I bought an iPhone 8 Plus from Amazon Renewed! Still worth it?

Publicado el 20 mar 2020
Is the iPhone 8 Plus still worth it in 2020? I went back to Amazon and bought an iPhone 8 Plus from the Amazon Renewed program. I did this a while back and got an iPhone 7 as well.
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Comentarios: 343

  • My iPhone 8+ is still going strong since close to release, you’re absolutely right, beast of a phone that still competes with newer releases. My battery capacity is currently at 84% and that’s mostly from not keeping my phone plugged in all night but that still impressive since I bought it in 2017. Great video Travis!

  • 8+ is my iPhone. Had an XR and X and didn't like the notch. Also although not oled the LCD with true tone is really nice and the 16:9 aspect ratio great for media. Also forgot to say proper landscape mode on 8+ you only get on iPad otherwise!

  • This was a great review, Travis! I like how much info you provide in these Amazon Renewed videos, giving people a chance to save a lot of money on very solid phones that still hold up to this day. The 8 Plus is definitely a beautiful phone! Would love to see you review an Amazon Renewed iPhone X sometime!

  • Great review Travis. You’re right on point. I bought the 8 plus on eBay in great condition with 97% battery for €270. There something about it that I actually prefer using it over my 11 pro. I had the 11 pro max but it’s too massive for me. What stands out is the 16:9 ratio. Yes you get bigger but in reality only taller displays with the newer generation but honestly in real live there is not much. I prefer 16:9. Probably unless one does a lot of games, this is the perfect size. Totally worth buying in 2020! Hoping for an SE plus.

  • all of you call me crazy, I went from a XR to an 8 Plus, and honestly, I don't regret it one bit. The 8 Plus is cheaper, and feels just as good as my XR.

  • This is an excellent series of videos. Hope you continue with them. Would be interested to see what you make of a Google Pixel 2 XL from Amazon Renewed - a much under-rated phone.

  • I have an iPhone 7 and it still performs really good, even though my battery is at 76% health. Apple really makes extremely reliable and consistent devices, even after years of use and abuse they are not slowing down 💪🏼

  • I’ve had the 8 plus since December 2017...great phone...runs smooth..camera very good particularly rear photo/video as well as speakers and phone call sound quality...no issues with connectivity...Verizon Qualcomm chip...highly recommended

  • great review and people should appreciate more your recommendations and not accuse of them being biased. I’ve also renewed to a 8+ 256gb, as it made most send cost/features and due to apple’s great os support, except that the fingerprint does not work for me consistently(sweaty palms). If you want to go for cheapest option this will be the one you get most out of, second to that will be the SE2 or 9 which will come out shortly.

  • My 7 Plus is a beast as well. These phones are still great in 2020🔥

  • i'm torn between the XR and the 8 Plus. looks good. might split some of my next paycheque to get this. You should do OS user interface opinions. like how up to date the phone feels and how easy it is for the average joe to get in to these devices. loving the channel Travis!

  • I'm 3 for 3 with Amazon Renewed! I highly recommend it. Bought a Note 10 for $425 still had the samsung display stickers on it. 2nd was the S10. Perfect condition. Sent it back only because the phone was too small for me. 3rd and my fav: S10 plus Ceramic for $550 bucks! Phone is like brand new.

  • Ahh! I love these renew videos. But I was wondering, for that renew price, wouldn’t it be a better idea to wait for the $399 iPhone 9 ?

  • Just rewatched your video after getting my 2nd 8 Plus! I got a Galaxy S21 after a bad experience with a 12 Mini. I missed my old 8 Plus and got another one, this time 256 gigs, 87% battery in Space Gray. Will be keeping this beauty for a very long time!

  • I had an 8 plus on my second number until a few months ago. Great phone but I traded it in for a Samsung S9 because it was too large and heavy to take out on a daily basis.

  • Everything you said in this review is the reason why am still using the iPhone 8 plus and kept on backing away from upgrading. It kinda kills the need to upgrade it's that good 2.5 years later. I will have the battery swapped later and then might keep it until I can no longer get software updates or if it stops working. As for your next phone, how about THE Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the LG V40

  • I’m still rocking this phone. I love it. Would not switch to the iPhone X series.

  • 5:27

  • I had the 8+ for two years. I really did enjoy it while I had it. My only regret was I went to the XR instead of the 11.

  • I switched to iOS in April of 2019 and the 8 plus is the phone i "easily" choose over the iPhone X💯💯💯💯 it's still a monster of a phone💪🏽