I Watched 100 Dream Manhunts and Learned this - Minecraft

Publicado el 9 sep 2020
What would you learn if you watched Dream's Manhunts 100 TIMES? Well I did just that, and let's just say I'm feeling like Sun Tzu with the battle knowledge I've gained, and in this video I'm going to share that same knowledge with all of you.

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  • What if Sun Tzu play minecraft in time machine and plays minecraft as a battle simulator and improves his stragety

  • “Killed sapnap for no reason” doubtful. Seems a little too coincidental.

  • Dream- make a trap Mohjang-is it even possible?

  • 6:35 Dream is a shark


  • You fought Boyjedi from the Mrbeast video

  • Bruh you definitely deserve 1000000 subs

  • I mean dream was a cheater but he was also a fast thinker

  • comparing minecraft to guerrila warfare i guess

  • why is george responsible for like every single hunter loss??

  • I learned nothing I knew more advanced warfare Because I only use guerilla warfare in any and all Battles

  • The art of surprise*

  • The thing that I always learn from dream is to talk like this "CMERREEE GEORRGGEGEGEGEGEGEGEGEGEGGGEGEGEEGEEGGEGGEGEGEEE" And also the thing that I always learn from George every manhunt dream does is to scream as loud as u can so u can break ur opponents ears 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Plot twist dream was sun tsu’s great great great great great great great great great great great grandson

  • Dream's also a filthy cheater and stages his manhunt videos

  • Dream who doesn't have 100 Manhunt Videos: Hold up-

  • we're comparing a minecraft player to Sun Tzu

  • 2021 Jun 2

  • 1. You lied 2. You spelled a-do wrong 3. The videos of MrBeast that have Dream is counted as manhunts. Dream vs 100 players, and the video where he joined the Boys to defend Karl to not delete the gaming channel.

  • Nice thumbnail editting

  • Napoleon?

  • I think sunzu is dream 🤔🤔

  • I kinda like your Minecraft skin :D

  • Every single top comment: *Has the word Sun Tzu* If you're seeing this then so does this one

  • these work if you fight against the same people every time, they don't work on skywars for example

  • So you learned about how to cheat speedruns?

  • dream in 2022 minecraft manhunt 1 speedrunner vr 100 hunters

  • 1:18 Kills BadBoyHalo 1:33 Goes for BadBoyHalo sad Halo noises :(

  • 10:00 Notice how when the hunter dies Dream immediately sees the ender pearls, makes a plan, and moves directly under them as they are falling to make them go into his free hotbar slot before any other of the items so he can use them.(almost going out of the water stream in the process I might add) It is not just luck like I originally thought!

  • ok so with the fire resistance potion but dream was at 1 heart. someone even said he’s low. there’s 3 hunters surely they could’ve rushed him all once as at least one of them could’ve tanked a hit and killed him. scripted

  • Yeah this is a good analysis if only the videos weren't scripted...

  • Most of Dream's videos are fake, Dream is surprising Lucky in his videos, which is odd.....

  • tip 1: watch sipover

  • Is he a dream simp?

  • Wait so dream is sun tzu

  • I watched 100 dream manhunts and found out he faked them...

  • Step 1: get friends Step 2: fail miserably

  • Dreams opponents are rather dimb-witted and benefit from his success.

  • ThE BaCkGrOuNd MuSiC iS FrOm PoRtAl 2

  • Dream when he's at full health: LeAvE mE aLoNe! pLeAsE! Dream at half a heart: gEorGe cOmE hErE gEorGe!

  • Dream: what’s this I just play Minecraft.

  • Next manhunt dream vs Sun Tzu

  • 10:19 Sapnap: GORGE UH

  • I’m sorry to say but Dream is usually staged

  • plot twist : Dream is Sun Tzu

  • Plot twist : sun tzu is dream

  • George is color blind

  • You have more patiace than i have in my little toe

  • This is a coincidence. My friend has just started liking Sun Tzu 1 month ago. I get 3 recommended videos with Sun Tzu in them AND a month earlier I started a game with Sun Tzu as my main character. Deja vu?

  • Enjoyable and nice time spent 🤍🙌

  • The smoggy pisces frequently dress because gram recently interest toward a vivacious snake. economic, irritating pan

  • Dreams watchtime be like: SIPOVER SIPOVER WE HAVE A SIPOVER

  • Techno is quaking

  • He also said “he who goes to bed with a itchy but, wakes up with a smelly finger.”

  • U fighted againts boyjedi

  • Did you learn that Dream always conveniently finds a village before 5 minutes into the manhunt?

  • He hasn't even made 100 manhunt though...

  • Nicholi Machiavelli: "It is better to rule with fear than by love."

  • Minecraft is just chess with a small percentage of the calculations

  • I watched 100 Sun Tzu videos

  • Nice clickbait

  • Sun Tzu is dream. That’s why he doesn’t show his face

  • I think its fake. The hunters could not be that bad at playing minecraft its all a hoax

  • iBoyJedi 5:21

  • It's funny the hunters seem like they don't know the rules, that Dream only got one life in total, there is no another shot for him, while all the hunters can respawn infinite times. So the hunters shall not fear to die in the game. I don't understand the hunters' decisions makings, in almost time, they are assigned by their emotions, they can't see the truth behind appearances, and the appearances can be deceptive. The most essential thing is you know your final objectives, and you can see through the behaviors of your opponents, you can judge things by yourself instead of the others, be assigned by rationalites instead of emotions.

  • You are hell of an ESmainr (my Favorite)

  • If Fighting is sure to result in Victory, then you must Fight. Sun Tzu said that & I say he's know a little more about fighting then you'll do everyone because he was the best & he has perfected it so that know living man could best him in the ring of HONOR!

  • Ngl in cmd server sun tzu waged war ON MEEE! IM A YOUNG KID

  • Dude wtf they are CLEARLYYYYYY fake

  • you sure dream did a 100 minecraft manhunts?

  • If Dream team was watching this video... The hunters will win the next manhunt match. It is 5v1 REMATCH

  • I am a good strategist too in secretly watching Sipover vids.

  • I’m studying my opponent cuz I might 1v1 him one day

  • Dreams videos are scripted. Thats why he wins every fight.

  • Boy Jedi I saw him

  • Is Dream Shan Zu???

  • want to know why dream uploads only like once every 3 months? Because he's always trying to fin the best seed for his manhunts.

  • 5:22 boyjedi

  • Always George is the problem 🤨🤨🤨

  • Legends say that the pvp i te background is still going on.😂😂😂

  • Dream is Sun Tzu's mentor

  • Sipover: studying dream techniques, ways of reacting etc… Me: dream is good

  • Aims to surprise instead of rushing head on... ^ Wow, what a regular ol' Zhuge Liang 😒


  • i saw the one with the hay jump

  • Now i think sun tzu is dreams grandfather

  • the 2 weapons that dream and techno use are Dream - never give up Techno - never gonna give u up

  • techno - dream might be Sun Tzu but i am the cause of why Sun Tzu died im death

  • Tbh. I dont think Dream is doing anything special. Theres probably a person telling them what to do to make it more intense and entertaining

  • B

  • so 100 Dream manhunts is 300 Minutes

  • Thia video was very sloppily written

  • I learned all of it now i have 50 winsteaks at the hive!!🥑🇲🇽

  • The amount of times Sun Tzu is referenced makes me think that either Dream has heard of Tzu and learnt him or he's a descendant of Tzu.

  • 4:16 the one which he was fighting with was in MR BEAST GAMING videos too

  • im seen about 4 of them what im learned its scripted as fuck and its a show for children........ Every time he got low they stop atacking and retreet some times he literary stop taking dmg on half heart and they start runing away.... They see his healt and make a show thats that nothing more ......

    • And in his latest manhunt, he instantly turned wood logs to planks without going in his inventory.

  • Went into this a minrcraft player. Came out a war tactician.

  • m.esmain.info/goal/v-deo/ga6MnrGpZdh4Z68

  • "I Watched 100 Dream Manhunts" Only 23 Dream Manhunts exist

    • @Omar Baba okay that means there are still only 23 manhunts, because he watched them multiple times doesn't add how manhunts there are.

    • He literally explained that he watched them multiple times

  • has anyone noticed that sipover is played with BoyJedi from MrBeast?