Publicado el 9 nov 2021
Sony's PlayStation 5 has been out in the wild for an entire year now. Here's what we think after a year of use.
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  • awesome...when's the release date?

  • I generally stay about a half-cycle behind when it comes to consoles. I don't mind waiting - by the time I got around to buying a ps4 there were loads of affordable games that were only a few years old at that point, and I've been able to rack up a decent-sized collection of great games on the cheap, mostly through PS Store sales (generally $15 & under). I basically did the same thing between ps2 & 3 back in the day. I LOVE gaming, but I'm a patient man and there are still a lot of cool PS4 adventures to be had for me. I'll probably spring for a PS5 around Xmas 2023... assuming that they're even on shelves by then 🤣

  • This is a very well made prank. Makes me think there's actually such a thing as a PS5

  • I finally was able to see the console in person just the other week. It's crazy to me that it's easier to order a Tesla and have that appear in your driveway than it is to even SEE a goddamn PS5, let alone purchasing it. I refuse to buy one for resale prices from a scalper.

  • I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of these beasts, maybe by the time the PS7 comes out.

  • I've had it since march, it's been pretty solid and games seem to be well optimized. One thing though, I feel like I haven't had the full next-gen experience yet. Games run on last-gen engines, and although 4k and ray tracing is cool and all, I'm still waiting for a ture next gen experience with the graphics.

  • One year later and I still haven't seen a physical console.

  • I usually go back to old consoles for some games regardless of my new gen consoles, but after getting the PS5, with the speed the thing operates on. I gave the old consoles out. It's hard to go back to "loading..." The speed is what hooked me. It can't be explained. It's just awesome. You can switch to a different game in seconds... just wow!

  • I’m getting on well with mine so far, the only problem I have is the change they made to party chats. To me the PS4 parties were just simple and when you were finished it was all wiped away until you were ready to make a new one, but now on PS5 I’ve been bombarded with different parties with so many people in that I struggle to tell them apart

  • I still think we need home screen customisation like adjusting music volume when scrolling over games, setting a chosen image as the home screen instead of the background being dependant on what game you are hovering over and maybe a button to travel to a side of the home screen immediately like L1 and R1 for PS4 do because all the games are in the library only the last 10 played are displayed on the normal screen

  • I’ve had the digital version and I pretty much have the same gripes, the stand in horizontal isn’t great , the controller gets dirty no matter how clean my hands are haha, but overall I love it and without the disc the console is pretty much silent, got a good amount of games on the console surprisingly and will be adding a m.2 soon to it. Overall beats the performance of most High end PCs for a fraction of the price

  • I personally, love my ps5. Ratchet and Clank : a rift apart is easily one of my favorite games released on it. My console seems to still run pretty quiet, controller feels nice and broken in, but works well. My only complaint I have is the damn wireless NIC card seems to be faulty, so I ran a cat-5 to it and BAM! No connectivity issues anymore.

  • It's unreal just how damn fast time has been passing lately, I still remember being excited about it back when it was announced like it was yesterday

  • Had my PS5 since January, and honestly am super happy with it. Ratchet & Clank and Kena both were super impressive and enjoyable games, and I can’t wait to play Horizon: Forbidden West!

  • I’ve had my ps5 since launch and it’s still great. It’s made me rarely go back to my PS4 (only go back now to finish up trophies) but it’s been great with the BC added so I can play everything from one console if I choose to. The only issues I’ve had are the lack of storage which I know will be fixed soon, but even then I know it’s going to be expensive to get a particular SSD right now. The stand sucks so much. I’m forced to keep the console on its side and I always feel extremely cautions to get near it due to the wobbling. Lastly, which seems to be a weird one, I really miss being able to customize my console dash. I don’t know if Sony even plans to bring back themes for the ps5, but I’d love it if they did. Other than that, the console is powerful and great to me.

  • I have owned a PS5 for 7 months now and I love everything about it. Now I know it’s next gen hardware however I still can’t believe how quick you can load anything on it. It’s so easy and snappy to go from a game to a Netflix show

  • My Gf works for IGN and we got one on the day of release. Generally feedback is its awesome and fully agree with the comments about the stand being shit and though the unit itself is beautiful its huge. The controller is the star of the show and continues to impress. I have only recently started using ps now, i wanted to use the remote play and game data syncing services which both work great. The only disappointing thing is we got this big awesome and powerful next gen console and for the most parts we are playing ps4 games on it. I want to play games that use all that power to the point they cant function on a ps5. Its like having a ferrari locked in the garage.

  • I love the PS5. I think the design is great, other than the stand maybe, but I haven’t had any issues. I’m just glad I was able to get one, 11 months after release. . . Availability seems to be the only real big issue.

  • One year later, and I'm still not sure if these things actually exist.

  • I have my PS5 disc version also for a year now. The console is working great, PS5 games or upgraded games really give a great experience in gaming. Combined with the Pulse 3d Headset it’s even better. Sometimes it’s loading a bit louder for maybe 5 seconds, but then the console is really quiet. The only thing I would prefer different is a quicker way to turn off the controller or console, like the Xbox has.