How To Set Up a New Mac (Step-By-Step Guide)

Publicado el 24 dic 2020
Did you just buy or receive a new Mac? How exciting! In this video I show you exactly how to set up a new Mac and start using it. I will cover everything from unboxing, to initial setup, and even keyboard shortcuts, how to use macOS and the settings, and also how to record the screen, install programs, and change desktop wallpaper.
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00:00 Introduction
00:27 Unboxing
01:33 Check Mac for Physical Issues
02:10 Setting Up the Mac
10:20 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
11:06 How To Use macOS
16:06 Conclusion
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  • Very cool video ! I have a question I want to configure the MacBook Air for a friend but don’t want to know her Apple-ID and password. So from your video I see that I can configure the MacBook without le Apple-ID. But I want to install Splashtop Streamer to help support her after she will sign in. Because she is a windows user and a first time MacOS user... So will I be able to install "Splashtop Streamer" if the MacBook have no Apple ID sing in ?

    • Also my friend bought the new MacBook Air M1 and will be probably at MacOS 11.0... Can I update the MacOS to 11.2.2 with no Apple-ID sign in ?

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    • @Ritika Correct, one of my videos was sponsored by a company that sells cheap office keys too, you can find it here:

    • @Created Labs thank you, so so much!. ... word Excel etc won't be MS office ,will it?? I saw somewhere we can get MS office installed on mac and use it under a key??

    • You can use Word and ppt etc on a Mac without any issues. The macOS operating system is also nowhere near as restrictive as you might think. I barely ever run into any compatibility issues.

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