PBC Fight Camp: Andy Ruiz vs. Chris Arreola | FULL EPISODE 2 | PBC ON FOX

Publicado el 2 may 2021
Go behind the scenes to see the training of Andy Ruiz Jr. and Chris Arreola as they get set for their heavyweight bout on May 1st. Learn how the Mexican fighters got involved in boxing and how they prepared to take on each other. Buy the PPV here: foxs.pt/3usXiFQ

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PBC Fight Camp: Andy Ruiz vs. Chris Arreola | FULL EPISODE 2 | PBC ON FOX



  • Should Chris Arreola rematch with Andy Ruiz?

    • No

    • I don't want them to fight. I think they should join up. beat up all the other fighters then the brown can run it the right way lol.....

    • No Chris quit after the fourth.

    • Nope! He won hands down, the max rounds won that you can give Chris is 4 and that's pushing it. He should fight parker and get revenge on his loss to him. Then Ortiz, and after that rematch with AJ if he wins both those fights.

    • Andy is overrated

  • Andy ruiz vs whyte or chisora. Ruiz for the win on both.

  • Eso! We're better together! Building each other up not tearing each other down! Felicidades a los dos y tambien a las familias que apoyan a estos hombres mexicanos que dan todo y ponen en alto a los Mexicanos aunque sea en deportes.

  • I can’t imagine he dropped 30 pounds wow!

  • Man has mike Tyson power but he ain’t gonna knock anyone out without training hard, the rematch with Joshua showed

  • Kinda weird that this was a ppv. 0 demand

  • Did anyone else notice Bryce hall?

  • Chicano park san daygo i c u Andy

  • Wich one you lames actually paid for this?

  • Two losers that can't even keep a perfect record like the great and only Mayweather

  • This guy's motivated me 🥊🇲🇽🇺🇸

  • He fought like Canelo, you can see the difference. I wish I had Chris in his 20’s, he’d be a champion already.

  • A little late..

  • Ruiz's sons name is AJ? 😅

  • Si gano bien a huevo solo falta adaptarse a ese estiloooo.. que no está mal solo que la malicia que tenía para peliar no se le vio...

  • That thumbnail is gold LOL...

  • Andy ruiz he is my idol and I think he's next fight is king kong ortiz bc that is a really good fight ❤️

  • I've never seen Andy not smiling

  • not only is PBC worse then DAZN for highlights, but now they drop the episodes after the fight, lol

  • DAZN post 15 minute highlights right after the fight. *FOX post episode 2 of training camp day after fight...*

  • Why ...... Its Over

  • DAZN: puts 20 minutes boxing hightlights a few moments after the fight. PBC on FOX: uploads Fight Camp: Episode 2 a day after the fight.

  • Clearly they didn't want my $50 showing this after fight, good thing I watched a stream

  • Andy he is done you need to get in better shape and stop playing around bro if you're claiming Mexico move over there and I have Mexican but I am American

  • Wtf after the Ppv smh that why showtime fight camp is better

  • Bum


  • And he is supposed to be ready for Wilder?? 🤣🤣 Wilder will destroy the destroyer

    • Dunno. Fury did a number on him last time. We dont know how good is gonna come back.

  • Andy is a one hit wonder, despite being in the best shape of his life, under canelo camp, he looked terrible in a match which is suppose to be a tune-up 🤦🏻‍♂️ you can argue ring-rust but i think wilder, Whyte and Ortiz stops him at this point

    • @Richard Khusial 💯

    • Not just ring rust but he needs getting used to his decrease in weight. And the muscles weighing him down so idk it would take time to really be as good as an elite fighter but right now he definitely is not elite.

    • @Richard Khusial the canelo impersonation helped him win the fight.

    • I think him and Eddy are a bad team for his style. I rather see him with Robert Garcia or even go back with his old trainer. His old trainer didn't fail him, Andy went out partying and fuked around. That isn't your trainers fault

    • Fr

  • Arreola's trainer was a bias commentator of Pacquiao vs. Thurman..who will agree?

  • This fight showed us Andy is overrated 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Can’t believe this PPV was $50 bucks.

  • Con esta actuación de Andy que se olvide de una revancha con el campeón 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Why is this being posted today when the fight already happen? Hahahahahah

  • Andy Ruize the best ❤️

  • Leave it to PBC to drop an episode for the fight camps after the fight is over.

  • 11:25 Al Haymon does advise the PBC fighters to invest their money. Andy wasn't building community housing when he was with his former promotional company.

    • You mean advise as in helping with what to Invest in and what Prices?

  • Who's still watching this while knowing the fight is over haha 🤣

  • This would have been great 24 hours ago

  • i hope andy stays active... the more fights he takes the better chance he gets at rematch ong joshua

    • @Brian how do you think fighters and athletes get so successful? By having the masses talk about them . Whether you love them or hate them , the worst thing is silence . The man is allowed to leave his comment if he dislikes someone , as are you if you’re a fan . No hate brother

    • @wajidhaq no one's forcing you to pay that's the thing. I've paid for so many ppv that in end in the first round, both boxing and ufc. People are very ballsy when they are safe and sound behind a screen. I bet you no fan will be as critical face to face and have that same energy as they do behind the keyboard.

    • @Brian nah as paying fans we have a right to voice our opinions, if these pro fighter don’t like it, then DONT take our money! I’ve attended live events and bought soo many ppv I’ve lost count, we’ll see how these boxers make a earning if us civilians stop spending 🤔

    • @Jav Mar that's exactly why normal civilians shouldn't talk smack about fighters, unless they are willing to step up.(some do show up to spar with pros and get a life lesson) That's why I said put some respect on his name.

    • @Brian I’m with you man but it’s extremely silly comparing a civilian to a pro boxer , that makes your argument so flaud . However I agree with the sentiment , Andy is the man 💪

  • Wilder kos Ruiz

    • @Hercules I agree bro

    • Fury cheated the second fight egg weight in glove and bearly any padding. DW all the way

    • @Dave Turner Lol naw bro Wilder kos Ruiz that's for sure

    • @Carl ‘battered onion rings’ froch Lol You do remember Wilder knocking Fury out but the ref gave a long count right or did you forget that?

    • Maybe if he caught him with a bomb yes but I think Andy is to good for him

  • 😂😅😁😆

  • Andy did fight good but clearly, there is still room for improvement.

    • mayweather would easily beat them both. they wouldn't even land a punch on the great mayweather.

    • @jo ice yes over rated champion...

    • Andy is overrated asf

    • This is good because him and Eddy could looks back at his fight and see what they need to improve on

    • @GMG_ Andy is fighting after having major weight changes that his body requires a lot of time to adjust, he fought against an experienced veteran who he looked up to a bit (that’s a bit of pressure to fight an idol), and def that ring rust was the big issue

  • Where is the fight highlight? Shame on PBC for not posting the fight highlight yet. You need to learn something from DAZN. They post highlights right 10 minutes after the fight 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • It’s uploaded since 11 hours ago, they have another channel

  • Abit late no?

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  • Mexican fans are a disgrace for booing their own like that. Don’t care what anymore has to say...

    • They probably bet big on a Andy Ko thats why.. cant expect that all the time..

    • @The D Hive creating narratives like they are law.

    • @David Day THANK YOU. This dude is encouraging racial bias that is ruining boxing

    • It's a disgrace to NOT boo someone JUST because they're "your own people". And what are you talking about anyway? Sometimes things are happening off camera, that we don't see on TV, and the crowd Boos that... and not what we are seeing on the screen. Also, both of these guys are Mex-American, you want people to Cheer for BOTH? What kind of sh*t is that?

    • No, those are unbiased true Mexican fans. The disgraceful new-age Mexican fans are the ones that support their own no matter what. That's bias