I Got Beat Up By a Grown Man... (lesson learned)

Publicado el 30 abr 2020
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I Got Beat Up By a Grown Man... (lesson learned)


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  • they could have been talking about a girl on there phone or something doesn't mean they are talking about the girl your with


  • Who is the flyer for the club team meeting today at fern hill today at fern park park at fern hill park at fern creek valley road

  • that's still fucked up, you dont slam a kids head into a wall and toss them into tables for saying something so simple

  • Lol

  • 69

  • i have that nissan godzilla pant job car in hotwheels

  • u were feeding him fish food not turtle food thats why he ate the fish instead of the food

  • When the GTR is rumbling my device is shaking lol

  • Lmao you shouldn't have say anything people do make stupid comments yes but if they didnt touch her you shouldn't say shit like that to them

  • Me with a jeep and a bmw and tanner like gtr and a porsh 11

  • Protein powder is your friend.

  • Soyboy

  • Body of a 14 year old girl, voice of a 9 year old boy

  • Why is a kid still in puberty even allowed to have cars like that?

  • I would have paid to see that ass whoopin!

  • Typical zoomer shit..deleting my comments...lol

  • Why is a kid still going thru puberty even allowed to have cars like this?

  • And to cover all bases....i did NOT watch your video and i have ad blocker...so you get no revenue anyway....lmao

  • Damn..i would have paid to see that ass whoopin....

  • Why is a kid still in the middle of puberty allowed to even drive cars like that?

  • 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  • Guy probably felt coo after fighting kid those are the type of people that won’t fight some their own size 😂

  • Is it just me or are the two older guys on two and a half man

  • Nothing special about him

  • 1:19 prepare for a jumpscare

  • dude i jumpedddd

  • Nothing wrong with what u did u stood up for a girl and clearly that guys was a creep

  • Ur I good Man U need to stand up for people if something is wrong then u Eather call cops or stand up to him and say what ever u did

  • that watermelon has more security than the capitol

  • Diego video

  • And that's why you care a knife on you oh wait you can't cuz it California and its illegal there

  • Idiot 😂😂😂😂

  • You should have f*ked him up Tanner

  • Buahahahahaha damn kids nowadays

  • Hvad han msde fuck up

  • Go sub please

  • Were's your gtr

  • Bruh I bought ur GT3RS and didn't know it

  • you did the right thing bro

  • What in the white privilage is this

  • Put camber on the gtr

  • Don't throw trash in the nature

  • Me and that man would be fighting

  • I've seen 9 year olds bigger than this guy.

  • That’s pretty funny Tanner fox where the pumpkin not pumpkin the watermelon popped

  • I jumped when the watermelon exploded

  • You stole Ireland boys productions intro music.

  • What a white boy

  • He looks like a simp

  • big oof

  • welp

  • no one hurts tanner wtf old man


  • it’s certain ppl that u just don’t say things to it’s that simple

  • I remember watching you at 20k you turned into a monster man

  • Beat up by a grown man? Aren't you like 20. Imagine

  • Hey t fox remember me I m amber from el vergel wen you were taking pictures of my brother and my friend

  • If i was there he woulda got the same thing done to him

  • Tanner Fox’s tiny arms aren’t big enough to back up his mouth.

  • bro i would of did the same thing but instead of getting my ass beat he will be the one getting his ass beat

  • If I was with there i would of beat that guys ass 4 you bro

  • I like that he isn’t scared to tell a story of how he got his ass beat in front of a girl

  • Go to 1:19 plz R.I.P

  • Faze rug did it

  • U should do a video of drawling designs on your car with zhc

  • I got bulled today

  • fox gang

  • 😳🤍🔒🍉💀😔💔🛐🖤😘😝😭🤠🅱️♋️🦋💞❤️✊🥶😖👍💕😂😆💯🤬🥰✌️🥺

  • Anyone else jump when the watermelon popped😂✌️

  • Me at 16 I was 6’3 260 I would have beat the fuck out of a guy if he talked about my girl

  • You we’re still a minor so he technically has to go to prison

  • i coulda sworn youve told us this story before.

  • Another rich wyte kid using parents money to be ESmain famous. Nice

  • I the thought that the the was green


  • Next time u go to San Diego prank rug

  • You have my two dream cars Maybe one day I will be able to get that Porsche or the GTR

  • the woter melon explode looks cool bruh

  • The glowing stuff is alge not fish

  • Bru I'm 15 I only way qrt and I'm 6 foot 2 but I probably would have got myself beat to cause I don't shut up

  • The picture that Tanner showed Is Charlie and Alan from two and A half men

  • Is he still going out with that Australian girl?

  • Of coase tanner had to hidridipt a scooter

  • He was a minor so wouldn't that mean that that was child abuse

  • Zzzzzz

  • Bro they Paedophiles

  • He’s a fuckin minor get him arrested

  • Man your growing so fast I was here from 40k till now congrats

  • I have similar story, i had a fight with 8 growing men when i was 6 months old. Was trying to defend my whole village.

  • Tanner please get a puppy

  • Nah It's Never Ok To Shut Up When Ur In That Position, That's Why Always Strike First, I know BJJ, Kickboxing, Boxing All My Life

  • tanner saying the story me:what 35 yr old does that

  • I found this ESmainr just after fousey tube published a video on him

  • Tanner Is the Best ESmain r

  • You should get her side of the story on video

  • U should prob start working out after that

  • 1:20 why do you have to scream like that it's only a watermelon

  • When they hydro dipped it looked like vape to be fr

  • .