Minecraft 5050 Challenge

Publicado el 15 jul 2020
15 gates, 50 percent chance for something bad to be behind it, 50 percent chance to have something that will help me survive. All decided with the flip of a coin. Will I be able to survive all 15 gates? Oh not to mention, the surprises behind the gate become more intense as I progress through each gate.

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Map Creator (not the same as what I have here but the unedited): www.planetminecraft.com/proje...


  • Hey, this is the first time ive done a video like this so let me know what you think in the comments, i also wanna know if you all would prefer a shorter video with more intense parts and less chill parts, or a little longer video with more chill parts! Thanks for watching too :D

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  • Fin fact: if you hit a horse in minecraft that's how fast he is

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  • You forgot that ravager can attack you past the shield when the health is low. But idk how did you do that

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  • I thought it was the year 5050...

  • Fact: You can use a boat to get in a bedrock cage. Remember the wood?

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  • I also thought of a game Survival build battle You have 10 minutes to build and 15 to gather items

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  • I am surprised 99% of people are not subscribed because this is a realy good channel

  • Idea is really nice but it could've been better like for certain places he had to give the items needed. In stead of that you shouldve had gotten them an earlier time.

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  • Chance of getting only good stuff: 1 in 32768

  • me thinking its minecraft but there are 50% of chunks...

  • Around 4:59 The song from Plants vs Zombies named "Loonboon" started playing Like if you didn't know

  • 3:28 Did you guys know you that Sipover is a sore loser? 5:54 Also broke the rule of "No using blocks from the map". 6:10 Also also, CMB cheats too. 6:42 Nevermind about that second point, it was from CMB appearntly. 6:54 What do you expect anymore, it's CMB. 7:37 You got it from THE MAP, so partially nevermind that fourth point. 8:54 What to do with a diamond shovel? Maybe mine more sand? Read sixth point. 9:45 Literally every mobs AI would walk around that. 9:48 Not even five seconds later, and he broke MORE sand. 9:52 Mobs can hit players through one block gaps. 10:08 50 Inches. That was like three blocks bro. Chill. 10:21 "I can't take it out of the map." He says after mining sand like a second ago. 10:24 1. Sand plural is sand, not sands. 2. Yeah, because you got them from BREAKING THE MAP. Read point 2. I'm too lazy and annoyed by this video to add any more than 14 points. Overall, this was a scuffed video and your worst video by far.

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  • First, 1 zombie or 1 cow, Last, overpowed gear and enchanted gaples, or 10 whiters

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