[FULL] 2018 US Open trophy ceremony with Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka | ESPN

Publicado el 8 sep 2018
After a drama-filled match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, Osaka is crowned the victor during the US Open Women's Ceremony. Serena Williams comforts her as the 20-year old cries amid jeers from the crowd.

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  • Serena wanted another title! The then U.S.T.A President still praised Serena Williams at the trophy awards ceremony even after her actions in the finals! LOL!

  • This was one of the worst crowds ever. And Serena did not help with her childish antics. And she knew she messed up because of how the crowd acted. I just wonder, did the depression start from here for Osaka?

  • 💙💙❤❤💛💛🌻🌻🌷🌷🙏

  • And the rest is history, haveing to apologise for winning isn't the norm, it defies all logic, and is enough to make anyone ill

  • DISGUSTING!! future star being booed??? seriously!!! they are not fans! they are not the best!! they are a bunch of w**kers

  • It's a game..someone will win and someone will loose..it's not like everytime Sareena plays a game , she is gonna win. It was wrong from the crowd that they didn't encouraged the winner as she should have been

  • What was all the booing for? I am glad that Serena spoke up! ❤ True sportsmanship and sisterhood. ✊🏾

  • this is so sad im literally crying

  • Compared Emma Raducanu's speech after winning the US Open to Naomi Osaka's speech is like watch a pro tennis player giving a thank you speech to a 12 years old ametuer tennis player. What a world of a difference. Osaka may be perceived by many as a tennis star but Raducanu is definitely a one of a kind tennis super star. Raducanu's poise, eloquence, confidence and composure are miles ahead of Naomi Osaka's. When they meet in competition, I think Raducanu will eat her for breakfast even though she is a 4 times grand slam champion. Lol.

    • Why the comparison there? Did Emma got booed like Naomi? Maybe try making a comparison again when your emma has 4 GS:) Or why dont we see if emma can win back to back slams in AO like Naomi did first if thats make it easier:) Amazing how you purposely came all the way to watch Naomi’s video just to spread hate lol get a life brother.

  • Imagine being a parent, a mother and seeing your daughter being booed by spectators. That is beyond heart wrenching! What is wrong with these people ----- that Naomi has to apologize for even winning! SMH! I just feel for Naomi's mom and family during all of this time. It was her first win... and for the rest of her life ---- this is all that she will remember!

  • When an empath beats a narcissist

  • Naomi did nothing but play brilliant tennis and conducted herself with honour and humility. She is the epitome of sportsmanship and a true champion. Serena on the other hand acted appallingly and is a disgrace to the sport. Shame on you for taking away what should have been the happiest moment of Naomi’s young life and causing her suffering and pain into the future. Heartbreaking to watch 💔

  • " perhaps not the finish we were looking for today " as the crowd booes and naomi is in obvious tears. Shut up lady. This match is the beginning of Naomi's depression and anxiety as she mentioned. Achieving your dreams and it not being as you imagined a million times in your head is the biggest existential crisis.

  • Naomi, find it in you....you were bigger than any of these people..... you beat your idol.... wake up!!... your idol was not the person who's steps you needed to follow, you idealized that idol as a perfect person...this was your wake up call...idols can be good at what they do, but not necessarily good at being a good human being.... now that you understand the difference also understand that this day you won... you were the person that you saw in Serena.... If it was you the one it lost to a follower of yours...you would had never acted like Serena did.... and THIS is why you need to keep going doing what you are good at and what you worked so hard at....there are many people that supports not just your talent, but many of us need idols that are a good example to our kids.... You are an amazing person and sports at high level need people like you that not just excel at the physical endurance, but that are also aware of their impact into your generations.... Tennis NEEDS YOU :)... Big hugs to you and step beyond mediocre people....we have enough of those....Looking forward to see you in the courts anywhere in the world and stepping strong against adversity... you can do it.... is your talent that needs to bring you up...... find it in you.....its there :).

  • i red many comments here AND truth of the matters is, it started with Serena.......not the crowd....not Naomi.... not the umpire....not the biased commentators BUT! Serena herself and her greed to win no matter what..her coach, another classy act....NOT!..... Naomi...what a classy act...humillity.. class...talent.... and what a way to unveil US's open crowd's culture... no class...no respect... Naomi won in every possible way..what an amazing champion!!!!!.... it takes courage and strengths to be humble.... Serena.....learn from what a TRUE champion looks like it.

  • dude on the black dress seem mad he lost to the Japanese lady

  • absolutely hate this crowd

  • What kinda bxxxh boos a fxxking kid?!? The world is sick af man 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • I'm watching this for the first time EVER in 2021. I am crying cause what???????? Honestly she is stronger than I could ever be. They'd be talking about me in past tense after this cause I'd be dead I'm sorry. What

  • Both a couple of cunting poor sports and should be banned from women's tennis

  • Good Heavens...Katrina Adams is 🔥🔥🔥

  • ''Greatest sporting even in the world'' she says. LOL. It's not even the greatest tennis tournament in the world.

  • Whatever good you are, there is always an Asian kid who is far better than you. This saying is good for the US open crowd only.

  • Serena and The American is to be blame for this girl mental breakdown

  • Scumbag New York crowd. Absolute scumbags. And shame on Serena too for enabling this to happen. Simply unsportsmanlike. The worst part is, Naomi idolized Serena. As they say, never meet your idols. In Naomi's case, she worked hard enough to beat her idol and got burned for it.

  • The worst and most disrespectful crowd ever. Disgusting and disgraceful! Having to apologise for winning a grandslam is the most saddest and unfathomable thing I've ever known. A true champion Serena for the way in which you showed tremendous respect by taking leadership of the horrible and unforgiving situation. I just watched Medvedev beat Djocovich and the crowd did the exact same thing to him while trying to serve not once but several times at champion points. Typical arrogant Americans!

  • Watching this today makes me quite sad. Was she treated like this because of her last name or the country she chose to represent? Serena was not very gracious compared to Leilah Hernandez. She is the most unhappy champion.

  • Humble ❤️

  • This was the beginning of the fall of Naomi due to mental health and trauma...Why boo someone like this? So disgusting!!!

  • Imagine having a role model you have looked up to, dreaming of one day jsut to have a match with her itself is an honor itself, win or lose, its just an honor, it wont natter. I think its not even about being the Champion and got robbed of the spotlight she was traumatized about, its the dream that she actually has worked hard for, molded because of the motivation since she was a kid that finally haooened and it was like a horror movie she never expected. I can feel how she felt that moment, it was like, if she had a switch that can turn her on and off, that switch did not just turn off but, there was like a short circuit that all the nerves that was connected to the button just disconnected. I cant help but cry with her.

  • It’s Americans!! they have zero court crowd etiquette. You would never get this in Wimbledon it’s disgusting!!!

  • My heart goes out to Naomi, but I also have to celebrate Serena. She has to be the most respectful player in history, telling 23 000 people to stop booing her opponent and give her credit because she deserves it. That takes guts, heart and an extreme amount of empathy. I love them both, but Serena, wow, you are such a champion on and off the court.

  • Serena to crowd: “We’ll get through this”. As if it’s some shared national tragedy.

  • I hope not to see Serena play again, there are so many amazing, happy, beautiful people and extremely talented players coming through. This should not ever be forgotten, yes she is a great of the sport but, she will become just a footnote for those that come after her. The 2021 final was great and I hope the changing of the guard will bring in a better time for the sport, I look forward to seeing it

  • If Naomi ever plays Serena again I hope she will not hold back for fear of negative backlash from the crowd. The crowd, announcers and Serena were disappointed by her loss. When someone wins they’re smiling ear to ear yet this was heartbreaking to watch. She had the look of defeat although she was the winner. Since when was winning fair and square a bad thing? 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ The behavior from this crowd was appalling. 😤

  • Im pissed at how the crowd treated her, acting like its the end of the world, this is why I hate sports.

  • What comparisons to the 2021 winner radacanu, got this one is so cringez unwatchable

  • Williams trying to make it all about her, disgusting behaviour! She should be banned for life!

  • Her biggest moment and that filth Williams ruined it for her! And that arsehole yank crowd

  • watching this back today, i'm still so proud of naomi. she's a star and we all saw it that day. i know she's gonna come back to the australian open and be a force to reckon with.

  • Did that old woman say it wasn't the win we expected? Lame .

  • Very very rude crowd... not the best

  • Terrible speaker and crowd.

  • Serena is always very fair and nice loser.

  • Bawling my eyes out watching this... Naomi, you are such a beautiful human being. I love these two players so much... I am just crying my eyes out right now. Congrats to Naomi.

  • Her face the whole time, Naomi was having a breakdown and that too when she won. No one can imagine being in her place, keeping herself so calm. The crowd made her feel that she did not deserve it and was she feeling guilty for it. We truly do not deserve Naomi.

  • Did anybody notice, the crowd actually stopped booing after Serena asked to stop!

  • Serena needs to realize her time is up and the way she acted was like a toddler having a tantrum. She encouraged the audience to act the way they did.

  • Scary crowd

  • I would have yelled at the audience. “ Where is your millions”

  • Cry BABY

  • Re-watching this knowing of her depression really makes you see how disgusting this entire situation actually was. How this crowd and the officials acted towards her was awful. You should never diminish a player's accomplishments - and that's exactly what they did here. I can't believe this happened to her and wish I could give her a huge hug. This is the saddest thing I've ever seen

  • Very painful to watch. Hang in there Naomi

  • Typical angry , agressive bully 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Horrible crowd and presenters.

  • 미개한새기들

  • She should never have to be treated like this , as a human then people in the crowd need life lessons on how to treat people even though she is grown she is still so young , and deserves respect

  • Not just the crowd but the presenters and Serena Williams attitude are horrible.

  • it's disgusting that the crowd booed Naomi. you guys are disgusting.

  • The presentation was brutal 😞✌️❤️🌎

  • And then these people say that they are the best humanitarian in the world and they are the ones who dictate others to follow them. Poor show by Americans. You lost the respect 🇺🇸. Booohoooo to you

  • This is the day that marked the start of her mental health issues 🥲

  • Is people who likes tennis being rude like this when people from different countries won by the American tennis player? If so, this is most disappointed crowd I have ever seen in the world. And disappointed to such a messed up culture.

  • The truth be told...the reason for the boos was that Serena actually won the match but it was "given" to Naomi because of a judge's decision. The crowd knew that it was unfair. Give the person/player their dues no matter who or what you might think of them...it could be you in other situations.

  • Imagine how Djokovic feels every single time he plays here and he is actually one of the best tennis players ever and still no respect from the crowd.

    • I agree but was he booed like this during the award moment? Not questioning you, just curious...

    • Thank god he got some respect this week

  • Entitled, obnoxious and self centred. I wouldn't expect anything less from them. Classless.

  • Why is she apologizing? She won! Well she is young in the game. She will learn to tell them ho kick rock's doon lol.

  • serena is nasty/disgusting. what an entitled, delusional narcissist. and enabled by these equally disgusting "fans."

  • There's to apologize for Miss Osaka... You did what you were born to do

  • Sometimes I'm sad that I'm an introvert but then there are times like these when I realize I am right in my belief that most people are a holes.

  • American always show their hipocracy and worst class every now n then.... Have the courtsy to respect the champion... Shame

  • this is onproforsinal speach

  • Serena really is a great representative of US, both are pretty embarrassing

  • Serena Williams behavior was unsportsmanlike. She is suppose to be a positive example and uses her child as an excuse. She was outplayed pure and simple and personally is responsible for this young lady having depression from this win. career making her play like a man just look at her physicality. Shame, shame , shame on her behavior she gets away with it because she thinks she is GOAT. It takes more than winning grand slam tournaments to be a champion, it also takes character.

  • Naomi is sweet soul ... Clean heart❤️❤️👍👍

  • She did play well by herself , imagine how it is terrible ppl bully when someone makes effort. She is great athlete!!

  • what kills me more than anything is Osaka's crying. she did absolutely nothing wrong and is a beast of an athlete. i wish she would have more confidence in herself and held her head high. that was serena's problem, not hers.

  • Crowd's fault

  • Osaka depression

  • This broke my heart

  • Every time I see this scene I think the same, how sweet and civilized Naomi is and how awful the American public.They ruined a wonderful moment for her

  • Wicked are those who boooed ..and the Unseen had ravaged undesirably .

  • I cried all over again

  • Happiness family too sisters too

  • Booing a great and beautiful winner! Shame and disgusting mob USA. Loser Serena in many disgraceful appearances.

  • America is sick

  • I am heartbroken watching this. These rude people took this moment away from her ...just bc she was excellent. People are mediocre and rude. Shame on them. Serena is as rude as her crow.... This is why they are cruel...bc they know it is what pleases her.

  • Shame on anyone that booed a champion.

  • The over reaction in these comments are hilarious

  • Williams ture colors show thru, thought I believe that Williams is responsible for this, Naomi has only herself to blame for gaining weight and losing a step because of it

  • Americans just think they are some different kinds of human beings and can't be compare I mean they just make the greatest moment of her life the worst moment she can ever imagine...

  • I wish we can all send virtual hugs, blow kisses, cheer lauder than this crowd so this young humble lady can hear the love.

  • Fair play to Serena and God bless Naomi.

  • He should of stoped the booing from the beging

  • This is where it all started for Osaka having depression and anxiety thank you psycho Serena Williams

  • JUST IN USA...... Booing the winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wish there would be less hype. what a meaningless speech, can you show a little more meaning and a little less animal emotions. Serena is an amazing stupidity. Poor Naomi.

  • Wow, not the finish we were looking for, that was a terrible terrible thing to say

  • Wow !! This Was So Emotional To See,& Real Men Are'nt Emotional, But This Is One Rare Time In My Life After Watching This New Tennis Champ Naomi Osaka's Trophy Presentation Not Only Brought My Human Emotions Out, It Instantly Brought Tears To My Eye's For The Shame Naomi Was Feeling For Defeating Serena. All I Can Say To Naomi Osaka, Is To Continue Holding Your Head Up High For The Level Of Success & Greatness You've Achieved In Tennis & Life In General. God Bless You, Always

  • I love how Serena held Naomi 😭😭😭 What a complicated situation for both of them. I love them both so much. 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤❤

    • Serena was the reason for all that hate. What a egotistical woman 🤮