Modern IKEA Desk Setup Makeover!

Publicado el 7 feb 2020
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Comentarios: 1 622

  • I WISH I had an Ikea near me :( Really like the makeover though!

  • Ah yes, quarantine and working from home has brought us forth to this endless loop of desk setup videos.

  • Wow that's an incredible setup transformation. Keep making these types of videos, and keep up the good work Justin

  • Love the way this looks! Can’t wait to do something like this to my desk set up!

  • I really love the setup it's neat very clean 👌🏿 love how every item has it own place

  • This changed the mood of the room. What a great, simple, and quick transformation. Awesome!

  • I am an interior designer for Ikea , so it’s always cool to see how consumers use our products .

  • really enjoy doing this series and seeing the change in before and after, hoping to REALLY ramp up this series and up the production of each one, let's make it a goal of 10+ makeovers this year.

  • Really loving these set up designs. This one is so clean and I would love mine to look like this

  • Doing my setup soon so this video was very helpful! Love the old Ikea draws matched with the Karlby desk.

  • Absolutely beautiful setup makeover, along with an absolutely beautiful video. Well done!

  • Really enjoy this series! I’ve been trying to come up with a new setup for a few years now, and it’s encouraging to see the inspiration.

  • I’ve seen the IKEA Alex drawer set up in another video. It looks good, and very practical for storage! I’ll be possibly using two of those for my desk build. I’m going to build the desktop out of reclaimed lumber.

  • I really love how you take videos and edit them you motivate me , wish I had the possibility to have such a good working space and equipment

  • Love these videos can’t wait for more episodes in the future. I wish I could have a make over on my setup 😹 I just need a monitor stand like the one in this video 👀 gives more desk space

  • What a transformation! Inspired me to make a change with my current setup. Great job!

  • I’ve been working on desk setup but it’s hard to get it all done within budget constraints. This looks so good.

  • Great idea and nicely executed as expected at this point. True pro. I am working on a new set-up idea now and as is the case for most the budget is the biggest challenge. Thanks Justin.

  • I genuinely appreciate how granular you are with the details of everything that went in to the makeover. Including the paint name for example was very nice.

  • The Google Neat Mini is so seemless and matches so well with the aesthetic of the room! Love the setup overall too!