Josh Duggar | Analysis of Allegations

Publicado el 4 may 2021
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This video answers the question: Can I analyze the case of Josh Duggar?
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Cantor, J. M. (2018). Can Pedophiles Change? Current Sexual Health Reports. doi:10.1007/s11930-018-0165-2

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  • He was never forced to speak for himself, instead the victims and parents bailed him out. That's their fault for not holding him accountable. Lack of boundaries!!

  • No Christian values in that house of sexual abuse. The parents need to be jailed for Obstruction of Justice and much more. The children under 18 in both homes should be removed to keep them safe.

  • One of his first mistakes was describing his family as "the epitome of Christian values." None of us should hold ourself up to that kind of standard, because that's just not true.

  • Josh Duggar...where do I begin...🤢...the whole "...and counting" and "counting on" series were weird and gross.

  • All these republican conservatives are hiding something. Could be paying for sex with porn stars, owning slaves, abusing their families or weird shit you can’t imagine. And the ones that preach about what’s allowed and what isn’t, the devout Christian conservatives that tell you what you’re allowed to do in the privacy of your own homes are the worst of all. They know how dark their own wants and thoughts are so they obsess that everyone else is as deviant as they are.

  • This is late, but what about the fact that those kids were so insulated, unable to have any sort of normal teen experiences with the opposite sex, (I don’t mean having full on sex here) that the curiosity could only be sated with who was available? And since he was young, as were his victims, his “likes” were kind of stuck there.🤔

  • I can't believe he keeps getting away with this bullshit.

  • You are correct in your analysis of these types of shows. I hate them as well.

  • At 2:45 when you say there is nothing educational about this show. Well you lost me right there. Whether you agree with the lifestyle or disagree we can learn from it. This shows such judgement early on. Clear and obvious bias.

  • Honey Boo Boo and John and Kate killed the "learning" part of the channel. Lol.

  • NO ONE with a father called Jim Bob can ever be a positive member of society...

  • Another 2nd watch of another of your brilliant videos. Ugh that mugshot makes my already nauseous stomach churn. This should’ve been seen coming a mile away. I’ve never seen any of the 19 kids and Counting or any spin offs- just because you have a ridiculous number of children does not make you interesting. As you say it really is just ‘look we are doing everyday normal activities but there’s a lot of us how fascinating’. I would like to say though me waking up and being able to say ‘hey look I’m technically alive!’ is an achievement for me- but I wouldn’t make a show or ESmain channel about me. The ‘values’ of the Duggars are also about as far from mine as they could get. Particularly Jim Bob (that name alone is enough for me) not getting correct legal and mental health treatment for all his family. And then the Ashley Maddison affair- could this guy get any creepier? Oh wait, yes he could! Of course this hideous creature looks at child pornography. As you say his initial crimes were extremely serious and involved their own daughters. How could they not have seen that once a pedophile, always a pedophile. There’s a doco by Louis Theroux that takes place in a facility for sexual offenders who have completed their prison sentences but are considered too dangerous to be released into the community. They are referred to as ‘individuals’. A treatment plan is offered and if ‘successfully’ completed the individuals may be released into the community (although the rules about where sex offenders can live are so strict it’s almost impossible to find housing)- but as far as I could tell all this program did was teach them how to use platitudes to sound remorseful and reformed- but it seemed very superficial. Despite this, the vast majority of individuals refused to participate in the program because the believed it was a conspiracy or because they didn’t believe their was anything mentally wrong with them. Another fascinating (hopefully- I hope I’m not just rambling on) is the growing online community of ‘Virtuous Pedophiles’ who consider their pedophilia to be their sexual orientation but they never want to offend so the commit to a life of celibacy and advocate for treatment for ‘virpeds’. I’m not sure how I feel about them at all. I’d be interested to know what you think…. In any case a brilliant analysis of a highly unpleasant situation gorgeous genius Dr G ❤️xx

  • religion harms. the end.

  • I’m intellectually addicted to you and your channel.. I have Dissociative amnesia (DID) and have not disassociated in 3 yr.. The mental health system in this country is unfortunate and it’s stigma is like steel.... I’m very interested in this case and have not been able to watch anything on the case because the verbiage triggers my trauma... thank you Dr.Grande for your dedication to and for mental health it needs your view and understanding...

  • Do you think professionals should focus more on the brain for treatment approaches instead of the traditional “talk therapy” ?

  • Josh needs to be placed in general population and let the inmates pass sentence

  • *Criminal Versatility* ~ psychopathy…

  • I agree with your analysis 100% I have seen the show but your right. Its boring. I don't get it. Thank you for posting.

  • 19 kids and counting along with counting on are a great example of a narcissistic family dynamic in a religious home. They scapegoated Trans people for what was going on in their home. They use allot of repeated wording via mom, dad, kids which is conditioning narcissists use. The Goddard child correction and school has done long lasting damage to children who went to his school.

  • or sometimes you love your child so much you believe they can change.

  • Josh will get his karma in prison.

  • I get teenagers are curious about sex but what he did absolutely wrong! Even if they had clothes on no excuse!!!! He needed to be taken into custody and have a punishment Nothing wrong with watching porn it's not a sin and you're not going to hell for it or be judged. It's a hell of a healthier and normal compared to touching anyone inappropriately

  • As a follower of the creation-evolution debate I am aware of these guys being advocates for the young Earth creationist/conspiracy theorist Kent Hovind, aka "Dr. Dino". I believe they met him when he was released from federal prison where he was sentenced for tax fraud. Please watch some Kent Hovind creation seminars, debates with "evolutionists", or regular webcasts and give us your two cents, Dr. Grande!

  • Let's make a video of how ridiculous Anna Psychology is. How we would all be better off as AI, how we can't say anything anymore without hurting someone feelings. DR. GRANDE is my cup of tea! Your content is interesting and I vote for Dr. GRANDE!! Keep up the great content!

  • Dr. Grande got the big sponsors! Been watching you for years for the educational content. I like this format, but I also liked the vignettes of behavior in session. Cheers.

  • TLC is truly trash. I DO NOT know why I’ve watched the Duggers, Sister Wives, or the newest Seeking Sister Wives which are nothing but trash...I thought they were all so bazaar, and I can’t fathom anyone living that way. Curiosity, I think is why I’ve watched. So I’ve stopped. Maybe I need analysis for watching these people who are clearly so unhappy. I am a devout Christian and should have known better😳

  • His parents made decisions based on money and protecting their money.

  • When the parents use religion to restrict children from what society determines are “normal” activities it’s not unusual for kids to rebel, mores so depending on the child’s personality dependence/independent. I doubt Josh was exposed to sex toys, “naughty” woman’s unmentionables, adultery let alone CP, but somewhere in his brain he wanted to explore and once out from under the collective 40 other thumbs in his family he went hog wild when given the chance. With his Foolin’ Nobody combover he looks strikingly like Homer Simpson another screw-up, complete failure in life.

  • In response to your comment about TLC being the learning channel- I direct you to the South Park episode “raising the bar” (season 16, episode 9)

  • Anyone else find his voice to be unintentional ASMR? 😄 Very relaxing. Thanks for your videos! I love hearing the psychology behind what is happening with different cases in the media!

  • I think his parents maybe thought it was just experimenting among children. He was still a minor himself and not that much older than his siblings. I’m just glad that his behavior recently although reprehensible did not include children. His wife seems to be in denial.

  • This type of "Christianity" is very detrimental to the outside world. They see this type of hypocrisy and are immediately are turned off from God. The fact that they started their own show basically exploiting their family for gain is a clear indicator that they do not KNOW nor have a relationship with God. I truly hope all that were effected negatively receive the help that they need, but more so I pray that terrible representations of Christianity like these, cease to detouring those who are truly seeking God , yet are idolizing ppl like this in their pursuit.

  • Please lock up the parents too due to neglect to save the girls.

  • This is a perfect example of why charges of a sexual nature should be kept confidential until after a conviction. What if he is innocent? His name is destroyed and his children and wife will also suffer from that for the rest of their lives.

  • Dr grande do Richard huckle the chomo

  • Very interesting and easy to understand. Question about Josh Duggars problem, for lack of a better word. Do people like Josh who at this point as an adult is viewing this awful CP. Do people go from viewing to offending on real children. I would think if they normally will offend on a child does that make a difference in their sentencing.

  • He can rot in hell.

  • Have any of Josh's children been interviewed?

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  • You know what to do with a sick dog. Same here. Had a cousin who did his to his own children. They're sick in the head and cannot be cured. After my cousin got out after doing that to his own kids, he did it again. Why waste any more resources on these people? I have no sympathy.

  • Whole family covers up heinous crap because the only thing that matters is saving the white male at any cost. He was right, the epitome of a conservative family.

  • I thought it was a disgusting show !! No value How can 2 people take care & have their needs met for 19 children?? & one is ALWAYS PREGNANT?? They can’t & what does Christian have to do with it ?? Hiding behind the Christian theory? He’s abusing god’s children!!🤬😡

  • His treatment......many years in prison

  • He's such a perve

  • It is Child Sexual Abuse. Regardless of societies moral convictions about porn, it's consensual. Children don't have the power to consent. CSA, not CP.

  • Where's Q? Strangely absent on Gaetz, Duggar and the GOP kabal.

  • I disagree that they should've gone to the police first. The first place they should've gone was a psychiatric facility for adolescents. The social workers there would've handled the legal aspect.

  • What a lovely, calming voice he has...

  • The disease is called evangelical Christianity and homeschooling.

  • As the first born baby, Josh always remembered that attention and love from his parents and family, but that was short lived. Baby after baby constantly got in the way of that warmth and as the "big brother" he had to help out, get diapers, warm bottles, get toys, years and years, never ending, resentment growing. It turned to hate, but what could he do? These were his adorable little brothers and sisters and he loved them. He also hated them and wanted them to suffer for being born. That explains the attraction to little ones being abused and hurt and tortured, it's vicarious. He got into politics same as his father, to maybe get his fathers undivided attention & approval again. He kept Anna pregnant similar to his mother, to maybe get his mothers undivided attention & approval again. CP is serious and the people who support it guarantees it will never go away. There's nothing worse.

  • I blame the parents. They knew about his actions at an early age and didn't get him the proper help. They gave him the "pray it all away" help from a Christian counselor who had no experience in the psychological field. Now he's a grown adult and it's too fuckin late.

  • I really enjoyed you talk. It was done without emotion concerning this whole horrible situation. I took a short course with the DSM 4R. We had someone come in to discuss crimes of this nature. One thing that impressed me was the speaker said recovery was around 1.4 percent

  • Castration would be an obvious answer

  • "Who could have seen that coming?" LMAO And wait, they had one child molester counsel another child molester??? Who didn't find any reason to report him. Shocker; didn't see that coming...

  • 👨🏻‍⚕️Aw Dr G-- You never fail to amaze, teach, and entertain me!! 🙌🏽👏🏽 I say we have your First Live on the subject of YT shows that are simply people turning on their recording devices, and “living”...I think the reasons these can be so successful are interesting, and even fascinating! I shall be your first, most perceptive, most gracious MOD!! 🙇🏻‍♀️💜🧚🏽

  • It's amazing to me how all of these family-oriented conservative Republicans are always PeePee touchers and sexual perverts. But they're always railing against the lgbtq community about our immorality Girl bye !!!! 🤨

    • @LaraCroftEyes1 proof ? I've literally never seen one and the Duggars are proudly Republicans .... Facts!

    • Tat there are Liberal just like the Duggars

  • Psychology around pedophilia is so confused when it’s just as simple as anything else, there will always be people attracted to children as long as there are children, it’s really like every other kind of fetish, only difference is it has no place in society and prob shouldn’t have any statute of limitations

  • I think it should be referred to as csa, as pornography implies consent and minors, especially toddlers, cannot consent. It is assault, plain and simple - the images and such the were found.

    • Wrong Child corngraphy the victims don't consent to it.

  • Humans can be very boring. They seem to be entertained by humdrum everyday life. Oh hey...look at the Dugger breeding program.

  • I understand and am against what he did to his sisters they forgive him along with counciling I guess that help when he went back on porn he didn't touch no one know they want to give him 40 years for what

  • A dog that’s aggressive and humps everything, we castrate to curb the behavior. Pedophilia deserves this type of radical treatment.

    • The death penalty doesn't actually help deter crime and can put innocent people in jail

    • The death penalty is a better option

  • The officer they talked to was a friend. He later went to prison for sexual kids videos

  • Josh was their ( the Duggers) first child and a boy! (Very important for them) ..He was parented by Jim Bob and Michelle exclusively because there were no girls to do mom and dads work. The parents probably bonded with Josh way more than the last dozen or more children.

  • I had watched Prison documentaries for quite a few years I guess I can say I'm addicted to them. In the third-country prisons when you found guilty of molesting a child or rapea woman or child any sexual offense. You get hung or shot or drowned in this little concrete pool. I don't believe they can be helped it's in their brain. They're doing castrations either by surgery or medication. That's not working either. I wish that they would cut their arms off. Then they would not be able to use the Internet or touch another person in their life. I voted for larger sentencing and if you molest and kill a child I voted that you get the death penalty here in the state of Florida. I believe castration is only like having a vasectomy. That's why I feel it doesn't help them. Maybe we can go back with lobotomy I think that could solve a lot of problems

  • Does your wife also like audible?

  • I love your dry humor!

  • I agree. I believe that the parents in this case Jim bob and Michelle willing knew and turned a blind eye to it but also the cult that they are in I believe also plays a part in it as well. I believe that they are enabilers to Josh's behavier and denied the daughters mental health in this instance and believed that Josh's behavior was warented to go to a juvinial detention center but I believe the parents are protecting the son and enabling the behavier.

  • you can learn alot about parenting and family relationships.duh.

  • WHAT KIND of.. Phycopath....Police Officer..... PLANTS DRUGS!!!....on innocent people...JUST TO...ARREST....THEM!!!!!???? This ANOTHER PERFECT example of the low physiological and emotional standards that does NOT detect these candidates during the hiring process!..

  • I’ve often wondered if overreacting in these cases causes damage too. It might be better to simply tell the child that a sick person did something weird to them, and keep it moving. Having the family get all upset, and making the child feel victimized can’t be healthy. It’s the same reason you act like it’s not a big thing when the toddler falls & hurts themself. How much of our response plays into the overall trauma?

  • This is the ASMR of investigation channels. And there's something about your dry roasting of TLC that is hilarious to me.

  • State troopers are Title 9 reporters! I hope he got fired!

  • I have noticed no humor when the subject matter is too serious. Good decision.

  • Cult NOT Christian

  • he Think he's above the law. Cult by Christian.

  • To be fair, "The Thing(s) to Learn" is organization & frugality skills.

  • So excited to hear this Dr. Grande. Been waiting. Thank you.

  • He needs a long time in prison I pray that that pertect s his children and his wife Anna she needs to pertect her children and and have enough pride in herself to keep her degnity and it not no one's fault but Josh I hope he gets a lot of jail time and then they will be safe and get on with her life and try to keep the kids from knowing what a real sick man and evil man he is he never thought once about what this would do to his kids what a creep

  • Home schooling is just another term for brain-washing. And this family isn't Christian. It's narcissistic.

  • Gee doc could you get anymore jaded. You remind me of Roger Ebert & Gene Siskle. Aby movie that didn't meet the nose in the air (my dad used to exhibit that) of Roger sucked! Gene was a little more forgiving. Interesting that both died of cancer. Too much Cortisol? Well never know.

  • This is such an important topic to talk about...Fundamentalists have been covering up child sexual abuse for decades...the Warren Jeff’s FDLS cult, the Amish, Children of God sex cult, etc. From what I understand, the church that the Duggar’s are affiliated with, the “Independent Baptists”, has received many complaints about Josh’s behavior, within the church itself, and Jim Bob keeps covering up for Josh. Pedophiles and rapists are often victims of childhood sexual abuse themselves. I wonder if Josh was a victim as well when he was younger ? It doesn’t excuse his behavior, even if he was; Josh knows right from wrong and no one is forcing him to molest. I think Josh has a huge problem with regards to his sexual behavior. He continues his behavior despite all of the negative consequences he’s suffered.

  • It s all about the money! Thats all they thought about

  • When you combine religion with criminal behavior, the result Is a psychological feeling called “cognitive dissonance”. Cognitive dissonance is a feeling which results when two (or more) opposing beliefs/attitudes “clash” with each other. For example, if you believe that you are a Christian but at the same time, engaging in acts of criminal behavior(s), those opposing viewpoints will clash against each other. Which, in turn, cause this VERY UNCOMFORTABLE feeling called “cognitive dissonance”. You can’t be a Christian and a criminal at the same time. Okay, I am done commenting for now. I am going to some snacks for now. 🍎🍿🍔🍪

  • The Duggar family?!? I knew about the family, but this is new to me.

  • cooking...... and doing laundry 😂😂😂

  • Dr. Grande, I learn so much from you! Thank you.

  • 0:42 .....and there’s where all the problems started! No I’m not saying that just because I’m an Atheist, I’m saying it because it’s TRUE! Religion is detrimental enough to a developing young mind but you compound that with the extremist views and beliefs of his family and you have someone who ends up like Josh!

  • I do not believe that pedophiles and pederasts can be rehabilitated. There is a mobile home park in Florida, where all the tenants are pedophiles. Some of them agreed to be interviewed. They admitted that they can never, ever be trusted around children---because they would do it again! Pedos stop doing it, when they are either dead, or too old and debilitated to do it. The old ones still daydream about it.

  • My opinion is I think the Duggars did the right thing trying to seek him help at first. As a parent, you know your kids, if your child - and they are still your child whether they're 15 or 50 - if your child is sick or something is wrong with them, you want to get them help. Calling law enforcement would have been no help at all. They don't care about people, family, whys or wherefores, they only arrest and prosecute. Period. Our Mental Health system is broken.

    • @LaraCroftEyes1 Obviously, you have never dealt with law enforcement if you still believe that.

    • Jim Bob and Michelle never sought help for Josh, and law enforcement would have help.

  • Just because people go to church, doesn't make them godly. I was born into the church, but after my mother murdered my twin baby sisters, my 3 siblings committed suicide. I personally used to be a homeless, suicidal, drug addicted, murdering, gay, prostitute, with multiple personalities, after being kidnapped for sex trafficking when I ran away from home. I was in church for 50 years and never able to find lasting freedom. I was a TOTAL HYPOCRITE! I was planning my last suicide in June 2017, but then I accepted the challenge to spent just 1 DAY reading the entire N.T. Bible. I instantly surrendered my entire life and stopped playing the victim, so now for the last 4 years I have never had a single sexual/perverted thought, not fear, no anger, I forgiven everyone, and living a life of total peace and joy. All because there was one verse that scared the Hell right out of me...and the churches will never preach on it. 1st JOHN 3:9-10 says: No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God. 10. This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not God’s child, nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister.

  • His parents are accessories to his behavior.

  • If an adult sexually abuses a child that isn’t a forgivable mistake. Honestly, I’m not convinced someone like that can ever be rehabilitated? This may sound harsh but if there is undisputed evidence, the best solution for everyone involved and for society in general, is to take the abuser out to pasture and shoot him.

  • We have all these talkshows and people on radio like you that have so much to say and you don’t even know if you’re a Christian for crying out loud you are or you’re not it’s about your godly nothing and nobody else

  • How embarrassing when the girls were dating they couldn't hold hands they couldn't kiss?but the brother was doing all that so ..the girls were no virgin the meantime ? Where were the parent?O ..i no to busy making more babies They knew what was going on lock them up too?

  • You have a pleasant sounding voice you make things more interesting

  • How do people act shocked when they have so many kids. That q few are diddling the others? You can't parent 20 kids

  • Oh look at me!! I'm alive!!!

  • Look at me. I'm alive. "When did that become a skill?" 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣