How are Pickup Artists still a thing?

Publicado el 17 sep 2020
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I honestly can't believe that pickup artists are still happening in 2020. And they're still pushing the same nonsense they have been since the beginning of time. Here's one that I stumbled across while scrolling through my ESmain homepage a few days ago.
Scott Cramer
PO Box 131
Horace, ND 58047
0:00 - Intro
1:10 - Video Reaction
7:10 - Taking the Quiz
12:30 - Quiz Results
18:30 - Experiment
19:40 - Sponsor
21:30 - Outro
Outro song: Chester See, Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu - "Nice Guys"


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    • Love it vids😃😁 your wife is funny tell her that I said that

    • tbh i have listened to pickup artists a lot from how socially awkward and nervous I am. i really would want to find a girl that we have some stuff in common, we both try, and after a bit of hanging out we can see if we like each other inside and out to make it official together. This does help and while I'm scared they wont like how I look and ill get rejected i shouldn't listen to pickup artists.

    • “You’ve been D A T I N G a woman for 3 weeks. Things are very well, and you think you want her to be your G I R L F R I E N D What do you do? “ Anything wrong with this sentence ladies and gentlemen?

    • This guy CLEARLY hasn’t been out on Hoodville

    • Yep and this is why to this day my phone is my only friend 🤣 socially awkward, and introvert

  • 8:25 Yeah bro I get all the ladies

  • Poor Scott suffering from that cold sore

  • It really doesn't help that the guy in the Nice Guy video: A. Calls it the fucking "Nice Guy" show, as if the r/niceguys subreddit didn't already have enough material B. Sounds uncomfortably like Ben Shapiro C. May actually already have a woman in his clutches who desperately needs to escape.

  • My answer to the car question is a Phantom :)

  • Treat a date like you'd treat a friend. Be nice, maybe throw a few complements and just treat them like human being. Women are not animals. We have IQ's higher than 3. Girls come with all different personalities. Some like a guy that's completely sure of themselves. Other's like guys that are open and share a lot about themselves. Don't be a dick unless you wanna get kicked in the balls.

  • "The answer is... *TiReS pLuS nOw HaS cOnTaCtLeSs DeLiVeRy* "

  • The biggest red pill is realizing there are no "nice guys"

  • 10:09 Or better yet, just offer to give her your number. It shows that you are interested without being creepy, while at the same time, ensuring that she will only respond to you if she's comfortable doing so. (Also, it minimizes the chances of getting a fake number.)

  • If you put the video speed at 2x faster, the pickup artist sounds just like Ben Shapiro.

  • The best way to act on a first date is to ask the other person about they're responses to ethical problems. Start with something basic like the Trolley Problem, then work your way up.

  • Pick up artists seem like the type of person who would murder a girl for rejecting them

  • The only person anyone should be getting dating advice from is Hitch. He genuinely wants women and men to be in happy relationships

  • Wait you're not Mr beast?

  • honestly I think this really depends on if the girl is attracted to the guy. Doesn't really matter if the guy is nice or not

  • If a guy said to ask him a better question in the most brattiest way.. I would be shocked, go through the rest of the date, go home and never call them again. If they called me first then I would just tell them why I'm not gonna go out with them again. Its so bad😂

  • Did the guy say, "exceptionable" instead of "exceptional" at 6:30?

  • I wish I knew this last year and listened to my gut feeling. Last year I saw a hot girl in one of my classes, but these every (class) day quizzes (because she would always finish before me) and social anxiety prevented me from getting to know her more. I turned to somewhere for advice and was referenced to Todd V. All of what he said didn’t help (and I never applied it) and made me question if they’re even the right moves or what the right moves are. I only actually met her once and never again only because I didn’t ask about staying in touch. This year I saw a girl in one of my classes that was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.... and again being that I actually am socially awkward and didn’t know better... also didn’t go well. This is where I actually sort of applied it, and let me just say... it made stuff awkward as hell. Blew my chance to become even a friend. Little did I realize that I literally just had to be myself. Giant regret. 🤦‍♂️

  • did no one catch he said "exceptionable"?

  • As a woman, this was an utter delight 😂👌

  • you know it was going to be bad when he said the word nice guy

  • The dude in the video sounds kinda like Ben Sharpiro.

  • So... he responds to these adds rather than ignoring them, and he wonders why he gets so many of them?

    • It's almost like it's part of what I do???? 🤔🤔🤔

  • This is so funny I saw a few of this guys videos before he really is a douchebag 😭


  • Why does the quizgiver look like Onision if he were a gym teacher?

  • Hey Scott Um... Maybe Don't Shoot A Vid While A Flare Up Happens, Ok? Just A Thought Man. Just... Yeah

  • Everyone with the name Bobby 👁👄👁

  • Ah yes, the correct way to GET WOMEN ALL THE TIME is to demand she responds to you how you want without actually having a conversation with her and communicating. Communicating like a human being is for SIMP PUSSIES

  • Scott: Frank is a boring name Me, who just watched the moment of truth video: Frank :'(

  • so glad the youtube algorithm reminded me you exist

  • This is like taking dating advice from Biff Tannin from BTTF xD

  • Does this guy think women are objects or need a big strong man to do things for them because their incapable because I’m pretty sure that’s the worst thing you can do or say to a woman on a date right? Edit: I’m a man so correct me if I’m wrong

  • i never had a girl ask what i drive

  • Your hair looks great with the color change.

  • When you said today’s I was like oh yea omniwear wait THATS NOT OMNIWEAR

  • danny-drew-kurtis is this you??

  • I would leave a date if he acted like that pick up artist

  • Mfer looks like he has at least 3 restraining orders on his head

  • Can we get you to host a collab of him and Jean

  • Of course the woman is going to ask what car you drive as her first question to a guy on a date. You know...cause all women think about is money.

  • They are still a thing in the same sense that a ghost town is still a thing..they are there...reminding you of once was...but its not actually working...ya know?

  • Why is this his perception of women lol. "Negging" is kind of mainstream i guess so I've had that happen to me & I instantly lost all attraction...

  • this advice sucks if a guy tried this shit on me i'd be out the door and telling all my friends to avoid this guy. Major red flags, this is the type of guy that will become abusive

  • These things irritate me, for a lot of reasons but a big one to me is that if I didn't meet the right people in my life, I honestly fear that I could've fallen for them. I am honestly pretty socially awkward, and have a lot of social anxiety. I was 20 the first time I went on a date with a girl, because honestly I struggled to speak to almost anyone but girls especially. That first date went well but life happened and it didn't work out, and I don't think it could've, I learned real lessons and I am now very happily engaged though I still struggle to get and maintain friendships outside of my family and I panic when a superior at my job wants ro speak to me, even though they're all actually cool. My advise respect others be nice to everyone unless there's a good reason not to be, be yourself, but if like me you're kinda shy, maybe put yourself out there a little more I know it's terrifying, but it's worth it. You got this

  • The real reason nice guys finish last is because the bad boys and pick-up artists keep failing their relationships through their stupid brain-logic.

  • I've never dated, so I probably know less than John Snow about such things, but surely the way to attain a partner is to make them feel special, not make them feel they have to surpass some supposedly exceptional exes

  • My hypothetical date tells me my hat sucks. Me: The hell you talking about? I'm not wearing a hat.

  • Men are scary :3

  • 513 638272636 738292

  • This 'coach' is further handicapping these men. That's unfortunate.

  • Yup bring that girl’s self esteem so low till she’s so depressed that she sleeps with you

  • I jeep rewinding to the part where you say "thats so ~cringe dude~" 16:53

  • Did I really just get a "Beats" ad that was literally narrated by Moto-Moto from Madagascar 2 (It was a great ad tho)

  • I drive a tank Illegally

  • 6:49 That's why I'll treat you like trash, it's not what I really wanna do...

  • Guy really said "exceptionable" when trying to teach you how to "act" exceptional

  • I'm gonna take this quiz as my ideal man/date. I bet it will fail on every level

  • his voice is really annoying ... nice guy danger zone xD

  • The 161 ppl that this worked for them

  • Oh my God, ”Nice Guys” playing at the end is such a blast of nostalgia

  • this homie got a jacked grill, and a mouse voice, and he is the example of male machismo?

  • "Girls want a man who is CERTAIN of his value." Perfect! I'm certain I'm worthless!

  • If they hook up after the first question (C) they'll surely have a great relationship.

  • If someone asks like this on a date i would want to hook up with them if they were hot only because they’re an asshole so i wouldn’t want to interact with them in anyway. I think that’s what this is maybe? Idk I’ve never understood this shit as a girl

  • "costing" you women... bruh

  • The guy sounds exactly like Ben Shapiro

  • Never be yourself. Jerry Seinfeld was given that advice, and that's where The Bee Movie came from.

  • idk about you, but my FAVORITE way to get ALL women to like me is to lose all common decency and treat women like trash. Yall tellin me you act like others are human BEINGS? ugh gross. weak. disgusting. as an alpha male i can personally direct you to NEVER be nice to others and be a good member of society because NiCe GuYs FiNiSh LaSt

  • Nigahiga, kevjumba- Nice Guys reference? Take a subscribe

  • This video seems like a speedrun on getting left on read on the first date

  • If I asked a guy a question like that first one, and he responded with C, sarcastic or not, I'd automatically see it as a red flag, because he didn't answer my question and he seems quite defensive about it. Once you've dated a couple of narcissists and experienced manipulation, you tend to be careful of people who avoid answering simple questions and get defensive over simple things. Also, I wouldn't ask a stupid question like "What kind of car do you drive?" that would be a red flag to any normal guy. I'd come off as a gold digger asking that. I don't care what kind of car a guy drives, I care about who he is as a person.

  • Exceptionable????

  • A cheesecake factory at half capacity Minefield

  • 10:52 you know I’m 13, my dad and my step mom got divorced in about December of 2017. She was my step mom for 9 years, the reason my parents got divorced was because my step mom was fucking crazy. I still can’t get over that shit tbh, neither can my dad

  • Exceptionable.

  • Im still confused on how this guy has a ring.

  • Pick up artistry is literally the equivalent to a 4th grader throwing spitballs at the girl who sits in front of him in class cause he has a crush on her and is embarrassed about it.

  • This isn't hard to does a guy like Donald Trump get married? Because he has a 'game' that WORKS. Love it or hate it, there are ALWAYS a line of beautiful women waiting to gain access to his bedroom. Women want what he has to offer. Success breeds respect.

  • All of bobby's advice is so creepy and such a red flag

  • hey scott i got the same results!!

  • The way he stayed unexecistable

  • And the number not be a bit deal isn't always true, I got traumatized when a guy had around 60 missed missed calls in a weekend, and I have anxiety speaking on a phone, and did told him I didn't like it.. . . so. .. yeah, I don't give my number if I don't have to.

  • The guy make me laugh, how being a jerk make anyone interested in you? I know it wouldn't work on me.

  • Listen, my name is Frank & I formally withdraw my offer of a perfectly good, if slightly dinged up, 1976 Yellow Ford Pinto. It's off the table now dude.

  • Are you saying that you don't own a 1976 Yellow Ford Pinto then? Really? I could probably let you have one of my old ones, as you're shirt says you're having hard times?

  • This must be why Hitler and Stalin became dictators

  • Anything less than e x c e p t i o n a b l e

  • Feel like there has to be a balance tho there’s some women who do kinda like the “asshole” vibe but not too extreme. basically the trait of confidence is attractive to women. Don’t mean you gotta be a dick.

  • gotta bang every living female or you're a S I M P edit: i know this sounds dumb but this a joke dont think i'm serious

  • Hey man these techniques might seem cringey and sociopathic but they clearly work! The girl at the end looked at you like she loves you... Oh...

  • imagine going on a first date and telling them “i’m looking around because i’m disinterested.”

  • Even when he's trying his best to be a dick, they're still just too cute together. SIMP ALERT

  • this is why youre a virgin scott

  • 16:14 Oh my god, my name's Samantha and that scared the shit out of me!

  • Me, watching this in demisexual: 👁👄👁

  • yo never ask for a girls number. growing up i had a crush on this girl from school and one day i saw her at the fair so i went to chat her up and i got her #. so i text the number and bam..... she gave me a fake one lol. anyways after that ive always given the girl my number. if she texts you she might be interested, if she does not than homie turn on the xbox and play some halo....

  • Why does this pua guy sound like a sleepy Ben Shapiro

  • Someone's a Nigahiga fan

  • think about your favorite show now think about that one episode yeah you which one, the one where the main character gets horrible advice and everything goes wrong... that is this video