I made him cry...

Publicado el 17 mar 2021
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I’ve Never Seen Him Cry Like
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: clcr.me/1W4al1 and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    • @DAN-macwhy? explain ur reason for that action with all capitals full stops Thank you!

    • Nope

    • @JacMoves sorry to hear that.

    • Hey I wish I could be in a video lol

    • @2KBABY I don’t like yo

  • One person who has donated a van is ZHC he fully customized a van and it was sick

  • make me cry too bro

  • Is it just me or did that dirt bike come with the van

  • ** Pl Make this top comment

  • Why did u had to edit the tear it makes it look fake

  • I was going to sub on his channel but his reaction is super lame, cold heart!! smh!

  • 11:25 Bro that's no teddy bear.. that's Snoopy from Charlie Brown.. Ya heard!

  • he looks like the kid laroi

  • can i have a shout out please

  • Tanner I’m challenging you to an Airsoft battle as well as a fun weekend in Miami. Let me know if your down for the adventure. Hit up my DMs @mxtt_1926

  • U great

  • I wanna add u tanner in raid

  • If Tanner has 10.4 million subscribers, how come less than 10 percent of his subscribers actually view his videos on a regular basis??? seems fishy to me

  • Keep up the good work Tanner you are a amazing person

  • Check my channel out @Jakemcbeth New Zealand burnout and drifting scene, 4x4 and more to come. Come see how us Nzers send it !!!


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  • Sponsor for a guy who doesn't even play mobile games Koool

  • duuudue does he ever pay taxes? as long as its used for a video right?? cuz now its a business expense

    • Plus one, five, zero, triple seven, four, zero, three, one and 9

  • Thought Mav was your best friend...;(

  • Y do you kiss lil boys

  • Love this bro! Shane one of the realest out. ❤️👑

  • 13:09 legit perfect Australian accent

  • Bro tanner dosent know who snoopy is...

  • Pick mikalia up in a Buguti Divo

  • is it possible to order a tfox scooter in europe

  • Yay

  • I brought the Tanner fox scooter and I am ashamed because back in the day u used to be good but now ur content is dry.

  • I love how Tanner has to re title the name of the video because the video is doing horrible. And only like 20 seconds of his content is even relevant.

  • you the best gee

  • stop over showing your car's. even i'm also a youtuber,okay so....

  • hello, how are you😄🤜🏻🤛🏻😄⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Tanner Fox VS Nick Austin 🥊 June 5th - like for Tanner / comment for Nick

  • Hey man you should get a regular used car and put crazy mods on it. I think everyone would love to watch those videos

  • U look like justine bieber

  • Fight big gibber instead you and him would be a good mate and you would make a lot of people happy he is looking for someone to fight and it should be you @tannerfor

  • You need to post more pls

  • Hey tanner imma ask for a scooter for x mad Ik it’s a long time from Xmas but I just really want one bc the one that I have is kinda old

  • You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,!

  • Is it just me or does he look like maverick

  • Can you surprise me with my dream truck? 😂 jk jk

  • your scooter's are so expensive

  • u should tell ZHC to design the van

  • Tanner fox is gonna kick nick austins ass

  • Wow amazing content 👍

  • Can’t pay for his medical bill but can buy him a car?? Wtf????

  • It has been months since I watched you

  • damn tanner still puttin up good numbers and hit 10 million, jeez i remember 500,000

  • Tanner fox is truly struggling to get this content out a week without a video on here and a week without a video on the podcast yet says he can post twice a week on both hahaha 10mil subs have gone to his head

  • We watched this man grow up , how tf he older den us 😂😂😭

  • No tanner voice got deeper wtf 🤔

  • U lookin like a baby Justin bieber

  • He’s hard for just going with the price and everything it no questions asked nothing said 12k? Fasho I’ll pick it up 🤣

  • I haven’t seen one of his videos in like 2 yearsssss😂

  • Yooooooooo

  • What singer do u use for your montages?🙃

  • I need that van more than he does??? Wassup Tanner

  • This is weird because I never met my dad but I’m pretty sure he’s going to by me and my other 4 siblings a van four our birthday because I’m turning 17 on Thersday

  • That's not a man cave that's a whole warehouse, a man cave is in a house ha

  • bro your gonna get your ass beat u got two months no training please train

  • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/jo-ff559htpzbLc

  • x50 free germs? noice

  • Your getting knocked out in June

  • At 8:11 bitch ass said the n word

  • We want old tanner back your now like every other youtuber😭

  • Ima go steal that uzi shii clean af

  • Can u only get the scooter in the US

  • Man said I get 50 germs

  • 50 germs?

  • Tanner: You can get 50 germs. Everyone: You can get 50 gems.

  • That’s a literally just a rebadged Mercedes

  • David Dobrik?

  • I just subcribe like share and comment

  • Why do you only do things for people in front of a camera and seriously help people who actually desperately need it.

  • If only they lived in UK and got free healthcare so they didn’t have to pay bills 😢

  • What i like about Tanner is that he never do clickbaiting unlike FAZE RUG'S STUPID BROTHER THE DRAMA KING BRAWADIS

  • Hi tanner

  • Tanner: I’m gonna start giving people van Me: y do u want someone to kidnap me out something

  • TANNER NEEDS A HUG he becoming such a great friend and an inspiration to so many people that he's starting to get Haters who believes that he is faking injuries just like so many people believe that the earth is flat.

  • Wheres the Porsche GT3RS?

  • Way to stay blessed and give blessings bro 👍

  • tanner u should get a dodge challenger

  • Ffrrddffftfddsdf&fdxffggf$saawqw

  • Did hi cry😪

  • yo tanner you should play the oujia board with gage!!


  • Idk y but i legit had a dream involving u and ur friends apparently. You handed me a nerf gun and we had an all put nerf war. Would be dope for that to actually happen 😂

  • Sleepy joe van

  • Lol

  • I love your videos Tanner you need a bugatti

  • You should do videos with roman atwood

  • I swear i think tanner looks like Justin Bieber Like if you agree

  • Tanner you better win the boxing match

  • tanner's clothes are starting to look like what maverick uses

  • Yo

  • 50 germ?

  • Make a series like racing every you tuber lambo

  • me next

  • U need to race with faze rug lambo