Girl Friend VS Mega Slip N Fly! 100ft+

Publicado el 22 sep 2020
Girl Friend VS Mega Slip N Fly! (100ft+)

My Friend that Happens to to be a GIRL.... sent it off the worlds largest slip n fly down in Mexico... we made a trip to Mexico to visit the water park to make our 3rd video there and it was a blast.....

Epic Slip n fly in Mexico

Mega waterslide launch ramp

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  • Gurlfriend?????😳

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  • Crazy fun 😝

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  • 11:14 is what we all came for

  • That looks so fun

  • That look so fun

  • song 11:30 ??

  • Was he at brazil I heard brazillian music play

  • omg! how on earth did he get that in a house!!!!

  • Yo I got a 3 story crib in Sahuayo Michoacán

    • Whenever my boy we got acres of land for off-roading too

  • Anyone know the song at the beginning of the video?

  • Happy birthday 🎂 🥳

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  • Ur vids are so good I start watch ur channel yesterday and now ama watch all of them

  • Only reason why I clicked on this video is the thumbnail

  • 2:55 lewis capaldi

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  • I hate how this Is just his flex on having a Hot girlfriend

  • What is the songs name

  • Everyone comment on this tell me your favorite person on the tfox team mine is maverick

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  • Now I understand why Tanner let her go up to stairs first and that guy let her go down respect for saying go down head first you get the best view

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  • Doors do not close

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  • 1200 in damage yeah right. 100 to 150 a piece. Damn you guys are idiots in California. I lay flooring for a living and i just realized i need to move to California to make millions on travertine tile. Fucking stupid...

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  • Awesome adventure man. You gotta go back to TJ Mexico sooner than later! That water park is near a house my parents own and I never knew this water park was there. I'll go next time I visit.

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  • in 2016 i went to mexico and i remember there being no wall only fricken guards with heavy duty machine guns

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  • 0:43. I’m putting the time here so ppl who were scrolling through the comments prob saw the “girl” in his bed. It looks like a girl and it could’ve been his girlfriend wakin up.

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