How Many Jumps Does It Take To Beat Bowser's Fury? - DPadGamer

Publicado el 17 feb 2021
Super Mario 3D World has released on Nintendo Switch, and it brings with it a cat-filled adventure called Bowser's Fury! Thats cool but like... I don't wanna jump...
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How Many Jumps Does It Take To Beat Bowser's Fury? - DPadGamer


  • Heya; GameChamp3000 posted their video focusing on minimal jumps in Bowsers Fury: Its great, and worth watching. I've seen some comments on that video saying stuff like "Nah DPadGamer did it first". Don't be like that, please. People can cover the same topic, we should welcome multiple perspectives.

    • @DPadGamer on the first version you could get a cat bell at the start in the bushes

    • @Adamadamskis she*

    • @Bfegg shut up

    • @DPadGamer Love you daddy

    • @YoloYester sux

  • Bowser gets uh. Furrious my favorite line that makes me laugh thanks for the pun

  • You kill the green cat.

  • 22:22-22:31 made me laugh so hard

  • 22:22 OMG

  • Wait is that the music from the pokemon sword and shield in the 1st stage of the 50 shine battle

  • You did way more jumps than nessecary

  • CAn yOU DO It without DYinG

  • It’s actually possible to do it without jumping

  • correction: Banjo-Tooie took 2 times the jumps

  • Banjo-Tooie was 5 times as long but only took 2 more jumps.

  • D.L.C= downloadable content content that is added to an already existing game. Bowser's fury isn't dlc as the game is in the initial package on the port (or you might be right as the switch version wasn't the first but bowser's fury isn't in the original so... debatable).

  • 18:11 cat murder

  • 10:44 that was a jump but you didnt count it

  • 18:15 YUH YEET

  • 22:20: Genius

  • mama? Is that you

  • Game champ 3000

  • Bowser Junior still mad that his dad put parent controls on his Nintendo switch

  • NGL i though i was one of the first people to beat the extension but then i relized that there was probaly someone who sayed up all night 100 percenting like i did.

  • 19:42 how did you get the catshine a jump??

    • That cat shine is close enough to the ground that you can walk into it

  • Ah yes giga gianta dynamax

  • Don’t think I didn’t notice that “Gas gas gas!” When plessie turned

  • Can’t you just touch the shines with Bowser Jr? Does that not give you them?

    • That does not work, thd shines simply spin in place. Mario must be the ones to touch them.

  • I like how at the end, plessie turns into Super Mega Giant Big Giga Plessie

  • congrats u got three verified people that commented on your video

  • how is this not like as good as trendy as redfalcon dude

  • “Is that a Jojo reference!?” Eww Jojo

  • 9:14 hahahahahaha impostor hahaha amogus sus sus amogus

  • 16:15 iggy get out of here, hes still alive (yes it is a jojo refernce)

  • I hate now so sticky feels shaky I don’t know what it what doing why why why why why why why why why

  • That is a very good challenge! Keep it going! 😆

  • lool. I love the word hmsting at 20:43.😂

  • You can bounce off bowser jr

  • “0”

  • 5:50 It’s hard to control jr. bowser and Mario at the same time. Mario oddesey minimum captures speed runners: Amateur

  • 32:10 God has come down to end your tyranny

  • I’m sorry if I sound like a ‘it’s super easy to beat bowser’s fury without jumping and u did not put in any work’ type of person I’m just saying what I did ok.I ‘beat’ bowser’s fury without the y or x button and it was not possible to beat the 40 shine fight but u can still get 91 shines

  • you can put cats on plessie

  • But Dismounting Plissie Counts As a Jump Said in Nathaniel Bandys Beating Bowsers Fury While only Crouching Video

  • Dpad Dismounting plessie counts as a normal jump therefore, this run technically invalid

    • @DPadGamer oh I’m sorry

    • There is no official rules. Everyone who makes a challenge video makes up their own rules. Its not a jump.

  • Gamechamp3000 got 98 cat shines without jumping

  • When he bully the things where the platform switches it is activated bye jumping

  • He jumped more than 3 times

  • I despise the Yoshi treatment it’s the worst idk if I have to come pleat a lvl I’ll quit the lvl of I have to do a Yoshi treatment, no more Yoshi treatment no more Yoshi treatment no more Yoshi treatment

  • 22:23 just that

  • is playing mario: the gym battle music from pokémon sword/shield

  • The cat can ride with you and plessie

  • alternate title: bow wow's son being my slave for 33 minutes so I dont have to jump.

  • So we get kaiju bowser and super sainyan Mario.

  • But how?

  • If you jump with plessie does that count as a jump

  • you shud mak a vedeo uv zelda

  • 12:30 DPadGamer: Uses Tails dialog for a Mario video Me: Hol up that's illegal

  • Me when I see he did not put a giritna wen he was falling in :(

  • This would be much easier if you could switch characters like in 3d world, peach would be so useful there

  • but every time you get a shine you jump lol

  • my only problem is that gamechamp did it in only 1 jump

  • You can put the kittens on plessie

  • Only cats

  • Cats

  • #1 Furry game in the US today

  • Wait you can kill Bowser with Bowser jr????

    • Yeah. Its tough cause Bowser Junior still moves at the same speed which is relatively slow, but it works

  • 22:22 BIG BRAIN MODE


  • this man said Kaiju 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nah gamechamp3000 did it in one jump

  • your cool if you only required 1 jump too

  • Hey d-pad when you’re gigantic cat Mario you can use the blocks bowser shoots at you as projectiles meaning you can throw them back at bowser

  • You called it a DLC... its not


  • Yeah game champ got 1 ju p

  • also 2 more things, sup nathaniel and use bowser jr. to get the shine.

  • bowser jr. said: "Hey! I'm the only imposter!

  • Make Mario fall on the word SPOILERS

  • Me when I eat too much toxic waste.

  • u can let bowser jr collect cat shine

  • Cemecraft nico : we hate you jr /Dpad Nathal bandy: thank you jr


  • 26:55 you can just put junior in the water and then walk to him to bounce of him and collect the shine you can do things like that in other places you thought were not possible but then i will just have to type for 2 hours

  • Y did u play the ducktales the moon theme when u were riding on plessy when u and plessy were getting lifted

  • Sooooo you using Dpad

  • Hi

  • You can do the first shine in 1 jump.

    • The way I did it: Go to the spot where you do the first jump. Since wall jumping is not technically a jump, you can walk off the ledge, turn around and wall jump, and then turn around and dive. This is used to skip the first jump. The second jump, which is at the very end, requires you to walk up a Bowser's fury pillar at a very precise angle to get some height, then wall jumping twice to get onto the platform. The final jump I don't think is skippable, though.

  • I haven't watched these videos for a while. Since when were there memes here lol

    • @DPadGamer Must have just been watching older videos then. -also what the heck I just commented this-

    • Since when were there memes in my videos? Almost as far back as I can remember. One of my first easter egg videos (Spore) in 2016 was full of dumb edits.

  • If you go between bowsers

  • 10:42 bruh he literatly jumped like more than 2 times

  • Who else heard the pokemon dynamax sound at 30:10?

  • Y

  • 3???

  • Don't worry I beat the whole game

  • Vgmyths is rolling in his grave

  • this game is pay to win


  • Me using hax to fly so I dont jump like:it takes 0 jumps to beat it

  • 22:16 Whaaaaaa 😂 😂😂

  • You can throw cats on plessie and travel with them yah is possible jumpless

  • hey did you know that you only need 1 jump to beat this game and not 3?

  • Fun fact:You could damage bowser with the light towers to get a small sliver of heath so you could just slap him. Idk if this works on any other parts then part 1.

  • If you had watched game champs video that roll dive is way more useful then you gave it credit