t. You’d you know that if you truly understood boxing & not just looking for a blood bath. A true boxing fan would never turn their back on the sport because it’s not the popular trendy thing anymore. You’re not a fan you just love to see blood baths.

  • That was a great display of his skills

  • lightweight is stacked with talent

  • He looks as big as a welter wtf

  • Dam he’s a problem !! Rumble on brother frank is real!!!

  • Crowd noises are about as real as most boxing judges' skill and integrity.

    • @oh no i understand that the crowd reaction does add to the fight as well but, u have to admit, its easier to hear the impact of the punches and the gasp from the fighters.

    • @Rico Montoya That's idiotic.

    • I honestly like the matches without the crowd

  • Gary Russell on Overtime 2.0,Franks Defence needs working on because a Jab and mover will beat him on points,Anthony Yarde found that out against Lyndon Arthur.....Bless

  • The fake audience noise is lame

  • Hes got that weight cut face still on

  • Frank Martin I'm Impressed! Great Boxing in this Fight. Frank Definitely a Champ for a reason. Clever fighter, Sneaky and Powerful! 🥊💯

  • Derek James is amazing

  • Looked really good

  • Gary russel jr mixed with crawford this guy is a killer

    • @Tokelo Pitso hes stronger than Gary pillow punches.

    • Wow dude below said the EXACT Same....whoa how random

    • I'm not disputing that, I was just saying for a second that's the only distinction I could notice between the two

    • @Tokelo Pitso gary a 126 pounder obviously he gonna be faster

    • Yea a slower, stronger Garry russell jr

  • He's a great fighter. Look at the angles he took on the joker during the fight leading up to the knockout. Just great defense.

    • @marco solis why you hating on somebody you don’t even know

    • @marco solis At the time, his opponent had a 13-0 record. Doesn’t exactly make him a nobody but he will build up to more competition!

    • @marco solis great fighter compared to you buddy 😂

    • @marco solis You right. I just like his skills. I know he will face more elite fighters in the future. You must start from the bottom.

    • Great??? Lol calm down he fought a no body.

  • Why does the crowd look like ps2 graphics

  • Not bad, nice left hook. Ref should've called it there when the school cafeteria cook was dropped

    • @Justin Mathis no I didn't know that. Was he fighting students? 😆😆😆

    • You jus hating Cz he black , the guy he beat was 13-0 😂.

    • You realize that cafeteria dude was undefeated

    • ,😅😅😅😅

  • Did they pay perez to not throwing a punch?

  • Looks like Bud combined with Russell jr. Not on that level obviously but just his style.

    • I agree, he definitely has that Gary Russell Jr style. He's nice.

    • Nah bro he is ready.

  • Pérez salió a perder

  • Pérez no iso nada esa pelea fue de un solo lado Martín necesita otra pelea que tenga competencia eso no sirvió

  • Derek james was busy. How many champs do he have?

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Looked good