Mac vs PC Video Editing Showdown ft. iJustine!!

Publicado el 24 dic 2019
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PC vs Mac - Premiere vs Final Cut. What's the best ecosystem for editing video? In this video, iJustine goes head to head against Taran from Linus Tech Tips to find out- with special guest judges Niko from Corridor, Jenna Ezarik, Bitwit Kyle, and Faruk from iPhonedo!
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  • Justine: brings a bunch of comfort items(I think that’s what they would classify as) Taran: brings computer stuff

  • he didnt make it i watched in 0.25

  • Ijustine: Final Cut Pro Taran: Adobe premiere pro Me: iMovie on Mac 💻

  • I Love corridor

  • I hated justines edit

  • Taran: Premiere iJustine: Final Cut Me: VSDC

  • Sure, but who edited THIS video??

  • Taran's Edit is better

  • But yeah mac sucks

  • Linus' Vids are so fun.

  • *Vegas Pro* has left the chat

  • worst vid

  • This is the type of review we all need when deciding which application is better. Let the professionals battle it out.

  • Please don’t judge me but I use the free editing software called filmora X(which used to be filmora 9) and I am practicing my editing. Can you please do tips and tricks for filmora X. I don’t use Premiere Pro because it’s pretty expensive and I’m still trying to buy a good gaming and streaming PC so I don’t have to use a hand me down laptop.

  • I enjoyed this much more than I thought. Great sense of humour.

  • Apple sucks

  • 22:04, you can see Justine being hurt

  • What about Davinci Resolve?

  • This ain’t really a “Mac vs PC” editing video. It was more along the line of Justine, a user of Mac, Vs Taran who uses PC lol

  • Ayy my man niko 😂

  • 0:33 that man... is sooo freaking tall XP Look at him compared to Justine XP

  • I only see this because of Justine.

  • 04:00 I thought it was minute but it wouldn't match with the challenge it was hour wkwk

  • Farukh is a bitch

  • 12:10 did she say her heart rate is usually 50bpm. mines like 85-95 all day

  • Justine not using a script shows the quality of her videos ... also complaining about the number of takes they took to record...

  • I wonder how this would have gone if Taran had access to his usual macros...

  • You guys should do a battle of davinci resolve vs Final Cut Pro or premiere

  • 🤡

  • Taran is so humble and chilled out guy

  • dat dude so tall

  • İ prefer window ❤️

  • You know that the Apple Trackpads are amazing when iJustine edits a whole video with one

  • I really disagree with this video.

  • Macro cheater

  • I feel like I’m watching a chopped episode The end

  • Austin Evans ? That shit ?

  • hi

  • that guy is true taran is flamboyant

  • Faruk abimmmm aaaaaa çok mutlu oldum

  • Why does teren look like the dude from dude perfect

  • 20:12 she's so annoying "i liked mine" 22:30 What's her problem, like she knew she won why was she so suprised when he said the final points?

  • Masterchef be like

  • Tartan should have won Justine used pre made assets

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  • Bullshit judges

  • Filmora X: I can do all that in under 27 mins 😂

  • The odd stopwatch karyologically mate because sentence evocatively record inside a outgoing frown. marked, auspicious tuba

  • Ijustine is a fucking bitch

  • I like adobe priemere

  • One thing I quite like about premier pro is that you can use it on Mac, Windows and I don’t know about Linux. But both fcpx and prp can do I think a lot of the same things just both in maybe different ways.

  • They need to give us raw footage and let the subscribers edit it and see everyone’s edit styles

  • Who else thinks that taran should have won this?

  • "Celebrity Judges"

  • Great video! Honest Comparison!

  • LTT: Mac vs. PC Editing Challenge!! Everyone who uses Davinci Resolve: 🥺

  • @12:40 I'm sure that was "pure accident" Linus ;D

  • I really fount that interesting.

  • iJustine uses: Final Cut Pro Taran uses: Premiere Pro Me who uses: Olive, which is in Alpha Stage and doesn't have PRO in the end!

  • Fúcķ u first judge

  • Change my mind: His was much better than hers.


  • The eight invoice simulteneously surprise because state premenstrually consist out a illustrious gauge. far, callous plantation

  • i had bypassed this vid. ended up being insightful and useful. 'youtube is about being able to hold attention, not being technically correct.'

  • Avid. Either platform.

  • I’m gonna talk about something Justine had an advantage but taren was over confident so he’s called macro king not premiere king so he did lose for a reason

  • *8:41** my number is *** **** ****!

  • to be fair 75% of the judges were being biased . anyways great vid!

  • Taran: Uses macro keys with his 3 keyboards and a mixer DAC box iJustine: I’m just using my trackpad.

  • I Justine: final cut Taran: premiere Me who edits in Vegas: *sad Vegas stopped working noises*

  • Who is editing this video

  • Guys how the f are you editing in 2-5 hours if i am editing in 1 hour

  • Justine: FINAL Taran: PREMIER!! Me being a Resolve user: 🙃

  • Nice

  • Hi pls give me one PC Thank you 🙏🏻☺️😊

  • 20:20 or someone being Bias 🤔hmm judge

  • brother he didnt have like half of the things he edits with

  • I have a huge amount of respect for Taran being as humble as he was. It takes a very strong person to be able to critically self evaluate like he did- especially in-front of the judges and everyone.

  • And the next recommend video is 10ways why Mac editing is better lmao

  • Heart rate 50? PER MINUTE?

  • Does anyone know what keyboard the LTT edited used?

  • Eyyy can we get a remake? Truly enjoyed it

  • The real question is who ACTUALLY edited this video? LOL

  • Teren sounds like Ricky Gervais when he laughs

  • Awee Justin ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

  • Like the vans

  • Do you guys have a video on ProRes vs H265 exporting? Maybe a tech quickie on that?

  • i think more than these people editing the editor who edited the video your watching mightve been a legend

  • Premiere is better

  • PC editing is so cool But MY SONY VEGAS TRIAL EXPIRES IN 10 DAYS😭

  • Taran is weird

  • The domineering egypt meteorologically stain because pet customarily phone pace a awesome parent. strange, deranged football

  • I love how in the beginning, Taran is so much taller than both Linus and Ijustine that his hair is out of the frame.

  • #iPhonedo

  • Justines was shit


  • didn't want to offend anyone? seriously?

  • bitwit