How Dream Saved Minecraft

Publicado el 26 ago 2020
Dream is probably the most influential youtuber as of right now, and during the past few months its clear that he has saved Minecraft from falling back into irrelevance like it did in 2018. If it weren't for him, after PewDieDie, CallMeCarson, and many others left Minecraft, I could surely say the game could be dead.

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Dream manhunts and speedruns really do be saving and changing the community out here

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Event The base
Undertale Shop
C418 Strad


  • That one kid playing pocket edition and never even watched ESmain must've felt really special

  • Actually dream twitted that he hire a coder to code the game to make it easier but hey he save minecraft

  • I love the Undertale music in the background

  • Now he is trying to ram it into the ground. Florida men, I swear.

  • Thank you dream

  • Dream didn't save minecraft.... PewDiePie did....

  • This vid aged poorly

  • Agreed

  • dream haters after seeing the title of the video: doubt

  • this video made me cry :')

  • I was not expecting the ending

  • This didn't age well

  • I'm not dream! Ha!

  • Dream didn't save the fucking game. repetitive content and boring, cheats too. hermits saved it, not this guy.

  • No he ruined it

    • Stfu

  • #minecraftforever

  • Let's take a moment to see his parkour skills

  • And a humble group :) please dont hurt me :(


  • Well soon at July or August i will make my Minecraft and Roblox YT THEN I WILL MAKE MY INTRO BETTER. Because i didnt became a youtuber :( then i will invent: Show behind intro and a better ones like representing who starring and creates

  • Dream makes good content but I have to wonder if some of his stuff is scripted? It seems like he always conveniently happens to have a solution to falling damage

  • What kind of dumb video is this? Dream didnt save minecraft it was already making a return way before him. He just used the wave to get himself popular just like how he used the cheating stuff.

  • someone forgot about stampy. my dissapointment is immesurable and my day ruined

  • mm pewdiepie revived mc with his lets play in like summer 2019

  • Im thinking about How Will Manhunt be when 1.17/1.18 come out? Like getting diamonds in those giant caves filled with water Iron veins

  • What a dumb video!

  • Dream didn't save Minecraft.

  • Well luke thenotable and dream too made the biggest youtube minecraft trends which are being used so much

  • i thought a random swedish guy saved it though

  • Dream didn’t save Minecraft Pewdiepie saved Minecraft

  • what is this serwer or map from video?

  • so true 😊😊

  • Ya dream make me play back minecraft because it was challenging!.

  • Something i literally just thought about is why can you only see your minecraft characters right hand but not his left


  • Pewdiepie saved mc u dream stan

  • Even my minecraft get deleted i will still support minecraft

  • Nope, wrong, i feel like he kept it alive and pewdiepie saved it

  • This aged well.

  • Me minecraft lover save minecraft 1% beause my cousin plays pub and let him play minecraft and now he is a pro

  • 4:30

  • Me:Sees Dream holding a grass block not a dirt block So thats how Ranboo has enderman powers "The game had been revived in 2019" Its because of Dream's revival book "The most impresive thing back in the day was killing a baby zombie without dying" Technoblade:If I was there I'd be popping off

  • More like how dream ruined the Minecraft community

    • He didn’t really do anything, expect bringing the glow squid to the game. But he will definitely ruin Minecraft when the developers make a update about him, the chance of this happening is small because Minecraft’s developers are good people. (Sorry for bad English)

    • @Squirrel ok thanks for the answer

    • @wh1ted3v1l the Minecraft community is super toxic, competitive, and annoying now

    • Plz explain me

    • Ikr

  • Dream did not save Minecraft and only made speedrunning popular. FIGHT ME!

  • Also triggered insaan , rawknee,mythpat made Minecraft grow in India

  • Or maybe because COVID hit and people had nothing else to do but watch ESmain and play Minecraft

  • Man shut you dumbass up

  • Also Dream: Ruins it just as fast with a retextured squid. Also, cant wait to hear the dumbasses who try to prove me wrong, just know im gonna be laughing at u the whole time.

  • Dream didn’t save Minecraft, he ruined Minecraft.

  • No, he didn’t

  • Lol i know there are a lot of dream stans and im not one of them, but in the beginning he made great content and he is the reason i got minecraft. But he lost his touch and is kinda fake now...only manhunt vidoes

  • No.

  • This aged incredibly poorly

  • "How dream saved minecraft" "Sad techno noises"

  • imagine cringing at dream...

  • And then he became a cheater

  • Minecraft never dies

  • can we just appreciate sipover's parkour skills in minecraft?

  • im pretty sure pewdiepie did that.


  • Lmao dream didn't save minecraft but ok

  • Watcha mean Minecraft never dies

  • "On the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft..."

  • One word: Simp

  • his man hunts are fake wait i just realized some dream simp is gonna yell at me

  • Dream the savor of minecraft

  • Swedish boy saves minecraft- drean stans: IT WAS DREAMM AHHH

  • It was never dying, it quieted down, but never got close. And, based on your channel, you just seem like you want clicks by all this simping for dream.

  • Dream did nothing to save Minecraft. The game started to rise in popularity before Dream started their youtube channel. In fact, this makes Dream a trend follower more than anything.

  • *video starts* sipover every video: minecraft has been around for more than a decade now


  • Everyone's minecraft history videos: Minecraft has been for a decade now

  • Dream is legend

  • Using dream skin and jumping all the cliff with water bucket like me 😂😂😂

  • I dont like dream i dont watch him but these people in the comments like "dream ruined mc" no dream saved mc but he ruined mcyt

  • And made the mcyt community unbearable.

  • Mr Beast has a whole series of Minecraft challenge

  • Do Dream AND Pewdiepie saved minecraft

  • pewds didn't get bored of Minecraft he was worried people would think he was milking the game

  • I think he ruined it. Glowsquid... He sucks

  • I loved watching Dream late 2019/early 2020, I enjoyed his manhunts and his altered "Minecraft, but" videos but it all came falling down when his toxic fanbase of 12-year-olds just made Dream not watchable anymore. Especially on Twitter his toxic fans are everywhere and it feels like they ruined Dream for me. Dream didn't save minecraft, but Pewdiepie saved it. Minecraft was DEAD 2017-2018 let's be real

  • ''ever since he started to blowing up on youtube'' dude, why did i thinked something..different... i hate it.

  • No, he didn't. Bye.

  • Well im waiting for "minecraft has been around for about more thanna century"

  • Pewdiepie saved minecraft. That game was dying out before pewdiepie played it. Dream has ruined everything. There's literally no reason on why he's famous lmao

  • ):

  • How dream ruined Minecraft

  • 100 days minecraft AM I A FRICKIN JOKE TO YOU???

  • 4:38 eret: Independence, punz: Independence, ponk: or death.

  • Beans

  • pewdiepie is playing minecraft again

  • How dream saved minecraft👎 People that actually saved minecraft are Popularmmos, dantdm, stappy, skydoesminecraft, captain sparkles, and more

  • It was really pewdiepie. Dream just milked pewdiepie's seed for like 5 videos in a row. And did the same concept of manhunts 20 times over. He just broke the algorithm


  • Sipover: How Dream Saved Minecraft Me: *doubt*

  • I reamber when Minecraft die no one say Minecraft kids but know it fortnite kids

  • Goooo ghaaa

  • Shut upppppppp!!!!!

  • Yes "Dream" is saving minecraft but also saving mony on skin desine

  • all i was watching was th e parkore