Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow Perform "Industry Baby" & "Montero" | 2021 VMAs | MTV

Publicado el 12 sep 2021
Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow perform "Industry Baby" and "Montero" at the 2021 VMAs.

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  • Lil Nas X on His Video of the Year Win:

  • The music video is lit

  • Vera verão tá diferente

  • Jack and Lil Nas X's attractiveness transcends sexuality.

  • This is definitely LIT

  • Wow


  • Yay

  • *Keep in mind he’s only 2 years into his music career.*

  • I want to try on those the song I wanna hear you say



  • Wonderful video, my friend! Shine on!?

  • God please stop this garbage

  • Gay

    • This is one of the gayest performances I’ve ever seen 🤣🤣🤣💀😴🚑

  • BRUTAL!!

  • WHERE IS DMX WHEN YOU NEED HIM??? Oh yeah he died and so did manly men!!! This dude is gross

  • I love how menacing the music got as jack walked out of the cell

  • WHY DID THEY SILENCE THE WORD QUEER? it’s not a swear word wtf

  • I understand they sensoring the swearing, but it was NOT necessary for them to do the same with the word "queer", like??? We are not a swear word tf

  • Luv the clap part

  • Amazing

  • Opening obviously copied from Beyonce Coachella

    • Hbcu themed performances are common amongst black artists. Be quiet before you accuse.

  • Demonic agenda puppet people, playing in the devils playground. I pray and pray this world is helped and move toward the most high god Jesus Christ. We need you more then ever. Please keep us far from this “entertainment” help us be closer to you lord Jesus. Keep it from my recommended keep your children far from this garbage. Glamorizing prison. Come on.

  • 2:40 the amount of times i squealed during jack's verse...... !!!!! also this performance got some full burst of laughter from me and thats just like.. damn

  • JACK just straight chillin in the bg hahhHAHAHAH

  • i started smiling as soon as he started walking and singing damn he's just got some natural fkn swag (cringey word but it fits!) and it just makes me so happy. and thinking about what an incredible role model he is !!!!! my heart !!!!!!

  • I love the black outfits by jack

  • Crowds get hype when he starts to slightly twerk, That's what they waiting for

  • This is one of the gayest performances I’ve ever seen 🤣🤣🤣💀😴🚑

  • #Albumoftheyear #Montero

  • as a member of a marching band watching these people march is so painful 😭😭

  • This is the most sick performance I have ever seen

  • I remember Cardi B saying that male rappers just go jump around the stage... welp def not with Lil Nas. Hes so amazingly talented 😩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • this has to be one of my fave performances from vmas, they both have such good stage presence 🙏🙏

  • Homie better go on tour with this set


  • This remind of something you hear at a college or nfl stadium

  • My handprint on A$$ cheek man that hits

  • 😁😁😁😁😁😁😍

  • 2:50 Right here: Baby boomers like a vodka cleanse? Just kidding...don't drink the Kool-Aid.

  • The breaker's off? Okay, something's done: ...

  • 0:36

    • Or, are we talking so me, Mimi? No, me. Nomi? No...she's: Probably, not. I can't burn that.

  • 4:16 the "ooooh" always gets me

  • Lil nas X supreme

  • Bro, I love this little twerk ✨😭❤️ 1:58

  • Tudo mundo de rosa (parecia um filme da Barbie versão ken kkk) e o Jack de preto simbolizando as trevas (aqlas kkk)

  • Eitaa, chega arrepiei, foi a presença de Lil nas, glória aos guxxtusos (as/es) 🌙💫🍁🍒

  • Was that part where girl that took nases shirt off scripted?

  • The very first dance was weird asf 🤣😂

  • Disgusting

  • kings

  • The dancers undressing right there on stage

  • This makes up for the pole scene in the montero performance

  • Why’d they sensor the word queer…. 🤨🤨🤨

  • did they just censor the word queer lmao

  • Lil sacando los pasos prohibidos amo

  • He si super sexy , no more gay performance, move on

  • It’s so true that no one thinks it’s a big deal when female singers (straight/bi/lesbian) have all female back up dancers but when Nas has all males people make it a problem! He can do whatever he wants and look good doing it😍

  • Jack Harlow is so fine 😋

  • 3:04 thank God Jack did not fall down and he looked back 😂

  • And I guess we just ignoring the tiddies that was out lol x

  • Sexiest man on the planet!!!

  • Love Nas X.. He doesn’t give a f*#k what society think. He pissing these haters off😂. Keep living your truth Nas X. I’m a fan of the art.

  • Yes bae !

  • ate that. no crumbs.

  • Music of year

  • His pants didn't even rip 😪

  • This is not my generation but it was the soul clap for me 🤣

  • Yaaaaaas!

  • Where's the bathroom scene

  • I thought he was getting jumped on stage when that lady was taking off his stuff

  • ... probably FUNKY AS HELL on that stage

  • lil nas x is such a flirt, i love it

  • haaa nyika yakuguma shuwa

  • This man is expressing himself to the very meaning of the phrase, and pissing so many people off at the same time and it is truly amazing 🤣

  • So my favorite rap artists ever listen to you have this dude is a person on your album I will never listen to you again because you break boundaries and reality of what reality actually is

  • Busted black hole

    • hang out...their voice won!

  • Honestly it sounds like a person that was molested or sexually abused being a role model for everybody so they're mindstate ain't right but nowadays in America who cares everybody can do whatever they want

    • You said that you're not hating but you really are. You're so mad that he has the confidence to express himself and he's giving other people that confidence

  • I'm not hating but I completely dislike that this is what role models in America try to warp our children's Minds to being abnormal messed up not the way it should be men and women make babies to men don't make sense

  • I so hope this guy disappears from music

  • But this is proof that the music industry is Illuminati or else they would not promote all this b*******

  • Tupac Ice Cube 2 Live Crew Eazy-E NWA all dealt with problems because of their music look at this dude promoting all everybody to be gay that is not what God intended

  • I cannot believe what I just seen this should be banned and be considered explicit for anybody to watch

  • he needs to learn how to breath

  • the best

  • I liked the band and Jack Harlow.

  • Nope

  • This man is expressing himself to the very meaning of the phrase, and pissing so many people off at the same time and it is truly amazing 🤣

  • cool!

  • i love lil nas x's song industry baby😍😁😊

  • The frist part the lol

  • So sad that this is what wins video of the year....dry humping Satan! This guy can't even sing! Lost are the days of real talent! They didn't have to dry hump anything or let it all hang out...their voice won!

  • He puts on a SHOW!!!

  • i have watched this 5 times in a row and i cant stop help!!!!!

  • I’d love for Jack and X to make some more songs together. They vibe and have so much fun together.

  • bro Jack's verse was so cleverrrr

  • Beautiful Black man giving us life with a stage full of beautiful Black men giving us sexual freedom! Love you LIL NAS X!! I STAN YOU!!