I Can’t Stop Injuring Myself... (GETTING X-RAYS)

Publicado el 9 feb 2021
Can You Guess How This Ended? (GETTING X-RAYS)
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  • Tanner your so underrated lmao it’s sad

    • @Jose Ramos Huj

    • Has 10 and a half million subs

    • Underrated? You mean overrated? He’s got like 10 million and in the rise to 11 tf 😂

    • I wish I was underrated!

  • Is that Justin Bieber in the cap?

  • I bet they. Could jump onto your roof

  • Tanner does dumb shit just for videos and sometimes dangerous vids but he always makes it good and respect the dedication

  • You and faze rug should raise your Lambo‘s

  • Tanner is a great scooter


  • Tanner I’m challenging you to an Airsoft battle as well as a fun weekend in Miami. Let me know if your down for the adventure. Hit up my DMs @mxtt_1926

  • omg i did not know that rich people can get sooo injured

  • can someone please send me a link to such dirt bikes

  • Nice click bait thumb nail of Braxton jumping your car

  • Salfe

  • Kit car its very very rare that someone will drive a real one cause they are worth over a million

  • Tanner is to underrated😶😫

  • Whats the intro song

  • Hey Tanner I think I found your lambo check this video out esmain.info/goal/v-deo/jZGfsNyfgMWFjq8

  • Get yourself a friend like this guy 😂 11:08-11:20 He supported his homie

  • My dad's truck is bagged


  • that's a real cobra :0

  • On the shelby you can tell if its a kit by the emblem on the front of the car

  • 5:40 what music is it !???

  • It’s a replica of the Shelby cobra. I know because my dad has one

  • Tanner: getting his back pop Me: still trying to figure out the song *HELP ME WHIT THE SONG PLZ

  • Is hemicula doing better

  • Is anyone else wondering how much he must be paying on hospital fees

  • I finnaly Fogured the name dof the channel again

  • Here is the beautiful solar post cap lights I like so much : amazon shops Sogrand

  • Hey Tanner! I was wondering if you can please delete the post on tik tok where you guys say girls don’t have hobbies. There isn’t a need for sexism on social media so it would be really appreciated

  • How to tell a fake cobra: 2 roll bars, A/C, owned by random guy, or a Radio

  • Bro u need a new vlog out already s***

  • I'm poor and I need help Email laminegillette@gmail.co

  • Fight faze rug please

  • Ok so the way to tell between a kit car and a real cobra is the kit cars have two racing hoops the real ones have only 1.

  • Help me 🙏

  • I used to love u and watch u but u got rid of Godzilla 🥺

  • I love how people call the ground "the floor" lol. Idiots lol

  • Can you bring Steve o on

  • Love the car defiantly could use wheels

  • At chino Park

  • Today

  • I saw you at the shop

  • Bro, it's always been my dream to be a scooter rider but I can't afford it. My bigest wish is for him to give me one , but I know it'll never happen ):

  • Its was a kit car not the right bumpers

  • Shelley cobra

  • Hello everyone, friends. We are a family KREINOVICH, and on our channel is all about our family. I will be glad to see you on my ESmain channel. Subscribe, it will be interesting.

  • Likely a higher end replica, a really nice one too! Real Cobras have aluminum bodies so you wont see them out much.

  • Hi tanner can you please res with the dobre brothers please

  • I used to watch u all the time when u were always on a scoot pls start riding on yt again pls

  • Lol

  • Meet mo vlog he is in America

  • Meet mi vlog

  • That was good mad me laughing

  • Love the videos Tanner! \m/

  • How you know it’s a real Shelby is that you look under the chassis and there should be a number and that is the code for what number it was built

  • How do you not have a ramp set up??

  • What does tanner more love the Laferarri or the Twin Turbo LBWK Lambo???

  • I want to see tanner double finger whip

  • Just stop being immature then lol

  • Perfect yellow colour for the video "Picking up people in my new lambo!" Like if you agree.

  • Is that Brandon Walsh's step brother your chillin with?

  • tanner where did your GTR go!!!!! that is like my dream car

    • Getting fixed, he says it in nearly every vid mate

  • Boys Living The Dream 👍

  • When is the gtr coming back

  • Man I haven't watched this channel in 5 years, u been doing good

  • Tanner needs to be in the red thong!!

  • why i watch Tanner video.. looking for the baddies in red undies :P


  • whats the intro song called ?

  • tannar you dint blur the car plate ...

  • Why do Americans call everyone Dr? 🧐

  • Remember when he lived on jakes roof

  • Sub to me for entertainment

  • Little bit hard for me😅 im from Norway


  • Tanner fox U rock man🌎

  • Where's your gtr tanner

  • tanner all is og scooter fans want you to do a webisode with all the scooter gang at clairmont and i we need a video with jake again 🥺🥺

  • Tanner, i know it’s fun doing these things but i’m scared for you, so i would like you to stop but all ur fans say DONT so don’t stop

  • U need to do another fire song doe

  • I miss the old kanye...

  • Share the channel #ilymost so they can reach 2k

  • I respect tanner but he won’t be able to ride my rm 250 2 stroke he would kill him self

  • tanner bro my sister walked she is 4 years old she said what you watching i said tanner fox she said who is that he dose scootering can i see and now she is abscessed with watching you he wants the gwakzila she has been asking my dad non stop for 3 weeks stright

  • Bro when the man fixed ur body it was cool he fixed ur body .

  • Tanner just be enjoying life to his full extent but gotta be alot more careful before the problems now mess up your future and will have alot of body problems

  • “You ever got your feet adjusted ?” NAH

  • Kit car just very close to real usually the roll cage gives it away

  • This is an idea for when you wrap either the gtr or the lambo (or in the future after covid) You should hold an event or whatever and have a bunch of your fans sign their name on a massive piece of paper or whatever it is that goes into wrapping a car, then put it on one of your cars. That would look badass

  • I’m confused that people subcribe

  • You are also not a child with a bunch of natural growth hormones anymore either

  • I just snapped my ligament in my wrist... I know the injury feels brother

  • Cop his merch ITS THE BEST

  • I think it’s the original because it looks like a restored barn find

  • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/qIine8uapMqZhZo

  • 6:33 Is that Mike Einziger? 😄

  • This dude is still on fuckin 10 mil why braa why

  • Tanner here's a good idea for some content for you the dirt bike jump that they was hitting when jumping over the lambo they're getting high enough to where they could land on that roof right there whatever that is house garage whatever it looks like it's actually tile roofing so you couldn't land on it that way but if you build a platform to where you could land up there on the roof and then ride and jump off at the end that was made for a badass video 👍👍👍💯

  • God bless Jesus loves and has a plan for all Have a blessed day!!!!

  • This dude is immortal