Kendrick Lamar - United In Grief (Official Audio)

Publicado el 11 may 2022
Kendrick Lamar “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” is available now:

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  • The unpredictability in this song is amazing.

  • i don't know if i'm going to survive this album

  • I have to say this album makes me go threw a whole spectrum of emotions. Sadness, hope, angry, and euphoria from the choice collabs, his technique and style of story telling, and the instrumentals. Never heard anything like it. Never heard a rap artist with such an appreciation for instrumentals in my life.

  • Kendrick Lamar definitely needs to be added to some hall of fame.

  • This album dropped on the day that my godfather passed... he was like a second father to me. This album will help get me through the grief. ❤

  • Yes lord!! This man constantly elevates with every album. It’s like he learns more about himself and writes his true feelings about his journey/progress.

  • If you appreciate art you will appreciate this album

  • I feel like Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar could make some amazing music together hearing this song. So great.

  • Its ironic that this song is called united in grief, because based on the reaction to this album over the past 24-hours, kendrick has successfully united his fans in love and joy through the release of his art. Thank you Kendrick.

  • Nobody paints a clearer picture of the black experience, through rap, than Kendrick. This album may make some uncomfortable, but this album is so necessary. He's grieving while healing and bringing us along for the journey. This album may not make you dance but it'll definitely make you think. Hats off to K- Dot for being authentic.

  • My daughter and I listened to this album from start to finish last Sunday, while on the road. 21 and 51 years old. We jammed, grooved, cried and were amazed. A hip hop opera. Incredible. We are busting butts to make ticket money for the Detroit show. Some things can't be missed.

  • Lyrics:

  • This is that pencil-on-a-school-desk beat.

  • This speaks volumes about how Kendrick lets us into his head after going through a change in who he is as a person. Going through many changes myself these past few years I can relate to a lot of the emotions expressed in this album coming from a similar time and similar neighborhood just different names and different stories.

  • “I been going thru something…” we not only hear you Kendrick, we feel you❤️❤️💯

  • I’m super amazed with the mixing and mastering of this song. Most people won’t notice, shout out to the sound engineers behind these masterpieces!🙌🏽

  • I can't relate to a rapper who's always talking about millions of dollars, exceptionally beautiful woman, cars, houses, clothes and who's always projecting the image of perfection, cause that's not the kind of life everyone lives. I can however relate to a rapper that tells me not to look at him as an idol cause he has the same problems, unresolved issues, fears, trauma and hurt as I do. He's humanised himself and in doing so has made me understand that even so called idols go through the same shit as everyone else and they also need to heal, that he's just like me, and we shouldn't let past trauma and present doubts hold us back. If you understand that you'll realise how groundbreaking this album is.👑

  • Just in case anyone had any doubts about Rap being "real" music, Kendrick came to remind you, yes it is.

  • I love how experimental he is 🔥

  • I think this might be my favourite project by Kendrick...just sounds so raw and personal. First time properly listening to this song and I just closed my eyes and felt like I was being carried somewhere new.