H3 Podcast #37 - Jordan Peterson

Publicado el 3 nov 2017
Thanks so much to Jordan Peterson for joining us today!
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  • Is anyone else getting these videos autoplayed recently?

  • You’re mom

  • You hear him speak on Hitler, and the similarities between the underpinnings of his early foundational messaging, and Trump's 4 years in office and his attempted brand of autocracy are terribly unsettling

  • 3 years on this is a disgrace lol

  • Jesus... I love this man. Thanks for the incredible podcast H3!

  • I love JP and that vape hit was hawt af 🤙

  • The US and the UK also sank into totalitarianism during WWII, we bombed cities man, not just like the nukes, or a few accidental hits, we purposely firebombed Japanese cites because their cities were mostly made of wood and paper over and over again. And it is recorded history that the allies were the first to hit a city with a bomber (it is thought to be an accident but thats kind of beside the point), no one came out of WWII looking good, the Nazis just looked the worst by far, and we'd rather not get anywhere near that level of extremism again, right? Right Jordan Peterson? I think you are fine Ethan and crew (in terms of your opinions I have heard and seen), unless I am mistaken you just have a problem with overreactions, and impossible standards on the left (as well as the bad faith actors that exist on the left, and with that I agree for the most part), JP keeps making these fucked up conflations and assertions and has huge biases that he either is too smug to care about, or is himself a bad faith actor in this discourse (as in he knows he is wrong on certain topics, but argues the points for whatever weird reason out of the huge list of weird reasons people do weird shit). The self help advice he gives is at times good, or useful, but always with the linking it back to anti feminism, anti sjw, anti left crap. Guy is stuck on Jung, the magical thinking stuff works for some people some of the time, which must be nice, but not always, and not forever.

    • I vote, bad faith actor. I refuse to put the financial gain motive past those that end up achieving it through those same means.

  • Free speech absolutism would allow people to make literal neonazi propaganda and allow the ordering of murders targeting of minorities as acceptable public speech, defamation and slander become normal procedure, but yeah, Peterson thinks that poster making fun of him is bad... I understand there are not only bad arguments but bad faith actors that come out of all schools of thought, what becomes popularised can be of concern and worthy of critique, but Jordan either lied about purposely or was misinformed and constantly spouting off about the c16 bill in Canada, which was about extending protections from discrimination that are afforded to everyone, to the trans community too. JP fears "cultural marxism", think about that for a bit. This is all probably all old news to the H3H3 crew by now, but I guess I felt it had to be repeated.

  • Me over here like, "well I hate Jordan Peterson but this will probably just be a casual conversation" and in two minutes of him starting to talk he is making judgment calls on groups of people and conflating Nazis with the soviet union... This is going to be a long one.

  • I bet JonTron loves this guy...

  • I never met a smart Jordan Peterson fan.

  • Have em back!

  • Amazing about around the one hour mark where Peterson is talking about Hitler talking to the crowds and being run by their reaction to what he says. Sounds exactly like a Trump rally but Peterson compares it to Antifa. This is why I have a hard time respecting his opinions, he tries to play off as this unbiased intellectual but then, when he is at the point to connect the dots he singles out people on the left when people on the right are more guilty.

    • It's almost as if he has something to gain by doing that...

  • miss this h3 y'all lost ur way and turned into sjws

  • I think people like Cathy feel confused about the reaction because they have surrounded themselves with equally deluded people or people who would lie rather than challenge their ideas.

  • 85 south show

  • JP: Obesity is sky rocketing Ethan: yeah... Hila: ~glares at Ethan~

  • I think people like Cathy feel confused about the reaction because they have surrounded themselves with equally deluded people or people who would lie rather than challenge their ideas.

  • I don’t understand how Jordan is popular, he’s not even intelligent. When he speaks in front of an audience, he just spills his word soup and blathers on about nonsense.

    • Same. He is a total quack! He deserves no time on any show. He real is an idiot in so many ways.

  • I really enjoy interviews with this guy. I also saw him on Rogan. But people who call him a racist, bigot, etc.. really are only proving his point and doing themselves no favors. The word racist or bigot has been thrown around so much, that it’s starting to dilute its meaning. Before, if you were called a racist, it was usually because you were actually a racist, and you displayed behavior that blatantly showed hatred towards another race. But now, people flippantly throw these words around. Someone can be called a racist if they don’t agree with critical race theory, which is ridiculous. It’s almost like people use these words because they know it’s the “mark of death” socially, and it could potentially ruin someone. If you use a word like that to liberally, it starts to lose its importance, and eventually people start to not pay attention when it’s used. People either need to refresh their memory of the definition of what it means to be a racist, or really evaluate if their using it correctly in certain situations. Not just call someone a racist because your views differ from one another.

  • I’m 1:16:00 into the podcast and wow. I don’t watch the podcast often or ever. But I am very glad I decided to watch this. This is an amazing podcast, the professor is absolutely amazing and I absolutely loved this entire concept and conversation. This is exactly the kind of stuff I’m interested in. Please make more podcasts with open minded conversations I loved this, it was impactful and meaningful to me and I hope for many other people. Thank you Ethan and Hila.

  • Jordan out here rippin vapes. I had no idea he would do this. He kinda seems like a pro.

  • who is watching this end of 2020

    • Yeah, he's a total dumbass. He get way too much credit for his "intelligence"

  • 45:00

  • Never heard of him, but I get very strange vibes from him. Some of the comments he made too... he is very much a bigot.

    • @Exioz so hannah here is a "femenazi" cause they dont like jordan peterson who is litterally a nazi sympathizer

    • Lmao you are the definition of a toxic femenazi. Imagine liking your own comment

  • 1:25:00 The idea of sanity being outsourced is quite easy to see when looking at many people's reactions to the isolation brought on in countries that experienced hard lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • the future authoring program is complete snake oil horseshit

  • This was the shortest long video ive ever watched

  • Triggeralert

  • Jordan Dankerson

  • Couldn't have had a better mind in your studio. Seeing you two can sometimes fall into the "left" side of view with your points of humor and whatnot, I feel he is the perfect person to balance you out.

  • he doesnt think we can do better but we can

  • ~ Jordan Takes a Puff ~ H3 Podcast won my heart

  • he’s somewhat respectable when he refrains from ignorantly commenting on marxist theory

    • Please, let's hear your comments on it. I'm sure it's entirely coherent.

  • Hila adds so little to any conversation she might as well be off camera

    • You add so little to this ESmain video you had to like your own comment

  • i want a canvas print of jordan peterson at 4:22. what a guy. lol

  • But he supports alt right racist nazi groups. He is racist and sexist idk how he still has a job

    • @BOAZ Make no mistake : Leo Brown knows what he says. Because he has good friends who actually were told that Peterson "supports alt right racist nazi groups. He is racist and sexist"... A proof if there ever was one.

    • You literary need therapy man. find some help.

    • How tf is he a nazi when he condemns Hitler and what he has done and all the nazis

    • @BOAZ He has no clue what is talking about

    • Legitimately defend that statement please because as far as I’m concerned he has never supported the alt right and has condemned them on multiple occasions also making statements against the radicalization of either political party in fact. he’s actually a relatively left leaning guy on certain issues. Labeling someone as being a racist or sexist without any actual evidence/research into that person is one of the most despicable and unintelligent things you could do. Don’t be so ignorant next time you make such drastic statements against someone’s character.

  • Mvmt watches are trash! come fight me

  • Trash

  • I did not anticipate Jordan Peterson hitting a vape.

  • ETHAN, I find it crazy you realize how well people propagate . Especially since your views on President Donald J Trump perfectly encompasses how well CNN and MSNBC has shown him. I used to watch you and subscribed but then you slammed the President....I only saw this video because of Peterson. WHY dont realize you have been lied to and why arent you pissed off? You are a smart guy and Id like to watch your stuff again... but I love my country more.....

    • It’s because the massive amount of manipulation and lies pushed through the mainstream and social media. Everyone has an agenda and no one wants to admit their wrong so confirmation bias will guarantee that they will always be right.

  • I live in Toronto and I have no idea where his accent is from

  • I didn't understand anything that they were talking about but I enjoyed it 😊😁

  • i am just sad that people will use the conversation about nazi's here and use it out of context.

    • Waters the nazi regime and their crimes way way down

  • Meh

  • This guy is probably a great Kermit voice actor.

  • did they just get Jordan high at the beginning of this show.......? lollll

  • Back when Ethan was cool-ish :(

  • i dont know why u had kermit on the frog TWO TIMES why do jordans voice inflexions sound like a muppet??? or like a girl on xbox live making her voice higher?

  • yo that 60 second intro was just not true haha. ethan you had to think of reason lol. clown

  • bababbabaro skebebeyoom dooromdoo

  • based

  • Who is this DILF

  • It’s nice how youtube deleted my comments when I talk about Jews.

  • Is Jordan Peterson just a shill for the CIA/Trilateral Commission?

  • I ❤️ Jordan Peterson

  • 18:30 🕡 my man couldn’t hold it down all the way (Wheezes Panel)

  • Jordan makes Ethan look like a troglodyte

  • My brain is in recovery mode form taking in so many high level ideas

  • This gave him cancer

    • @Jose Navarro and this is why he made a joke about it its called a "Coping mechanism" you might know about it

    • Jose Navarro yeah I do have it and now you’re going to hell

    • You probably already had it.

  • slept and woke this on who else

  • He raises some good points. He has some that are biased. He has some that are wrong. He is a fantastic speaker. And he's done alot of it. Like more than 99% of other people. probably. maybe. w/e. All humans are flawed. And if a person spends their life publicizing all of their beliefs in extensive detail as best he can.... parts of it are going to be wrong. No single person has ever possessed a perfect understanding of reality. But he is honest in what he believes, and he is willing to subject himself to questioning and debate over and over again, and he is above average at remaining objective. Not much more you can ask of a person as far as standards of behavior.

    • @ArZoNiC Do you like when people call you stupid? I actually don't care, I'm certain of my place, what bothers me is when people simply throw out insults with no specific grievance... just like your comments. Literally not a single word was relevant to anything I had said. So what is it exactly that makes you think I'm both dumb and an emotional wreck over being called dumb in a you tube comment? Please, be specific. I'm all ears... anything you could possibly have to type up I'll read and consider to the best of my ability... so? And yea.. your condition seems likely lol.

    • @Zach Peach I'm a high functioning Sociopath and I accept it. I'm immoral and brash and act on impulse. If I offended you it's just impulse but I'm not Going to feel sorry much but it is possible for me.

    • @Zach Peach you definitely are self conscious about people who call you dumb and don't like it meaning you are scared and have cried over being called and idiot. This comment is to protect your pride. It's Ok to be human. Humans have flaws. This is a defence mechanism you have. If you accept something that you are or are not you are capable of washing any insult away.

    • @Crack toon You are determining that based off of one comment on one subject that was obviously intended to appeal to popular opinion, without even making a specific argument? And I'm the un-intelligent one? The whole point was that despite having some objectionable views, he at least is able to articulate them clearly and is willing to engage with opposition. Though he does tend to bully, aka he stifles criticism based on apparent confidence regardless of the argument, which is a logically fallacy.... and of course he is affected by confirmation bias... he commits less logical fallacies on average than most people and is therefor able to learn and understand some things on a deeper level than most. Aka... intelligence. And to answer your stupid question, objectively speaking, I am very intelligent. That does not mean I'm inherently right, or smart, or educated. Intelligence is a measure of raw ability to learn or receive information, which I objectively am in the high extremes of intelligence in some categories according to 4 IQ tests spaced about 5 years apart through out childhood and young adulthood (though I only have access to the last two's records). There's your meal troll.. doesn't taste as good as you thought it would, does it?

    • @Zach Peach you aren't very intelligent are you

  • You know what's great about ESmain.. . . . You can just jump in on a conversation anywhere and judge it how you want. Here we have a psychologist playing checkers up against Ethan Klein. Nice.

  • Still here in September of 2020

  • “Champagne-ing against the rights of...”

  • JP acting like he isn't the forefather of vape naysh🤣 "oh was that good? Its my first time"

  • Why they didn't offer him a glass of water, he is the guest, they have both water.

  • 1:43:07 Why remember the past? So the future is better. Powerful. If you truly observe your own life, you can improve A LOT and REALLY FAST.

  • wow. i cannot believe how much he talked bout a crappy watch

  • I came here and saw Jordan Peterson take a fat rip out of a huge vape with weed sticker all over it...What did I learn? Nothing is impossible, folks.

  • Huge moment for the podcast

  • Holy shit Jordan Peterson vaped 😂😂😂

  • I like how instead of how other interviewers constantly try trip him up Ethan just talks to him without tension

  • Jordan Peterson strongly denies white privielge, but believes that 'in-group bias' is real? if an 'in group bias' leaning person held power, Like a judge or police officer... and that 'in-group' they were overly identifying with and bias towards was their race, and their race was white, should that person hold that power? does that not perpetuate 'white-privilege'? Sounds like he speaks a lot of circles to deny what he knows is real and problematic, out of a place of spite. Laws protecting people physically, economically, and socially should be taken seriously. Laws criminalizing being an asshole should not be laws. I support trans rights, but there isn't a law against racial slurs, or laws against being an asshole in general. The law to criminalize misgendering people only alienated tans rights activists away from equality, and more towards segregational rights.

    • @Paraticristi humans are humans

    • There was not a law proposal to criminalise misgendering. Jordan Peterson misunderstood the proposed law and has unfortunately spread misinformation on this account.

    • The fact that he and others like to group all leftists with the radical leftists 'Karens' to protect the status quo is manipulative,

  • I want to add another layer to that Rat Experiment. If I was a psychologist I would introduce traumatic experiences for the rats. Single one rat out and have him go through the traumatic experience, then put him back in the test group of rats with cocaine, sugar, and THEN see if the rat(the one that gas undergone trauma) continues to simply play along with his rat buddies. It's very easy to look at something like this surface level and make inferences, but it's not rigorous enough for my opinion.

    • AnthonydoesYT I dont think thats what he was arguing at all.

    • @D2x I'm simply saying I don't think it's as simple as (for the person that's addicted) to simply "find some different hobbies" and he can overcome this serious addiction. I'm sure that's not the breadth of his opinion on the matter however, they mentioned it rather briefly and vaguely

    • So are you making an argument for cocaine?

    • @D2x 1:15:00

    • Whats the time stamp?

  • Hes a far right psych professor from U of T

    • No bro he’s really not.

  • Yikes, imagine having Hasan Piker on and then JP like a two weeks later

    • @Sebastian-Benedict Flore Hasan piker is an absolute moron. If it weren't for his uncle promoting him. None of you dummies would know who he is. looool

    • @D2x Well then

    • Sebastian-Benedict Flore i barely know who Piker is

    • @D2x How much have you watched Hasan Piker?

    • @D2x What do you mean?

  • deanmartin

  • My man inhaled that shit

  • People who watch h3 videos and the people who listen to the podcasts are two barely touching circles.

    • I thought the same but some people could really benefit from his wisdom.

  • 39:25 ok this is my first time on this podcast and my last you dont even have the balls to say what you really think.

  • i love this man

  • You are not as smart as you think you are

  • I love it that by admitting “We have watched all of your videos” exposes them as either idiotic, ignorant, or both lol

  • My life travel has been exactly the same than Ethan Klein's.

  • He is a legit social objectivist. I disagree with him on his study points but he has covered his bases and his view point have certainly shifted my opinion. I can't disagree with his conclusion. It has factual basis. Still think he has an agenda though but I'm willing to listen.

  • RIP Jordan Peterson.

    • Gone far too soon

    • Sut tree hes not dead

    • R.I.P, gone but not forgotten ✊🏽

    • Rip?

  • "Ritual is important" That's what i've always said right before a take a giant bong hit.

  • This is Ethan pre-sjw-Hila. This is before ethan was on small-pp-depress-medications. On a scale of 1 to 10, what are the chances that Jordan Peterson would try and exist in today's h3h3 podcsat?

    • Most under rated comment

    • My god...

    • 10

  • Watching person smoke is really funny 😂😂

  • Ah man Jordan is a great sport. I haven't seen this before.

  • And I thought Belle Delphine had a lot of simps

  • 9:50 i cant find that part in the hugh mungus interview video ...?

  • These were the golden years of the Podcast. Now, h3h3 are SJWs. Sad.

    • nah, they are just grifters. They jump on whatever view point is popular to keep their channel afloat.

  • why did you have a fascist on your channel

    • @probityk 1. Socialism and capitalism together can create a great balance and is a great starting point for living as the poor are Way less poor and the example I'm going to say is Sweden the poor rich divide is the smallest out of all countries. 2. Marxism No 3. Postmodernism Is boring and shit

    • I didn't even read your entire comment but I recommend you do some research. The only person here who is oppressing peoples opinions and rights is Jordan Peterson, you actual fool. (e.g, look up his views on transgender people). Watch the zezik debate where he admits to never reading Marx. Watch the debate with Sam Harris where he can't define his definition of "truth". Watch Jordan's video on Marxism, Socialism, and Postmodernism and let me know if you actually think this person is even remotely credible.

    • @Azerith I was being overzealous but what I'll give you -- he is decent at psychology but overall he's a hack and a fraud. He decides to talk about topics that are completely outside of his area of expertise. He didn't become popular from his 12 Rules of Life, but not until he completely misrepresented Bill C16. He stood for the right and against PC culture. He also says the problem of modern society is "post modern neo-marxists" -- which the term is just jargon of buzzwords to make people go crazed. I could go on and on, but I doubt you have ever done any research on Jordan Peterson himself and just mindlessly watch is hyperbolic videos.

    • Jordan Peterson stands for literally everything against facism, do you even know what facism means anymore? Do you just call everyone who disagrees with you facist without even realizing you are the one oppressing peoples opinions and rights?

  • why did this garbage auto play?

    • @Cook Isbae Weird! I wonder how many has had JP auto play after a Vaush or leftist video. I hope some of the recommendations go the other way as well - Vaush auto playing after a JP video. Or a Contrapoints or Philosophytube video on JP. That would at least make sense in terms of relevance. I've had this video recommended a bunch of times btw. Kinda sick of it by now. Just figured it was since I used to watch h3h3. I stopped years ago though, so dunno if that's the cause.

    • @Paraticristi yeah holy shit it autoplayed for me after watching a vaush video on tpusa. Maybe because ESmain just likes Jordan Peterson

    • @Cook Isbae Weird! Might be cause h3h3 used to be sorta left leaning? Honestly don't know. The algorithm does the same thing in a leftist direction, recommends more and more leftist views. Dunno why JP would turn up though. Dude. Wait. You're actually right. This video autoplayed for me after finishing a Vaush video on Arielle Scarcella. That's the only reason I'm here right now. What's up with that? Such a weird recommendation.

    • @Paraticristi it auto played after i watched a leftist video lmao. The ESmain facist agenda almost got me

    • If this is showing up in your auto play, it might mean the algorithm is in the start of recommending you more and more radical views, until slowly heading down the alt-right pipeline. I know it sounds hyperbolic, but it's an experience that's been reported by multiple people. Studies have shown that the algorythms tendency to recommend more and more extreme views, that for some has ultimately lead to radicalization. I know it sounds mad, so please look it up.

  • And now hes on his death bed from his back diet his daughter made him do and his benzos addiction that put him in a coma for 8 days and now he has covid

    • matino don’t mind him, he’s a bit off in the head...

    • What does this mean

  • I think one of the most welcoming interviews peterson ever had

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