The Weirdest Pet Games

Publicado el 13 mar 2021
video game animals
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monky with sweater

Comentarios: 50 585

  • Gotta add the "z" at the end of everything to attract the cool kids XDz

  • 2:23

  • "I'm SOOOO getting pissed" can either mean the bird is getting angry.. or it's a British bird that wants to get absolutely smashed (aka get really heckin drunk)

  • "He cage is to small" was way funnier than it had any right to be

  • Jaiden: "This monkey seems... dangerous. Idk."

  • Strangest pet game I remember, was "my little pet shop" for the DS.

  • I remember when I was little and I got Nintendogs, I named my first dog Emily after my best friend, but I didn’t know what the gender symbols meant back then so it turned out Emily was a male dog 😅 My friend was so angry at me haha

  • I miss playing the original "Petz" games. The graphics were just as horrendous in 1995, but at least we had third party software to turn our cats and dogs into dragons and unicorns xD.

  • "I didnt teach him all of that where is he learning these" is a classic question most parents are always confused by...cant say mine not included

  • As a Hawaiian, the bird saying " Today I'm Feeling ~Aloha~ " Was the most fucking hilarious thing ever.

  • I had a Petz with a Z game when I was younger, and I honestly remember loving it. I forgot what one it was, but it had a variety of animals from dogs and cats to actual leopards, lions, and pandas. It was definitely an experience. The only downside was you could only have two pets at a time, so I often just sold a lot of my animals. Good times, good times.

  • Jaiden: he cage be too smoll

  • I had a Furby as a child. One holiday, my mom had a coworker over and she brought her son. He proceeded to take my Furby and hurl it down the stairs. It stopped working after that.

  • 4:24

  • That weird story you taught Large to speak was like a weird choppy version of Momotaro, who came out of a peach that his mother found while out in a bamboo forest. It’s largely attributed to being popularized in World War Two which makes it was more confusing why it’s in this game and why a bird needs to know it

  • 4:24

  • 10:18

  • “You can also give him toys to play with- oh he cage is too small” got me

  • seeing hamsterz restored some memories I forgot I even had aHHH

  • “But it’s okay, because 42 hours in, Grandpa now has a cowboy hat and an entire roller coaster.”