My brother's keyboard broke, so I built him a new one

Publicado el 21 ene 2022
My brother's been using the same keyboard forever, but it finally broke on him. I decided to build him a new one.
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Keychron Q1:
Artifact Bloom keycap set
Glorious Pandas (prelubed)
CableMod LEMO cable
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  • Before: I built a keyboard for my sister.

  • Having you as a sister might be a dream, imagine having no money to spend on a keyboard and your sister just hooks you up with a custom keyboard no payment required

  • Wow I couldn’t imagine how good of a sister you would be, if my sister was like that I would be very grateful for her to be in life, love your videos!

  • Recently got back into your content and I've got to say, you've come such a long way in what feels like so little time and really have come into your own as a presenter and video host. Your cadence especially feels so much more natural than in your older videos, as well as being much livelier and more energetic. Can't wait to see where you go from here, great work so far

  • i love how in keyboards everybodys like "NO USE GMK KEYCAPS THEY LOOK SO GOOD AND THEY SOUND GOOD" and "NO BRASS>ALIMUNIUM" or some shit but then when it comes to mods its just "put tape on the back of ur PCB" "put foam in your case" like shit went from 100 dollars to 1 dollar real quick

  • You're such a great sister! In this video and the one to your sister from earlier, I love that you make them very solid keyboards that are perfect for a beginner even if, like you said, some keyboard nuts will find it underwhelming, that can still be overwhelming when you're new to the keyboard world!!

  • i recently got into custom keyboards and i’m happy to watch your vids and learn more about possible mods and builds i could do, thank you for this! what a good keeb 😍

  • this is a very nice deed to do for your brother, im stuck with a membrane, you're brother is lucky to have you (also keychron is such a good brand)

  • your family is lucky to have someone as nice and generous as you!!

  • I have just recently gotten into computers. Bought a cheap havit “gamer” keyboard because I thought that’s what I needed. Didn’t find your channel until after sadly. Me having a car background, I decided to try some things I had laying around. I used 5w30 synthetic motor oil to live the switches and it actually made a big change. The best thing I have done is use “dynamat” inside the case. Haven’t saw that on anyone’s channel yet so if you’re looking for something new, check it out. It’s a sound deadening material for cars. Works really well. Keep up the good work!

  • If I had the power of being able to customize keyboards I would have gave my whole family custom keyboards honestly 😂

  • your brother is SO lucky to have you as a sister. I don’t have a keyboard and have been trying to save for one but just haven’t been able to since I’ve got other things to pay for. 😕

  • Your brother seems like he could be a good content creator just like you! Maybe it runs in the blood?

  • The force break is actually to reduce the pingy sound between the aluminium plate. I had my keychorn q1 as well. When the first time have the keyboard without having the masking type put there, the sound is a bit "errr..." i don't know how to describe it.. just hard to accept XD. anyway.. you give me new idea to mod my Q1 again (jeez.. i'm going to be broke soon) lol thanks :)

  • Happy for your brother. I wish I could do the same, quit my job as well and do something I really love. And nice build as always :)

  • I just customized a keeb for my mom and I was very very tempted to keep it. It was a Glorious GMMK full size in Artic White with Kailh box blacks and some PBT HKGaming keycaps (knock offs of I believe the Astrolokeys from Drop). It was so good sounding. I might have to get myself some box black switches as I really loved the sound.

  • I literally have the same razer keyboard now (still going strong I honestly still like it)! I've found your channel as I dive in to the greater beyond of keyboards and customizability as I yearn to spend money on products to make me feel momentarily happy

  • This is so cool, i nvr rlly had any experienced on mechanical keyboards since those stuff isnt rlly known and cared for in my country so watching these videos rlly make me want to build one, even if its from a premade keyboard. So im planning on buying red dragon kumara k552 rgb(the tkl one i dont remember the exact name) and change the switches and put foam under it. Thank you for inspiring me :D

  • Damn...imagine just getting a fully modded, amazing looking, thocky sounding keyboard just randomly in the mail

  • Would be interesting if you built a keyboard out of all the stock parts that you discard when you put the nicer stuff in. Like: what's the best build you can make from your extra stock parts. That could be a challenge for you and the guys (Hipyo, Glarses, etc...). They have to prove it's stock by showing the video wherein they removed it.