Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes Fully Animated Music Video (Fan Made - 6 years of work!!!)

Publicado el 30 ago 2017
After 6 years of tinkering in my spare time, my vision to animate the music video for Rhinestone Eyes, the incredible Gorillaz song from the 2010 album "Plastic Beach" is finally here. This video is purely a fan made production, created entirely by myself (with help from my wife Yaoyao Ma Van As - check her work out here - www.yaoyaomavanas.com/) .
There is no copyright infringement intended, I do not own Gorillaz characters or the song Rhinestone Eyes, and have created this video with the sole purpose of sharing with other fans a glimpse at what this video could have been had it not been cancelled. All copyright is held by respective owners.
Thanks for all the inspiration Damon and Jamie, and thank you to all the people who have messaged me with kind comments and words of inspiration through the years. I hope your patience was worth it.
*edit* a lot of people have been asking about donating - if you really want to contribute something, consider a donation to charity on my behalf - there are a lot of people hurting out there right now, and it would make me really make me happy to know that in some small way my project helped people in need.
**The story of why this exists**
Back in 2010 Gorillaz released their 3rd studio album "Plastic Beach" with the intent to tell a complete story over "4 or 5" music videos. Those were "Stylo", "Melancholy Hill", "Broken" and then "Rhinestone Eyes". Unfortunately due to budgeting issues "Rhinestone Eyes" - one of the main concluding chapters - was cancelled in favor of a different single; "Doncamatic". The good thing is that the storyboard video for "Rhinestone Eyes" was already done at the time of cancelation, so we were able to see what the story was going to be.
My video is an effort to take that storyboard video and animate it as closely as possible to the style established by the other videos. My ultimate goal is that you could watch Stylo, Melancholy Hill, and then this iteration of Rhinestone Eyes, and feel like the story is complete. All credit to Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn for the imagery and music associated with this fan project.
Check out my friend Martin M's fan video for 5/4 if you want to see more fan animated goodness!! esmain.info/goal/v-deo/oY1jn9l5aZJ8bKM

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  • 👊

  • "Did you do it?"

  • That's so awesome, always wanted to see it animated props to you man.

  • Just imagine how satisfying it must've been to finish the last frame of that animation

  • Of course, it doesn’t have the budget like Gorillaz, but if it had a budget with people behind it, this would look BETTER than a Gorillaz video. And it already looks great, of course 3D noodle looks a little off, but like I said, that would’ve been fixed with some budget behind it. Everything related to the BoogieMan is immaculate, especially the flash back. This is great my friend

  • You know you're a legend when gorillaz literally comments "👊" in your fan made video

  • Who else considers this the official music video?

  • You know what's great. Unlike other artists Gorillaz comments "👊" instead of copystriking the video .

  • I feel bad for this guy for spending 6 years animating this song for the comments to be spammed with nagito, then deleting thousands of those comments making everyone else just seem like over exaggerating assholes.

  • I think my honest to god favorite part is when the song goes along with the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Shit actually looks and sounds nice

  • this is fucking insane. i've never been so impressed by a fan made music video before. they could've put this out and i wouldve assumed it was made by the gorillaz team themselves. serious props to you.

  • Please all Danganronpa fans, you have to appreciate the work behind this. Yes, I know we really liked the Blueakrasia edit, but I don't think it's the place to compare a fan edit against 7 years of work

  • This is just perfect! On behalf of all the Gorillaz fans who always wanted to see this video animated, I tip my hat to you sir!

  • Man, this video is the best fan animation anyone has ever made. Actually, the fact that Gorillaz has commented on his approval is something that, if you think about it, you say "hey, I have achieved something magnificent." Why not? You're the best.

  • jesus christ cyborg noodle grinning at the guys with oil dripping out of her eyes/mouth/nose is the coolest scene ever

  • Sometimes i really wonder on videos like these,

  • incrível! parabéns pelo trabalho, só podemos agradecer por essa obra maravilhosa de animação, arte, certamente!

  • this guy:

  • Yo dude, my parents when I was like 5 would always played Gorillaz stuff and I thought it was cool but then for years I just forgot it existed. I'm 14 now and this year I was recommended this video and then I got a lot of nostalgia and started listening to it again, thanks man. Great video

  • This guy is still giving hearts on 2020, major respect.