NEW Razer Blade 15 vs The Cheapest Razer Blade You Can Buy

Publicado el 1 ene 2021
I compare a brand new Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop to a 6-year-old Razer Blade 14, that I paid $430 for. Let's see how far Razer's gaming laptops have come in 6 years.
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The Razer Blade 15 I used in this video:
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  • Nice to see a company moving to non soldered RAM rather than the other way round for once!

  • As an owner of one of those 6 year old blades I have to say this thing has lasted much better than I thought it would. The 870m is a little lacking now a days and the bezels are huge but it's got a great screen and has done what I've needed (sometimes pretty loudly). Good to know the memory isn't soldered on and there are 2 nvme slots in the new ones.

  • I like the resistance on the monitor, the fact it keeps the lid closed with no mechanical snaps. Also on the oil issue, I agree, a skin is kinda necessary in my opinion.

  • You know that the new blade has a 4k OLED display as well, right? I had an old razer blade and upgraded this year to the new 4k blade, and I would say the 4k oled display is even more strikingly beautiful on the new 15.

  • Love those new lineups for Razr, decent prices for a good setup.

  • Love the videos dawid keep this work up you are seriously underrated, love the channel

  • The GPU in the razor 14 is reeeeaaally kepping it back, gpu's are aging much faster than cpu's in gaming

  • I want to see a 16 core processor laptop reviewed for gaming or compiling.

  • Would be a cool idea to put the blade 15 against a desktop that you could build for around the same price point.

  • Well, you could have gotten the 4K version of the blade 15 and then have done a kinda “better” comparison factoring the screen into it as well. It even rocks the glass you love so much. 🙌🏾 And it loves being touched as well.

  • I’d love to see a blind comparison between a desktop and a gaming laptop.

  • very interesting video! love to see the bi brands make lots of progress

  • I miss the Razer that had basically a built in Stream Deck, the one with the LED buttons. More companies should try to work something like that in, especially in the age of streaming / live content creation.

  • I have been watching your videos back to back for a day now. Great content. I like the budget builts the most.

  • I’m doing a similar video series right now on an Alienware 17 from 2014. If you haven’t figured out the driver issue yet, you can just .inf mod current drivers and they work fine. The core is supported, they just cut off support for the 880m and 870m for some reason. I’ve tested pretty thoroughly, works fine.

  • Think you'll be able to get round to reviewing 30 series laptops and comparing them to the last gen or even desktop versions? I think its be cool to see exactly what each one is equivalent to. Or even comparing them to next gen consoles! I know there's other ESmainrs that are doing it, but I feel I absorb information better the way that you deliver it haha.

  • I have a similar laptop from the blade 14 generation (dell latitude e6440) but I was able to upgrade the CPU to an i7-4800MQ and 16GB of ram and windows is super snappy. In addition I added an egpu to the msata/mpcie port for gaming. I did have it connected to the expresscard port but had reliability issues.

  • Bring Anna in for comparison testing! I love how excited she gets lol.

  • I'm surprised more companies havent adopted the apple cnc aluminum design. I remember when razer first did it years ago people went crazy

  • This is a great content! Gives me idea what to have in my own laptop! Keep it up! :)