Pickup Artists are a PLAGUE

Publicado el 1 oct 2020
Get Rich Quick Schemes, Multi Level Marketing Traps and Pickup Artists, the unholy trinity of trash advertising
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  • Just cause I'm anticipating this, as mentioned in the video, HAVING CONFIDENCE IS GREAT! People that teach others to have confidence are awesome! But people that teach you to treat others like objects and literally use terms like 'brainwash' in regards to relationships are pretty much garbage losers.

    • I don’t think I could even tell a woman if I think she’s beautiful without kicking myself. Not with words. Because she’d very likely already KNOW it, and I’ll sound like a retard. It’s that gap between cordial and speaking with hands most guys have a disconnect with

    • @Unknown Person You are right on target. Don't be nice to women. Don't chase them. Don't give them money. Been down the same road and it goes nowhere. Take advantage of any situation, and I guess the female of the species wants to try a little guerilla warfare. Cool!!

    • @Unknown Person you're no better than the women you're complaining about then. Instead of rising abive you act like a child. Besides you got it wrong, for the most part, women don't like jerks they like confidence.

    • Stop spreading lies Amanda. If women wanted nice guys then all of those skinny shy nerds with crocked teeth and no game would be the ones getting all of the good looking women! Men dont care about what whamin are saying. We anayze what you are DOING! By doing what whamin do, they proved us that they dont want a nice guy but jerks with money and muscles. I used to be a nice guy and did not understand why I wasnt having any success with whamin. Now after couple years of hard work I have muscles and money. Nothing else change about me, I am still the same IT nerd but far better looking. Now I have too many whamin to choose from, I spin the plates regularly. Last year I managed to have sex with over 20 whamin. IN ONE YEAR! So stop lying to the naive men Amanda!

    • But it works. So, do men just go along and support women without any expectations? Confidence will get you alone. Good looks will get you company. It's the way it is, and the regular guys have found out they are not desirable; only useful if drain is plugged.

  • Just peeped the Win women Over pick up ad and it was HILARIOUS. Just cause you told me to let you know.

  • Yeah that guy is a creep and does not represent the manosphere. Yesh.

  • When you are told you deserve something, you become entitled. When you are taught to work to gain something your standards can become higher than entitlement.

  • These pickup artists are scam artists. They are only after your money

  • No joke, an advertisement came right when Amanda said the word. 6:02

  • The Johnny Depp joke? Stop throwing underarms then 😂😂

  • Ive even seen a few videos on women pick up artists too! They're about!....😶

  • And after all this shit, why do women still chase these douchebags? They know what they got but it’s like as if you all think “the next one won’t be like that!!” And then after literally only choosing chads, then go and paint all men with the same brush 🤦‍♂️🤣 Don’t worry, the men’s channels are just as bad if not worse, and say quotes like “she was never yours, it was just your turn,” and talk about “hypergamy” like as if women that are happy will still jump ship or something.. can we go back to the 2000’s? Dating is actual aids now...

  • Sheesh, the minute they start talking about "brainwashing" and/or "body counts", it's time to leave, while you still have _plausible deniability._ It's a safe bet some morally questionable, if not outright illegal stuff is about to go down.

  • You should dress up as Axel Rose for Halloween

  • What's funny is I've been contacted on Facebook by about six guys trying to sell me their dating coaching services

  • You said "ladybits" please DON'T

  • It’s a toss up how many guys, if they already started investing, will discontinue those courses, even upon viewing this video, because of the sunk cost fallacy.

  • Stay off tiktok anyway! It’s China’s chief spying tool

  • Well, you can teach girls how to be attractive to guys. 50-50% partnership with 10% going to animal shelters and another 10% spent on ads dissing Russel? :D

  • PUA's are trash... But so are GOLDDIGGERS. We ALL have trash.


  • got dumped? haha

  • "stop making full videos advertisements.... *gets cut for a pick up artist add of 5minutes, the one which starts with pornhub logo, you know the one, with the so very plain looking white guy

  • Yeah I got plenty of ads along this vein a few months ago, tried to ignore as much as possible as could tell it could've been very toxic. Plus I am very much not the kind of person that these apply to as an AroAce it's all irrelevant subject matter. I only remember noticing because I was happy that my internet presence now mostly passes as a guy so at least that's something.. Still toxic af tho and glad they seem to be trailing away, especially since even I was getting them regularly then that means pretty much everyone was

  • The retro style of these douches fascinates me.

  • Hey everyone you may have your problems in life. But at least you’re not that douche.

  • Look what's awoken from the grave.... You need to get a tan, white as ghost

  • My advice to guys watching her videos. You guys are simpso that dont get girls. Any successful pickup artist knows u shuld never pay for pick up advice. I'm gud and can get any girl I want n paid ntn. Your prob is a real pick up artist can get any girl they want. That takes ur power as girls away

  • I just don't get how can pussy/dating be so central to one's life. Do you have no hobbies and friends? I would kill myself if I had to go on several dates every week, maybe that's why I only had long term relationships so far. I think these people might be sociopaths.

  • In addition to Alphas and Betas, we got Gammas, Sigmas, and Omega. Is it a Brave New World or just The Tempest in a teacup? :)

  • Women only want three things 6 feet tall 6 pack abs 6 figure salary :)

    • Whereas men want only one small thing.

    • @Márk Pozsár It happens to be an obvious joke with the three six's.

    • I have none of them, yet I always managed to get laid and hold a relationship (currently in one). So this is so full of shit.

  • These dudes make me ashamed of my gender

  • This man saw Barney from How I Met Your Mother and just said, "Yes."

  • That is a nice shirt. Commanding, even

  • 8:40 “you’re also gonna figure out how to brainwash and hook any woman into love” Keith “Vanguard” Raniere: “hold my sash”

  • "STOP making full videos into adver-" *le me not watching my phone as i pour coffee, laughing at the funny cut away edit to the men's hair loss ad before thinking its gone on way too long and holy shit its a real fifteen minute ad* "-tisements!"

  • Stop spreading lies Amanda. If women wanted nice guys then all of those skinny shy nerds with crocked teeth and no game would be the ones getting all of the good looking women! Men dont care about what whamin are saying. We anayze what you are DOING! By doing what whamin do, they proved us that they dont want a nice guy but jerks with money and muscles. I used to be a nice guy and did not understand why I wasnt having any success with whamin. Now after couple years of hard work I have muscles and money. Nothing else change about me, I am still the same IT nerd but far better looking. Now I have too many whamin to choose from, I spin the plates regularly. Last year I managed to have sex with over 20 whamin. IN ONE YEAR! So stop lying to the naive men Amanda!

  • Advice from Pick Up Artists does WORK, but you dont have to pay for any of it. There are thousands of videos on YT where you can learn the skill for free. After I implemented what most of the guys were saying I had a HUGE success with women. Why? Because it works, simple as that. Whamin who complain that men treat them as OBJECTS do that only because the men they want to be in relationships treat them like objests. They LOVE to be objectified by alpha males like me, but they hate it when I say I dont want to be in a relationship with those whamin. They also hate that "objectification" when it comes from the guys they find unatractive or simply not rich enough, because who do those poor guys think they are to DESERVE her! Whamin are just oblivious of their own worth, they overprice themselves all the time. Whamin have been using us for the things we provide and now it is our turn to use them. They see us men as WEALTH OBJECTS who should take care of their financial needs. Now is the time for use to use them to fullfill our needs. And be carefull: NEVER EVER MARRY A WHAMIN! NEVER! Dont give them the TOOL to rape you in the divorce court. You wanted feminism and equality, now you have it. Enjoy the pie you made yourself 😉

  • I remember that scene in Lucifer with the pickup artist convention. It was hilarious.

  • Ughhhhh. PUAs are the bottom of the bottom of the barrel. “Losers” is putting it lightly.

  • Watch Jesse Lee peterson, everytime i hear him say beta I want to punch my hearing.

  • The only Alpha there is, is Alpha M.

  • I get the feeling this girl must have fallen for one of these guys.

  • Men if it’s not clear enough already it’s time to walk away from women leave them alone work on bettering yourself mentally, physically and financially. Women do the same find individual happiness, success and mental stability leave men alone. If both individuals did this the world would be a far better and equal playing ground. After all aren’t we all after equality, peace and happiness?

  • I’m seeing a commonality of the comments of this video. Honestly the answers to all your problems isn’t something women want to hear ether.

  • mariocart ??

  • I love the irony and hilarity of the fact that every single ad I got on this video was a video by a pickup artist on “how to pick up women” OR a man telling women “how to pick up men” because apparently it’s not enough to advertise how to pick up men to a straight married women, they gotta try to get me to pick up women too!

  • See it’s guys like that that make me glad I have social anxiety. I’m scared to go to a club because a) saying no is going to be seen as an insult to any guy I refuse a drink or a dance from b) I don’t want to ever leave my drink alone because in my town area too many girls are given roofies c) crowded places made me nervous before covid. PS I do have a boyfriend and I met him through a friend of a friend at a comic book store while bonding over Dungeon and Dragons. Simple. No pressure and...oh yeah he acted and treated me like a human being!

  • "The Game" is at least a good title "The Art of Erotic Seduction" has its own charm But the tips used by pick up artists make the case for volcel (voluntary celibacy). Who wants to have anything to do with sex if you're going to be associated with these people.

  • Let’s be real the reason why we see this stupid crap is because of incels. They aren’t trying to market to the rational but to the irrational.

    • Oh and one more thing. The easy counterargument to this is to say that I'm lumping in all these guys together and that I don't know anything about their efforts to improve. That's because they all share the same story, and whatever efforts they've made are just products of their delusion. If they made the right choices they wouldn't be there. If one did all that and still lost, well that's just the universe.

    • ​ @will Nill If you're not a self-described incel, I wonder how you can defend these people. Their whole claim is predicated on shifting blame to others because it's easier to say they have no control over that than to admit the truth. The truth is they lack the courage to improve upon what they can control. Instead, they seek to shift the blame onto others. I have no problem with people who struggle. Everything has some struggle, and nothing better promotes growth in others than the power of effort. If incels decided to build the courage to struggle through, we wouldn't have these stupid pickup artist scams. To be clear, I don't hate them. Actually, better yet, I don't think about them. I'm just saying these scams are, in part, a result of this toxic culture. If they realized their logic was flawed, then they might begin to improve, thereby eliminating a significant source of demand for these scams.

    • You sound like you hate these guys that struggle with women. I don’t hate women that struggle

  • Pickup artists don't wear bowties unless they are picking up DUDES!

  • Sure is a lot of salty "I'm different I wont fall for that stuff" types in the comments. Relax, these types of guys aren't chasing girls like you, they are going after women who like these types of dudes, in the clubs, etc, not at local Church, and yes, they do exist. They don't care if you think of them as loser man children, you aren't on their radars. Not really sure why it pisses people off. Seems like a win win for the parties involved. The only thing people should be pissed about is the scammy nature of a "how to" book that doesn't really work.

  • Sounds like your problem is with the snake oil and the bad advice, not with the idea of helping men be successful with women per se.

  • The "PUA" community is toxic. I looked into it for a bit in 2006, it's really gross how they prey on insecure guys and then literally ask for thousands of dollars to hang out with you for a weekend all expenses paid... for THEM. And at those weekends they would have multiple guys following the course who paid at least 1500usd. nice hourly rate if you have a group of 10... then alot of the info they give you is really ambiguous, I got into arguments with them online alot when I called them out for never really teaching anything and just spouting empty statements. I'm glad I never bought into this. in the end, what worked for me was just going out and talking to people and just getting comfortable talking to strangers. then you can just be yourself and actually be attractive to someone you like because of GENUINE confidence

  • Pickup artists exist because their shit works. Edit: idk about guru's - they seem pretty sus. The basic stuff has a lot of truth to it.

  • You must be fun at parties

  • Honestly women feel when you are thirsty and it turns into an obsession... We call that cocky, we hate cocky. Why do they want to be cocky?

  • Literally got an ad for Matt Coast next to this video...

  • @Amanda the jedi I got one of those gross ads come up on your video 😂😂😂

  • An addition to tips on how to get women: seek some counseling. Whether it is social anxiety, insecurity, undiagnosed autism, there's a range of issues that could be the real thing standing in your way, and getting professional help to resolve them will not only help you to date, they will make your entire life better. If the first counselor or therapist is a bad fit, politely bow out by canceling your next appt by phone and try another!

  • This video is giving me life, Amanda

  • Remember that guy who called himself War Machine, and made those Alpha male shirts? His girlfriend finally got the confidence to break up with him, and he damn near beat her to death. Maybe, you are on to something with these self proclaimed Alpha males being bad news.

    • Lol, yeah and he tried killing himself in prison, surrounded by much bigger Alpha dudes..not very alpha like of him.

  • Feminists are women that want to be men.

  • Boy that's some cringe stuff lol.

  • these arent PUA’s

  • This videos was boring as fuck

  • "Eventually these women will figure out you're a child who wasn't able to discuss with them upfront that you weren't looking for anything serious, or just figure out how to use a dating app and search for women who wanted the same thing."

  • i love how this video started with a Pick Up Artist ad😭😭

  • AN INCEL’S GUIDE ON HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN: 1. Be confident 2. Be interesting 3. Dress well / take care of yourself (bonus points if you wear a unique fashion piece such as a watch, a dope mask, jacket, etc) 4. Show interest in girls you like (not too much interest and not too little; this is how most guys end up in the “friend zone”. they never show any interest in the girls they like and therefore end up coming off as a friend. you’ll have to ultimate find an appropriate balance) 5. Have hobbies 6. Be social and outgoing (talk to everybody, approach everyone) and that’s pretty much it. Pickup artists tend to pray on men who are desperate and ultimately they’re a waste of time. Not to mention their so called “tactics” are really just manipulation. Just be a normal human being. I’ve had girls literally ask me out / ask me for my number just bc i came up to them in a confident and normal way.

  • You put up this channel to fish for idiots in the comments, i get it.

  • Don’t need anything but the DENNIS system. It’s the implication.

  • So is he talking about Mario Kart to deceive women or is it a suggestion of a fun thing to do? If a guy has Mario Kart why is that not a fun activity for a night cap? If a guy has a dog, shows pictures of his dog doing cute doggo stuff is walking the dog not a fun night cap activity?

  • As a woman, I've enjoyed Vinny Theory as a channel. He's silly and gives off a good vibe. But his tips are solid and while he offers a class i'd never pay for, there's plenty free on his channel that I think can help shy men AND women. EVERY why guy should watch "all girls poop"

  • Great video! The Game changed how men and women interacted. You can spot these idiots anywhere in the bar, because they all act the same.

  • I'm a total loser, even i think pickup artists are a joke

  • Be awkward and weird while making fun of others who are awkward and weird. Girl in the video looks like a fetus with red hair and poor fashion choices 🤣

  • Yes, advice from a “woman” who looks like a female incel

  • 2005 spike TV at 3 in the morning... 😭

  • Guys like this are the reason my priority going into University isn’t getting a degree, it’s not getting raped. I fucking hate that that’s my reality.

  • As a man who at a short period had a steady "stable" (this is the utterly most fucked shit I've ever heard) it's entirely about being decent in bed and decent company, not some weird tricks.

  • The sound of a grown man saying "vaheen" instead of vagina just sent me through all nine circles of hell.

  • Pickup artists are fucking disgusting, but then again they're basically doing exactly what many feminists recommend women do as I've seen a ton of videos and articles made or written by feminists saying women should just use men for sex (sometimes saying to do it even if they're in a relationship) and promoting the joys of a polyamorous lifestyle which I know exactly one person for whom that has worked out for (somewhat, she does have a divorce behind her and has admitted that there have been issues between her current husband and boyfriend and I think the only reason their relationship hasn't self-destructed is because they don't allow flings or one night stands and that everyone needs to agree to a new person being brought into the relationship) and every other person I know that has tried polyamory has had their relationship(s) self-destruct very quickly and sometimes very dramatically (I mean physical fights between the jealous partners and lots of drama) and those that haven't gone back to a monogamous lifestyle are all stuck in a cycle of bad shirt term relationships and/or one night stands that while may satisfy them sexually leave them unsatisfied emotionally... Now I'm not saying that one night stands are bad, you should just always treat your potential sexual or romantic partners with respect as they're also human beings just like you and deserve to be treated as such and not just as some object. I'm not even saying polyamory is necessarily a bad thing, it's just my experience that it's ten times harder to make work than a more "traditional" monogamous relationship and even those can be really hard at times. I'd say that no long term romantic relationship is without it's struggles and obstacles that need both parties to put in work in order for the relationship to stand the test of time... Considering that I've been with the same woman for over 10 years since I was 21 and she was in her late teens I know a little bit about what it takes to build a successful, long lasting and most importantly happy relationship. The MGTOW movement an offshoot of which the pickup artist community basically is was born largely out of the current state of marriage and family laws and culture, men have a lot more to lose when it comes to relationships thanks to how things like divorce and family courts work, and even though many of the laws gave been made gender neutral in the recent years the culture among the judges and society at large is lagging behind causing many men to decide that having a family or a long term relationship is not worth the risk of what they see as financial slavery to the woman and their shared children the woman most likely will get sole custody of if she so wishes no matter how good or dedicated the father is or how abusive and delinquent the mother is... So I understand and sympathise with these men a bit, because I personally find that my relationship is what gives easily the most meaning to my life and these men are foregoing that because of fear and bitterness their past experiences have caused. Frankly I think there's a ton of blame to go around, feminism destroyed the traditional family and offered basically nothing anywhere near as stable in its place and many MRAs are so obsessed with either bashing feminism and feminists or returning to a very old fashioned family values that simply will not work anymore for most people instead of trying to find alternatives or developing more modern variations of more traditional family values... I used to be a feminist, left that liable behind when I saw how poisoned by misandry, double standards and general hypocrisy the movement had become (even though there had always been that element present in feminism from day one) and got tired of the ultra liberal to the point of insanity politics (and I say that as a Finnish person that always votes "Vasemmistoliitto" or "the left alliance" so I'm actually pretty damn liberal/left leaning in my politics), I then became a MRA for a short period of time before I got tired of the misogyny and ultra conservative politics in the movement and now I'm simply a gender egalitarian and try to find solutions to problems facing both sexes without negatively impacting the other to do so (like both feminism and MRAs often do, although feminists have a huge head start on doing that stuff)... I truly believe that what we need is for both men and women to just accept the fact that we both have it bad, and equally so, just in different ways instead of constantly going "I have it this bad in this while you have it so good in the same thing" or something along those lines because it's doing nothing but causing further division and making constructive dialogue between the sexes harder and harder and what we need is exactly the opposite of that, which I why I think we should strive to abolish both feminism and the MRA movement in favour of a shared and far more sane gender egalitarian movement that approaches the issues without putting one sex ahead of the other or concentrating more on the issues of one sex or the another.

  • PUA is still around? That crap peaked mid 2000's. Then plummeted into obsolescence with the prevalence of dating apps. Yeah, I still have "The Game" in my nightstand, but it has been years since I opened it. It wasn't wrong, just simply outdated.

  • Litterally as she says stop making adverts I get an advert for a pick up course. 😂😂😂 You tube Stop

  • Women lost in the 80/20 world can't see reality for men.

  • Eew Mystery just saying his name makes Candyman sound subtitle.

  • Listen, despite what our ridiculous society is currently saying, men do not want promiscuous women. Whining about it will not change it. If any females out there want a clue, be in shape, be debt free, and be chaste. You'll have your pick of men. Que the reeeee.

  • At 5:35 is that fucking black power ranger in blazer?!

  • Yikes yikes yikes. I love my genuinely sweet boyfriend. All of this alpha bs is so weird. Why tf wouldn't women like a nice man?

    • That is a question us men asked ourselves for decades. The answer of course is: Because women do not have to, so they don't.

  • "We live": joker 2019

  • Funny, the mid roll ad I got for this video was a pick up artist, it’s over 45 minutes

    • LOL! Was it that "Doctor" out of Singapore that offers online courses? If so, I get that one too. If I get that ad on a channel I subscribed to, I'll just let it play while the phone is put the down to do some chores. I often wonder if content creators generate more revenue with long ads.

  • It’s cause women are privileged. And men are simps. When’s the last time you approached someone ?

  • They're out there on Twitter too. There's a grift around every corner

  • You need to tackle the biggest pickup artist of them all that piece of garbage David Bond

  • Maybe this is just me, but I feel like the whole joy of sex is the personal connection you have? Comparing a sex partner to an object or a farm animal takes away the fun part of sex. Now it’s just fleshy bits ramming into other fleshy bits.

  • “ We live in a society “

  • The only thing that disgusts me more than a pickup artist, is the high level of intimate success they have.

  • I have no idea why this video popped up as a recommendation but holy shit, you've been conned by con-artists. None of the people you're railing against are pick-up artists, not one. They're con-artists masqarading as pick-up coaches, preying on weak men who are in real danger of becoming truly bitter and resentful in their dealing with women. None of what those guys are "teaching" is pick-up. But you don't actually know anything about the pick-up arts; you admitted you don't know anything about Mystery than his silly fuzzy hat which means you don't understand the historical context of the development of these things or what happened after. You've clearly never heard of or read Mark Manson's work, or know of Brene Brown and her work with shame and guilt for men when it comes to women. I doubt you've heard anything from Jordan Peterson when it comes to how men can become more attractive to women in healthy ways and what it means to be attractive in the first place. You're talking against something with justified vitriol, but you're not providing healthy alternatives, you're just angry about something pretending to be something it isn't. I get it, but theres so much more to it and you could be saying so much more as well. You are attempting to give advice in the form of "just be a good person and nice guy and show your passions" which sounds kind and good, but what you don't understand is how catastrophically harmful this advice is to both men and women. This is a much bigger subject which I'm not going to bother with. I will say one final thing. This whole business of "Alpha" and "Beta", again, these guys are fucking con-artists and how they are describing things is a gross misrepresentation of what "Alpha" actually means, it's all a fucking lie to hook weak men. So for those who have a problem with the term, you've been horribly miseducated. I really wish more people were properly educated about these subjects, you wouldn't be so angry if you were.

  • Wow, do these guys realize that even if you drink the coolaid and take their cringy, borderline incel scam at face value, they come off as super desperate losers, who are actually giving you tips on the dating equivalent of dumpster diving?

  • 17:13 - man f*** this guy. He's the reason that I can't clap back when people give me a hard time for being a tall white dude. They think I think like this pig: targeting drunk girls based off racial assumptions so I can root them and dump them. God dammit... its like "what's the point" if my reputation constantly gets marred by tools like this guy. Guess I'll just stay single forever 😪 probably for the best

  • Not every guy is capable of confidently speaking to women. Even fewer are capable of being good teachers. Anyone is capable of lying to you. Just saying

  • "Hey baby, you wanna go for a ride on my skateboard?" - My go-to pickup line when I was 13.

  • 2:15 is so beyond cringe. How are people comfortable with treating o t h e r h u m a n s like that?