Mamamoo; chill playlist

Publicado el 8 abr 2019
00:00 1. Hwasa - City of Stars (Cover)
03:18 2. Words Don't Come Easy
07:14 3. Where R U
10:22 4. Better Than I Thought
13:46 5. Midnight Summer Dream
17:06 6. Don't feat. Loco
20:59 7. Love
23:56 8. 25 (Wheein Solo)
27:19 9. Friday Night
30:42 10. Gentleman with Esna
34:23 11. Be Calm (Hwasa Solo)
37:52 12. Just
41:34 13. Emotion
45:01 14. In My Room
47:59 15. Selfish feat. Seulgi
51:11 16. I Love Too
55:36 17. I Miss You
58:53 18. K. Will - Don't Be Nice feat. Hwasa
1:03:08 19. My Hometown
1:06:30 20. Morning
1:10:35 21. Four Seasons (Outro)
1:11:57 22. Hello (Hello Album)


  • name the first song

  • algún día mamamoo llegaran a ser muy reconocidas en el mundo del kpop tanto nacional como internacional, ella han trabajado tan duro que se lo merecen, de mientras les daré todo el amor que ellas me han dado con su música, enserio estoy muy agradecía.


  • I'm like really late and not sure if it's been fixed somewhere in the comments, but for 58:53 the song isn't Don't be nice, it's Treat me bad

  • I still listen to this playlist at least once a week. It really helps me get through boring tasks or when I truly just wanna chill. Eternally grateful to Mamamoo and the creator of this playlist 💙

  • I love too and I miss you makes me cry everytime I listen to it then now... hahaha

  • Playing this while doing my modules is not helping.. Hahaha I cant help myself but to sing along,, these songs makes my heart Really happy

  • Te falto Coffee & Tea - Eddy Kim ft. Solar

  • Thank you

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  • this is so nice. thank you

  • POV: Your the happiest character in a Disney movie.

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  • 20:59 Love has a christmas-y vibes.. i'm loving it!

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  • opening two tabs of youtube: one with 3 hours rain sound, one with this playlist playing them together, and it sounds so calmingggg thank you for this playlistttt

  • worthless/ love and hate should absolutely be on this playlist, but I won't speak too soon because there is a mamamoo chill playlist part 2 O_O

  • i love their throw-back feel and the fact that they feature their harmonies a lot in their songs!

  • 1:12:39

  • :OO no sabía q mamamoo canta Love 🥺

  • I said and I’m gonna say it again, so glad I found Mamamoo.


  • wait is this on spotify because it is very needed there! playlist someone.... PLEASE!!!!

  • All songs are the best😍

  • Esto es oro, tendré cada canción guardada en mi memoria. Hermosa melodía y ritmo, felicidades MAMAMOO sigan así, ellas ya son las vocals queens 💜😭

  • I like playing this while I'm trying to learn crocheting :)

  • I listen to this pl a looot! Thanks so much🙏🏻

  • WHY DID I DISCOVERED THIS 1 YEAR LATEEEEEE this should be in recommendations!!!

  • it really does relax, very good playlist

  • TT.TT

  • I was queuing mamamoo's covers before landing into your video. And I want to say thank you for making this compilation!!!

  • Funny how the last song is "Hello" 😁

  • I RLY LOVE IT, tysssssssssm!!!!!!!!!

  • I think MAMAMOO is trying to kill us right now I am sooo damn dead from their voices

  • 1:12:40 00:01

  • 最高だー

  • 1:12:41

  • Ahora es ahora decia en su cuando ese caballo y descanse de su vuelo prosiga su caminar con su cuando y nosotros pueblo de nuestro Dios el nuestro...

  • Vamos apostasias e inquilinos dbles gratis con la fortaleza ;si no omitimos que el inquilino... pero gracias en su cuando a ese caballito

  • El yo de los niños.... descanse de su vuelo ese caballito.Espero no se me haya entendido sacrilegio. Lo de Santo era una cosa y el caballito pase sin vuelo en su cuando y a nuestra medida supervisado un poco el yo de ... si que no omitimos que luchamos porque la vida vuelva a como solo es posible....

  • Santo Santo Santo el hijo del fiel creador(descanse de su vuelo estos dias-esto es de una accion estos dias y siga en su cuando sin vuelo).Yo sere vuestro pueblo.

  • Things I didn’t need but love it now

  • Thank you so much for the beat paulista ever!!!

  • i love this playist T^ T hwasa voice is beautiful

  • I love MAMAMOO, I love her songs. Stan MAMAMOO💜

  • Listening to this while reading horror hits different. You can see death creaping in the characters eyes while this soft song plays like its the ending of a heart - breaking coming of age movie, however its just cold irony that surrounds you and your reading experience. It makes you feel as if you were falling asleep in your lovers arms just as the poison they poured in your warm tea (cold winter nights) drowns your liver in dark, velvety, dried blood with the consistency of roughly edged ashes - remainants of the warm fire burning in the living room's pit.

    • @Varlan Vitalina Of course! Tis but the thruth

    • @Kyra Crossin Thank you so much

    • @Varlan Vitalina Well, I would encourage you to, you're great at describing things in a way that invokes emotion from the reader

    • @Kyra Crossin I think about writing rather than actually doing it

    • Do you write?

  • i was studying to this and i had to stop because i was in awe of them belting those high notes in 'i miss you'

  • So there's a ad after every song..!!!? Dude even Spotify has less ads🤦‍♀️

  • I lovE this

  • I love this playlist so much! Mamamoo is seriously the best girl k-pop group I've heard!

  • I said to myself if Gentleman wasn't on here I was gonna be mad... No need 💟

  • My fav song from the start lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • this is good but u forgot sting/a little bit

  • ive been listening to this ever since i became a moomoo... and now its been a whole year of me being one, and i thank you ^^ edit: i recall downloading this and had this saved in a usb for my bluetooth speaker. i had nothing but mamamoo's songs and playlists at the time, so i listened to this playlist religiously and every night,,, kept me comforted and felt that i had company even tho i was taking a vacation at my grandparents',, again, thank u sm!!

    • This is nice and kind of makes the playlist feel like a safety blanket..mamamoo is comfort music

  • I'm soo happy this showed up in my recommendation. 😊

  • my favorite song is word don't come easy please tell me in the comments what is your favorite song 👇👇👇👇👇

  • do you have this playlist on spotify?

  • City of stars...

  • Ahhhhhh this is nice listening to this playlist while having a cup of coffee, and my cat purring in my lap. This is life 🧡

  • Very well-constructed playlist, thanks!

  • thanks for sharing the playlist!! i really luv mamamoo.

  • 1:12:41

  • Mamamoo is a peaceful world to me ✨

  • waggy should be here... is it just me or? but I love this playlist

  • Melting really is THAT album huh... Musical masterpieces only

  • I live this sooo much! Feel super good rn

  • Wtf, All songs in this playlist are good 🎶🎧💞

  • amo este playlist gracias .. las llevo escuchando apenas varios meses y las amooo

  • You should create a playlist in spotify, i love it! Thanks

  • Searched for "chill music" and saw this. Thanks fellow moomoo 😊

  • Very cool this playlist

  • Also in the fall by hwasa,woogie,is so nice

  • Ok so... Was anybody gonna tell me Hwasa covered my favorite song (city of stars)?.... Or was I just supposed to find this all by myself?!

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  • this playlist makes me wanna write a song....

  • thank you very much

  • I love Mamamoo! Thank you for this amazing playlist! I enjoyed it a lot. I am a MooMoo too!

  • hi , dont forget to watch mamamoo hwasa 1st mini album ( Maria ) on this 29 june . no hate guys , i just recommend some masterpiece song for u to hear . thankyou mwahh

  • Wow, thank you!

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    • @mmm trash to remove the ads

    • y r yall commenting the end time stamp???

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  • L O V E THIS

  • Qué buena playlist

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  • thank u for this beauty

  • 잠만... 여름밤의 꿈이 Chill 하다고!?!? 무서운 노래 아닌감.. 가사만 들어도 nightmare~ 딱 들리는데 Eng) Wait... 'Midnight summer dream' is Chill song? I know this song story.. is so scared song! Who don't feel scared?

  • ¿and memory? :(

  • Tomorrow I'm having an extremely important test and I was struggling to relax and study. This is what I needed, thank you!

  • 8:32 Every time Moonbyul says "I'm here" in "Where R U?" I get butterflies in my stomach

  • i just hope no advertisement wake me up

  • Wheein's voice is the most beautiful and trained of all of them

  • I should use this for studying

  • One of my favorite cinemas and korean singer I stan together! I'm in heaven!! Had no idea her english is SOOO good

  • 30:42 10. Gentleman with Esna thats what got me into mamamoo

  • Wish ud have this on Spotify , please make one 🥺

  • I'm quite surprised that Rainy Season is not here in this list. But still, it's a good playlist.

  • Me ha encantado tu Playlist uwu

  • Partner this with and a cup of cocoa. Decreases my anxiety. Thank you so much for the playlist!