mamamoo : chill playlist for studying

Publicado el 3 feb 2020
i do not own any rights to these songs.
i do it just for fans.
1. rainy season.
2. snow (moonbyul solo).
3. better.
4. city of stars (by hwasa).
5. alone people (solar solo).
6. bad bye.
7. better than i thought.
8. person who brings happiness (solar solo).
9. good bye (wheein solo).
10. becoming calm (hwasa solo).
11. a song from the past (by kassy and solar).
12. easy (wheein solo).
13. words don't come easy.
14. autumn letter (solar solo).
15. starry night.
16. i miss you (dr. romantic 2 ost).
17. in my room (moonbyul solo).
18. lived like a fool (solar solo).
19. i miss you.
20. paint me.
21. worthless (moonbyul solo).
22. hello mama.
23. high tension.
24. wind flower.
25. ten nights.
26. star wind flower sun.
27. spring fever.
28. i love too.


  • now you can listen to this playlist on spotify!💜🌿

    • thank you so much! now i can listen the playlist while im studying! :DDDD

    • Thank you so muuuuuuuch ♥

    • well yes this aged well

    • @Ellie Ng same

    • sadge :( I'm here because they're mostly gone from spotify now

  • 1:43:44

  • I love their vibe. Other girl groups got my heart also but there's something in Mamamoo that only they have.... I really love them.

  • They really got my heart for real... They are like a bunch of eonni to me :(((

  • _Me:_ Gonna listen to this coz' they're a bit of mellow MMM songs, finally be able to focus on my homework _Also me:_ **singing along**

  • Thanks ESmain because I stumble to this playlist.

  • The feels in "I miss you" and the way they used their voices...angelic!

  • no choice but to stan harder

  • Playlist 0:01 Rainy Season 3:56 Snow (Moonbyul solo) 7:33 Better 10:52 City of Stars (by Hwasa) 14:32 Alone People (SolGam) 18:39 Bad Bye 23:12 Better Than I Thought 26:35 Happy People (SolGam) 29:57 Goodbye (Wheein solo) 34:11 Be Calm (Hwasa solo) 37:38 A Song From the Past (Kassy & Solar) 41:37 Easy (Wheein solo) 44:50 Words Don't Come Easy 48:46 Autumn Letter (SolGam) 51:31 Starry Night 55:03 I Miss You (Romantic Doctor 2 OST) 59:29 In My Room (Moonbyul solo) 1:02:30 Lived Like a Fool (SolGam) 1:06:16 I Miss You 1:10:32 Paint Me 1:14:11 Worthless (Acoustic ver) (Moonbyul solo) 1:17:12 Hello Mama 1:20:57 High Tension 1:24:15 Wind Flower 1:28:11 Ten Nights 1:31:49 Star Wind Flower Sun 1:35:33 Spring Fever 1:39:21 I love Too

  • it's bombarded with ads now

  • This is like my go to playlist

  • Thank you for such a beautiful playlist❤️

  • Es otra cosa ps... xD

  • 7:32 Better

  • I keep on coming to this list! wow Proud moo here

  • how can you dislike such beautiful voices..

  • Hermoso!!!

  • Can someone answer me why they are always underrated? :( we all know that their vocals are so good. .please answer :(

  • thank you, I'm a fan of mamamoo :) I can focus now to my work :) while listening to them :)

  • there's still a lot here that I don't know of...

  • 1:43:43

  • good playlist but way tooooooooo many ads :(

  • This what I need 😊 Thank you for this 😭

  • se supone que es para estudiar? La mitad del tiempo me la pasé cantando con tremendo arte, al menos no me estresé

  • to have no ads, just drag it to the last time frame then play again☺️

  • when you really want to study with mmm but end up sadly vacilando to the playlist more than studying,,, anyway: 24:22

  • me: *trying to concentrate* me when im studying: "I cant concentrate" 😭

  • 1:43:43

  • great list :3. Thank u so much

  • good job!

  • this playlist is so good and there are so many songs i never heard before :))

  • I didn't know that I needed to hear Hwasa singing city of stars until I heard that angelic sound, incredible!

  • never have been a fan of mamamoo, but this playlist makes my midnight chilling the best.

  • I came here after 3/4 of my mamamoo chill playlist was deleted :) F spotify and kakao

    • I can relate, how am I supposed to study at ungodly hours w/o mamamoo?

  • Vengo acá luego de que 3/4 de mi playlist chill de mamamoo se eliminara de spotify :)

  • I know most of you all are here because their songs are no longer on Spotify lol

    • yea lol, but I'm glad they're back on there.

    • Aliás frustradíssimo que não estão porque são justamente as que eu mais gosto HAHAHAHA

  • came here to cry cuz my fav playlist of chill songs cant be played anymore bc of spotify and f*ing kakao banning the songs TT

  • I really love this 💗

  • Nobody: ........ Wheein: 14:15 E c:

  • Thank you❤️

  • 광고 없이 보는법 1:43:43 으로 가서 다시 돌아오는 모형 누르기

    • 하트를 주시다니 감사합니다람쥐

  • tysm for this❤️, it really helped me in calming, and studying with listening these amazing vocals, and btw stan MAMAMOO❤️periodt❤️.

  • este playlist me hace transportar a un lugar tranquilo aire limpio y paz, se puede estudiar mejor

  • why are they so underrated

  • i'm brazilian and they judge me for listening to korean music, since i don’t understand anything. but i have never heard any brazilian singer, who is a pupil, with a voice as incredible as those of MAMAMOO... i will continue reading the translations hahaha

  • listening to this while studying. this helps me focus more. new moomoo here ^^

  • wow.. amazing lists

  • Every mamamoo album and song has a different style that's why I love them! Blackpink? Every song sounds the same repetitive and the blackpink fandom hate on mamamoo!

    • Agree, except for one Bink song which really stands out - "Stay".

  • OMG Thanks I was listening to Wheein's Easy and found this. This playlist looks cool!

  • i'm just a new moomoo but when i heard city of stars being sung......... i made the right choice of stanning this group :)

  • My best kpop Girl group 💓💓💓

  • Where is 25?! The only song that would've made it perfect 🥺


  • I'm sad I didnt know Mamamoo before, they are a FUCKING masterpiece 🥺😭

  • I can listen to it all day :)

  • This deserves a million views ;)

  • This playlist is everything!

  • Hoping for more baby moos ^^

  • The fact that Mamamoo can have different kinds of playlists is the biggest flex of any kpop artist.

  • im not crying u are


  • am i the only one who thinks they make romantic music

  • This is so good and I did not heard any of them before :> tysm for making this for all of us

  • That’s mamamoo have a lot of great song it’s very special playlist 🥰

  • A leer mis webtoon señores con mis reinas de fondo :3 💖

  • 1:43:44

  • 1:43:44

  • Uwuuuu. Moonbyul!

  • 노래 순서 너무 좋네~!

  • This is such a good playlist !!!! all the songs are bops


  • Even with this *relaxing playlist* I'm dancing and singing while studying lmao

  • Mamamoo - For Studying Me - While doing my reports

  • 1:43:43

  • city of stars just....

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  • mamamoo is the best kpop group i think. Their songs are not trying to be cute, cool, perfect, real and best songs. I can't tell it in english but i mean they are different and special group, aren't they?

  • a little bit

  • Esto es perfecto en todos los sentidos. GRACIAS!!!

  • more people need to appreciate byul vocal, snow is a masterpiece

  • thank you for sharing! it is very suitable for studying! I luv mamamoo!

  • i love mamamoo music just unique ... and i love SOLAR voice so much !!! MOMOO 4ever!!

  • I feel sorry for those who haven't heard atleast 1 song from mamamoo. They are missing out!!

  • thank you

  • 1:43:43

  • u should add morning and 4season, i think is 2 calm songs whatever, i love this playlist! is so beatiful

  • 1:43:44

  • I just recently found them out. Thank you for this!!

  • Can I put this video on a Chinese video website for Chinese moomoos?I'll write down the source of the video.

    • @CHANMI DANCE-MIRROR thank you very much!

    • omg i've just notice your comment. of course you can!

  • 1:43:34

  • Hello Mama is

  • Petition to choose MAMAMOO as an OST singers. I want hear their voices in a drama or a movie

    • i mean they have done a lot but yeah :)

  • 1:43:44

  • 😍😘🥰

  • Me: just trying to focus and study my lessons MAMAMOO: sudden sad song and high notes oh ok, i'll just listen to you...

  • Wow ,it's amazing, I can really stay focused with this playlist

  • Siento que debería estar Travel en esta playlist

  • I listen this when I am down and then I would feel calm also warm

  • 1:43:43

  • Erase ads -> 1:43:44