PBC Fight Camp: Andy Ruiz vs. Chris Arreola | FULL EPISODE 1 | PBC ON FOX

Publicado el 25 abr 2021
We get our first look inside the camps of both heavyweights and what is motivating them as they march to their May 1 PPV fight. Buy the PPV here: foxs.pt/3usXiFQ

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PBC Fight Camp: Andy Ruiz vs. Chris Arreola | FULL EPISODE 1 | PBC ON FOX



  • Who will win: Andy Ruiz Jr. or Chris Arreola?

    • @Gaspar Sito Boxnavaja 8 minutos y no 87 horas jj

    • Ruiz Jr is a different class. It will be an easy night's work for him he should be facing the top fighters. A decent match up would be him and Wilder or Whyte.

    • Logan Jake by split decision

    • Ruiz will eat him like a snickers !

    • @Simply Me lol you make me laugh and I think tyson fury would think the same... ps I'm from a boxing family so I do understand...... some of these fights tune ups or whatever are not even worth it ruiz would get more out of this fight in his sparring sessions.. its a tottal mismatch not worth watching just a easy payday he should be fighting someone like wilder next or dillian whyte then the winner becomes mandatory to one of the belts but as per usual wilder and ruiz will take an easier route and then made mandatory.. boxing has gone to the dogs these champions in all devisions should be made to fight each other... best error of boxing for me was the 80s when they fought each other in great great fights...........

  • Andy is back... he will be champ again. Watch!!

  • Andy, what belt was that you were carrying into the ring? I thought AJ took those back?

  • I'm UK man saying you are a proper fighter your day will come my friend

  • Don’t ever quit our people need you shine raza.

  • More of these videos please! Your fans are hungry for it

  • Okay Andy, that pool is serious.

  • Andy Ruiz Is one of GODS warriors..... he will become heavyweight champ again!!

  • 🥊JOSHUA VS RUIZ 3 !!!

  • 🥊JOSHUA VS RUIZ 3 !!!

  • Andy looks beautiful

  • Ivan Drago vs rocky

  • I became an Andy Ruiz fan the first time I saw him.. which was on a Pacquaio undercard in Macau vs Tor Hamer and he made him quit on the stool.

  • You got this carnal!

  • Hopefully Chris will come to fight and not just for the money... Make Andy show he is worthy of being a champion.. Chris has a heart of a Champion, but a lil short on the skill.. Andy needs to show his Heart and Chris has the potential to bring it out and make him show the World ... If Andy’s the real deal or not...

  • Andy Ruiz getting a cherry picked opponent.

  • Good Luck Andy your Mailman Ken

  • I think Ruiz wins this

  • Andy°°°°!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥i believe still !!!!

  • Andy Ruiz is too fast for the this old guy. Andy Ruiz is going to knock him out, he is still underated. This is just a easy work for Andy Ruiz.

  • Andy Ruiz is too fast for the this old guy. Andy Ruiz is going to knock him out, he is still underated. This is just a easy work for Andy Ruiz.

  • Andy Ruiz is too fast for the this old guy. Andy Ruiz is going to knock him out, he is still underated. This is just a easy work for Andy Ruiz.

  • no mamen, un competidor al final de su carrera contra uno chiflado... eso no es una cartelera honorable. Así como se preparó debería pelear contra un reto más dificil. Lo unico que vende esta pelea es el morbo de cuanto bajo de peso Andy Jr.

  • Nobody cares about this guy anymore his time has sailed and gone. Maybe you should be a food blogger

    • You cared enought to click on this video because he was in it 🤔

  • Now this is a fight

  • Those fish tacos look BOMB!

  • What a humble giant of a champion. More power to you.

  • This man is a whole new destroyer

  • Both fighters are good guys.

  • Will be available on fox or dazn?

  • people are forgetting manuel 'pulgacito' ramos,,,,604 215,,came into the heavyweight title fight with joe frazier,,with 18 straight wins,,many by ko,,,tagged frazier in second round,,staggered but bounced off ropes,,survived,,,close to being first mexican heavyweight champ

  • pizza boy opened up shop again?

  • Ruiz about to spice up the Heavyweight division

  • Respect,gota love that desire of game

  • Come on, this is a gift for Ruiz to come back to the conversation. Nothing but setup....

  • For Ruiz, if his opponent pull an upset. Don’t stop. Sometimes, this kind of comeback is pressure. Hope for the best and safety for both fighters

  • More vicious now Ruiz v wilder great fight if Ruiz wins over wilder will get him into top 4 chance at title again an I believe he will become champion again

  • Both repping Mexican pride, respect to both fighters.

  • Pbc on fox has clean sweet light hearted sports productions. I like that. Congratulations to the team. Its like bellator. Its better than ufc. Ufc just has more distribution outlets.

  • Al Andy le dieron leche de cabra

  • He just fought the world champion now he's fighting Chris...? What a bum fight. Andy and Wilder at it again cherry picking 🍒

  • This fight on Ppv??? No wonder ESmain stars are taking over boxing

  • Strong heart & mind

  • The audio on this videos sucks. Doesn't do the content justice

  • AJ doesnt want a 3rd fight. He’ll fight 1 time a year. Hes gonna fight fury and wilder and usyk before he fights ruiz. Why cuz 💰💰💰 and because he if plays the waiting game ruiz might fall out the spotlight. He doesn’t wanna take that risk again


  • Viva La Raza

  • This is such an easy fight for ruiz... put him up against deontay wilder

  • Russel from up got hands

  • I believe he Andy will have it again and be the one on top division of heavyweight be crown king again

  • I want to see Ruiz vs ortiz

  • Very good AR ☝️☝️👊👊👊❤️ my french

  • already 130k views in less than 2 hours since the vid has been posted, and people say boxing is dying...

  • Going from broke to millionaire pretty much overnight is why he loves food. The comments are so damn dumb. All fighters love food, they came from nothing. That's why most don't maintain weight in between fights. Pretty simple.

  • Got a feeling Andy is gonna knock him out in a round!

  • Team Ruiz!! 👊🏼💪🏼 let’s go!!!

  • When I heard 40 year old, I switched off

  • "being dragged to the parties"...... sure buddy

  • Ruiz was just holding aj belts for a while cause they needed to be polished and cleaned

  • No te juntes con el canelo mala influencia para tu Carrera. Te va a pegar lo corrupto lo maleta compra títulos es un fraude compra boxeadores de otros países ya nadie se la cree

  • Ruiz will beat Joshua in the 3rd fight and become champion again! This is true

  • Idiots only say Ruiz got lucky how you get dropped then KO Joshua make’s no sense your almost out but get lucky and KO the guy nope that’s heart toughness, will desire to be great. Who don’t wanna make it out where they are in life fan’s think cuz they are athlete’s they make bank no clowns it take the right fight/ contract

  • I still feel Andy is underrated even after getting the belt

    • Cause he is underrated Andy is honestly the best hw fighter rn

  • Andy should fought wilder both coming off loses.

  • I hope Chris arreloa wins he deserves it

  • Rooting for Andy!

  • I'm routing for you Andy!

  • 2nd fight Andy was 350 plus on the weight

  • Andy is definitely the real deal just let fame and fortune get to him and who wouldn't. Definitely coming back to rock the division

  • Andy va être le nouveau poids lourd à battre!

  • Number one trainer? Nah bruh that cap ....

  • He’s transformed into a better boxer since the AJ loss

  • It’s like they did one interview and just mix it up every time. I could of told you what’s next after seen one of this videos

  • In boxing you can not run nor hide Floyd Mayweather: Am I a joke to you?

  • You got this fight Ruiz 🥊😤🥊

  • Ruiz needs a trilogy

  • He is a good fighter and a good person. He should have been doing that from the start. You know. I like Andy. I think he can do it again.

  • They showing alot of andy compared to Chris.


  • Joe Goossen is the American version of Jeremy Clarkson.

  • man,andy is perfect packages as hes great human being and so great boxer along with ultra dedication..mad respect!

  • We all love you Andy your a great fighter

  • Ruin is a bum

  • Still a fan of Ruiz no matter what. Get em belts back champ. You stunned the world before and I believe you can do it again.

  • No one drags you no where you dont want to be

  • This boxing match will be a slug fest.

  • His mum must be happy he just let the world know she snores 😂

  • Success and Failures actually reveal who we truly are.

  • I hope Ruiz wins, I also hope he stops tucking his ears into his hat!🤣🤣

  • Ruiz vs dillian white is the fight to make imo, see where he is at.. if he beats Dillian, then Wilder then another shot at champ.

  • This match-up is an insult to the fans. Ruiz is wasting his time, this win will bring him absolutely nothing in terms of ranking, respect or even revenues. Andy had better fought somebody decent, like Wilder,Ortiz, Kownacki or a credible up and comer like Ajagba or Hrgovic to get back in the mix. Ruiz has made a career of making wrong decisions

  • Emmanuel Stewart predicted ARJ. IF he stays motivated and in shape.He can rule the division for years to come!!

  • Ruiz is ab example of how far skill can take you.. he’s not a super human or gifted with amazing genetics, just someone who put loads of time in perfecting technique and skill.. will be nice to see him against higher ranked fighters like Joshua again, Whyte, wilder and fury

  • Seriously? That dude is over ten years older.

  • I'm confused. Somebody please tell me: Was John Ruiz who fought Roy Jones Jr as the Heavy Weight Champion a Mexican?

    • Puerto rican

  • Maybe when I become a boxer , I wanna someday take this guy on , maybe...

  • Ruiz by Knockout !

  • Ruiz stay sweatin’, mans in the best shape of his career. 👊😤

  • Nice Andy RUIZ Let's go For The Championship fight Again and again Who's win In Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua let's Go For Become Champion again and again Or Vs DILLIAN WHYTE For Become the Number 1 Contender in WBC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION

  • Andy's legs are insane now he looks light on his feet