HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Publicado el 30 abr 2021
Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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  • God the animation started amazing and just keeps getting better and better and better That final shot is just mind blowing, how do you even do a 3D animation like that

  • Blitz: we refuse to do a lick of work while we're here I will not save your life if I see someone trying to murder you Also Blitz: runs around doing the Most to protect Stolas from Striker

  • Well, look on the bright side Moxxie: Even though Striker is stronger, faster, more agile, manlier, can dominate in bed, has more endurance, can sing better and play an instrument, you were once called a opossum by a mortal and no one can take that from you! And you have femboy aesthetics!

  • this shouldnt be purely on YT, its worth so much more


  • R harry

  • Make a new one like angel invade hell episode okay i will subscribe

  • This episode has awoken some weird attraction in me for blitz do I need help

  • holly shit. this ep was soo good!!

  • Jesus fuck this is so good

  • 17:13 how my family respect privacy

  • Lmaoooo Luna’s like “do y'all hear sum?”💀💀

  • That look of shock Stollas had when just as he was about to bite into his food and realized Stella was talking about him. What to do? Anyway.. I am now in love with the Millie and Moxie charcters.


  • Quieroqueaganotrovideonuevo nuevo de conejos🐰🙏

  • oh we're getting PLOT now

  • So...Moxie just left millie in the cellar with her leg in a bear trap?

  • 17:20 lets just take a moment to appreciate Octavia vibing in the back round

  • The amount of character development in this episode is ✨i m m a c u l a t e✨

  • I love that Blitz purrs lol

  • 8:54 I see Blitzø likes to be tied up lol

  • Haha that is funny my husky is named luna 😂

  • Honestly I keep watching this episode and striker is right, the owl kinda treats Blitz like a play thing, and if you at the first scene where there in bed then the pinching part, he treats Blitz like hes jack 💩, amd striker is talking like he has experience it, blitz should let him kill the owl

  • Episode 6

  • Make a new one

  • im nine and i understand all this shit cuz my parents are dirty minded *inappropriate laughter*


  • Are the people in in hell familiar with the term NUCLEAR BOMB

  • 9:53: hey i know that guy.

  • Love how she said that in front of him 🤣🤣🤣

  • I love Millie's one line so much. "I love you hun, but for FUCK'S SAKE."

  • 17:17 Toxic gamers trying to make me feel bad me listening to sabaton:

  • thanks for making this real! I love every episode.


  • I hate you striker.

  • 4:09 look at blitz's face

  • 9:07 was so funny lol

  • That fucking ending, oh god, that actually hurt my ribs with how hard I laughed.

  • 5:18 is me when my mom comes home from getting the pizza

  • What have we learned ya'll Moxxie has a high pain tolerance but low hand to hand combat Millie has a low pain tolerance but high hand to hand combat ......And Blitzo is into dominance

  • Millie Once said... *The Prince is Bosses ~Boyfriend!~*

  • WTF this episode was awesome I can't wait for the next one!

  • "it doesn't count if they don't find the baaaaady"

  • The only way to realize that Millie and Luna kind of had the exact same outfit

  • He’s basically roger

  • "Oh crumbs" is the perfect not-curse, i gotta start using it at work

  • 5:44 I love her

  • Best episode so far to me damn I love this also I love how stolas is sitting right there while the queen literally gives hints of wanting him dead oof can't wait for whatever else is there to come

  • di-did millie... PURR? (1:56)

  • part 6 esmain.info/goal/v-deo/nIipa9xrj8mKmbM&ab_channel=RickAstleyVEVO

  • Striker is awesome 😍😍

  • When do we see Moxxies mom and dad?

  • My mom when she sees my homework folder: 13:42

  • man rewatching the striker and moxie scene, it was terrifying. Good job vivziepop team!

    • am I the only one commenting-


  • blitzo,looks pretty good in that outfit, just sayin

  • I hope we get to see more of sally mae

  • Blitzy: Excuse me, the fuck?

  • "We could kill overlords" *Alastor would like to know your location*

  • The messy taxicab optionally escape because quince semiannually jog as a lonely sweatshop. delicate, boring hill

  • Why am i NOW JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT HELLUVE BOSS???? this is so good and good! please make more episodes!

  • I do like how they seem to hint at Blitzø possibly having some deeper feelings towards Stolas as he’s really only been seen to stumble whenever he’s discussing their relationship. Idk if it’s a reach but I think it could make a really cool story arch

  • Striker:I failed to kill him Stella: yes I can funkin tell because he's IN FRONT OF ME!!

  • Every 9 year old ever at a family gathering: 5:17

  • I new Norman Reedus was voicing striker I could just tell. I watch to much of the Walking Dead to not know it was him.

  • To me millie is like discount sandy cheeks

  • NORMAN FUCKING REEDUS?!!?! This shit just gets better and better

  • The Hell Shark from the top rope got me lmao!

  • I’m not playing not she had the whole murderous convo of her husband at the table in front of him and her daughter 😂😂😂


  • This was my favorite episode of HB by far. Great cliffhanger

  • Episode 6 please?

  • Is it just me or is the farm hand kinda hot ngl 🤷‍♀️


  • 2:58 Sorry Loona but nobody asked or wanted to know your name

  • i love this! like a tv show!

  • Did anyone notice that blitz touches moxxie in his ..... yall know

  • 8:38 yes yes he will

  • i love how stolis is reading "imps in the sheets" at the end

  • So this is where the drama starts

  • Why dose striker have the white and black horns of an imp and not the red skin like the others?

  • Ngl blitzo looking fine with that cowboy styled outfit on

  • There’s no way it’s this peaceful in hell and a fucking happy family who owns a farm


  • Im absolutely terrified of owls but i adore stolas lmao

  • *That end scene tho...*

  • More episodes I like these hazbin Hotel

  • Remember hazbin hotel Me: wtf is that

  • You can clearly see in this episode that the prior comment from Moxxie regarding I.M.P not being a family wasn't the truth.

  • Bro they stepped up their game with the animation on this one. It's on a other level

  • Moxxie was doing pretty good.

  • Oop the wife at the end is ANGRY

  • i NEED a part six

  • Millie grows more and more unattractive with each cumulative curse.

  • 9:54 Hmmm, why does he look so familar- WAIT *thats angel dust* I dont care what you say, thats Angel Dust

  • 10:31 this is a accurate depiction of arizona during summer

  • HIGHLIGHTS: 1- I love Moxxie 2- I love his relationship with Millie 3- Bloody action scenes 4- Great new antagonist 5- Blitzo is really funny Bad Stuff: 1- the animation looks overall less fluid than previous episodes 2- didn't balance bloody action/comedy/character growth quite masterfully 3- The Owl guy... I don't like him OVERALL: This show is fucking great, I love the art style and the characters, keep working hard guys!

    • they drained their budget when moxxie found the angel rifle and that last scene with striker '-'

  • Am I the only one who noticed that sometimes the frame rate dropped really low and it looked kinda scrappy? Like sometimes it dropped to 10 fps or lower in a way? And sometimes the animation was really smooth

    • That was probably just a thing with the budget tbh. Cutting the framerates for less important scenes in favor of the more important ones, like the fight scenes.

  • when can you start doing hazbin hotel again