I Showed Up at YouTubers Houses, And Gave Them THIS

Publicado el 31 oct 2020
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Who doesn't love presents....

I Showed Up at ESmainrs Houses, And Gave Them THIS
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BUSINESS - Tannerfox@spacestation.com


  • he said fuck the hat

  • i dont like many tik tokers but nick austin seems really genuine

  • My brother has the scooter

  • Airrack mofiea

  • Bro 11:10

  • just saying i pause the video 12:02 and it said airrack adress if you want it 10 likes

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  • Potta baade potta devidiya

  • Poda potta

  • 🍀

  • These people have really nice houses

  • bro but the scooter is so expensive

  • Why did he blur his nose 😂

  • The house look like one of the old faze houses were the guy keep hitting tail whip

  • I like how the TikToker has the biggest house

  • 16:02 Imma shut up Imma keep talking

  • At 12:02 I think I know his address………🤔🤔🤔

  • Tanner could I get one for free I don’t have money to buy them and I really want one

  • My man just said jake Paul

  • Not enjoyable 😭😭😭😭

  • Wow nice present mate

  • Who new people tanner fox would back out from is fight

  • 12:02 put it in 0.25 speed and pause it trust

  • Team tanner ❤

  • They're only around 200 bucks for a complete? I think I might grab one :)

  • I just didnt know what to say you did likr a backflip this was me face🙀

  • 8:18 when you hear that nacho fries are back

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  • He is saying giveaway is valid for 3 days and I m watching after 7 month 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • airrack

  • I want one of these but there expensive :(

  • could i get 1 scooter i realy want it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Tanner fox is the best

  • His address wasn’t fully blurred “13229”

  • Skateboarders punching the air rn.....

  • lol when airrack faked the suprise

  • Who knew that 6 months later nick cancels the fight

  • done


  • Airrack is your cameraman

  • It’s funny because Eric is filming and he also got one

  • I see u Nick Austin

  • Who else is watching this when tanner fox was supposed to box nick austin but nick bailed out

  • Great video. I love the end when the kid was are you a 100%.. lol.

  • How the hell does he Ollie that high off the stairs without a run

  • Hey Tina Fox you think you could give me one of those scooters for free my. Bertha is coming soon

  • That’s really nice 👍 & brave of you 💋 I’ll give you my address. J/K I don’t 🛴 Nice 😊 car

  • Who ramdomly see this after knowing nick and tenner gonna fight

  • Thanks for giving back my dear

  • Can i have a scooter??

  • Yo that’s so nice of you

  • Yoooo. What is that Baja Bug

  • Hey! I would love it! But... I can’t efford your merch:/ so if you still want to pick me that would be great! BYEE

  • “OH SH) DUDE

  • Cool video Nick Aston was the only one that made it look good other than yourself

  • like airrak didn't know and he was recording

  • It's not they hype house we call it clout house 2

  • Yo why is it that tfox is the only one who slams a tesla's tailgate

  • Is it just me, or has everyone on this list been wanting a scooter from him.

  • Bruh he looking like justin beiber

  • I don’t have any money to get items

  • Tanner: It's Jake Paul's house. also, Tanner: let's go knock on Logan's door. 3:35

  • Qlq. Jukjl no I, Jpm

  • I am practicing tailwhip for 3 months and your not going to tell me that some guy alex waarren is landing it in 10 min🤯😭😭

  • Logan reaction was horrible

  • Tanner low-key looks like Justin Bieber

  • Everybody ever “Oh Dude”

  • I respect Logan Paul but fuck Jake Paul

  • could i have a scooter?Very Curious

  • 9:35 house is so my dream

  • it takes my dad an hour to build a scooter 😂

  • I know your going to say no but can I have a scooter because we are having a hard time dad just lost his job and mum past away

  • I need scooter.

  • How did you get arake(I cant spell his name) for a camera man

  • I love you Tanner

  • Bro that dot on the camera tho...

  • Logan Paul is acting like a 8 year old

  • If tanner was Australian he would be an eshay

  • wtf is james wearing?

  • Isnt the hype house the old faze house

  • Not a hater I love Tfox but he looks someone from hoovillle

  • tanner: does it look familiar its jake pauls house! me: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! ITS LOGAN PAULS HOUSE!!!!!!!!! no hate this was just a joke

  • Logan's scuter jump haha 8:40

  • O

  • logans

  • i love how u said jake pauls hous but it rlly is lofans lol

  • Hey Tanner maybe you should um blur out your license plate

  • I want a scooter

  • I never realised that airrack was your filter btw I’ve looked up to you since I was 5 so keep up the good work

  • Bro you are dope af

  • * hat falls off while doing a flair * * continues to put it back on each time*

  • i’m assuming at the start of me watching this he’s gonna give people his signature scooter

  • Great Video giving something out is always nice

  • Do you reply?

  • eyyyy Airrack!!

  • Tannar should make electric scooter that will be nice compitition with Elon Musk

  • Tanners signature thing is to be freakishly good at pretty much everything.